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Tecnologies on les

Tecnologies on les

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Published by Chinchay Guinto

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Chinchay Guinto on Feb 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modern Technologies Applied To Automobiles Today
Many of these products that have been around for a while but have been updated with allthe latest Technology.The latest trend in car gadgets in the United States is to combine multiple functions inone unit. There are the in-car computers that let drivers navigate, email and store MP3s.The Kenwood DNX8120 is a navigation system, complete with Bluetooth, that alsoworks like a radio.The Alpine EX-10 is an Apple iPod adapter that doubles as a Bluetoothreceiver and allows drivers to play their iPods through their car speakers without using aradio transmitter or tape adapter, both of which compromise sound quality.Even productsthat have been around for a while are getting substantial updates.The Escort 9500ci is a radar detector with a built-in navigation system so it can warndrivers of upcoming speed traps and keep track of locations that set off detectors eventhough no police radar is present.New satellite-navigation systems issue spokendirections. Text-to-speech technology has become the latest buzzword in the navigationindustry because of its emphasis on safety.Since street names during guidance are spoken,the driver spends more time with their eyes on the road instead of their navigationdisplay.Most car controls need to be touched in order to operate, which can be another distraction for drivers. But the latest gadgets are changing that.Voice command is another emerging technology with an emphasis on safety. Instead of manually typing route guidance on a touch-screen display, address information is simplyspoken. luxury cars have been offering voice-command functionality for some time butit's now trickling down to the majority.The Ford Sync system takes advantage of Bluetooth wireless technology to make cell phones and audio systems safer and easier to use.To use the phone, simply say the word. The stereo knows to turn the volume down so youcan hear the person on the other end.The Viper Responder LE combines a remote starter with an alarm system. And if you're warming up your car before leaving the house, itdoesn't leave you to guess when the car is toasty. Lights on the side of the remote willsignal that the car interior is at the right temperature for you.Cars today are better built and more equipped than cars from the past. Some have side air  bags. You can get exotic paint jobs, different head and taillights, and different engines.You can put weird stickers. The safest car today is a Volvo.. The engines have changed alot over the years. They have V4’s V6 V8’s V12’s and Hemis. Ferraris have V8 and V12engines. Honda Civics has V4 engines. The new dodge Durango and ram have a Hemi powered engine. Cars changed a lot from the past and maybe they will be better in theyears to come. Perhaps they will come with better colors bigger and powerful enginesand maybe more space looking style.
Current compact cars are between 4200 mm and 4350 mm long if they arehatchbacks,or  between 4400 mm and 4550 mm if they arecabriolets,saloonsor estates.Multi-purpose vehiclesandsport utility vehiclesbased on small family cars, which are called
respectively, have become popular since the early1990s.Usual engines are 1.6 to 2.0-litrestraight-4s,either petrolor Diesel,with a range  between 100 bhpand 150 bhp. Some models also have economical 1.4-litre units. High- performance versions, calledhot hatches, may haveturbocharged2.0-litre engines, or  evenV63.2-litre units, ranging maximum outputs from 170 bhp to 260 bhp. Popular small family cars are theFord Focus, Opel Astra,Peugeot 307,Renault Méganeand Volkswagen Golf .
Compact car
is a largely North Americanterm denoting anautomobilesmaller than a mid-size car , but larger than a North American subcompact car , similarly recognized in much of the world as a "
" (betweenB-andD-segment) vehicles. Compact cars usually havewheelbasesbetween 2.54meters(100inches
) and 2.67 metres (105 inches).TheUnited States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) defines a "Compact" car as measuring between 100 ft³ (2800 L) and 109 ft³ (3000 L) of combined passenger andcargovolume capacity.Although compact cars had been made in the United States beforeWorld War II, the compact class was introduced in 1950 when Nash introduced aconvertible Rambler.It was built on a 100-inch wheelbase to which astation wagon,  hardtop, andsedanversions were added.Several competitors to the Nash Rambler arose from the ranks of America's other independent automakers, although none enjoyed thelong-term success of the Rambler. Other early compact cars included theHenry JfromKaiser-Frazer and its Sears-Roebuck marketed variant theAllstate, theWillys Aeroand theHudson Jet.The modern compact class was greatly expanded between 1958 and 1960when theStudebaker Lark, Chevrolet Corvair, Ford Falcon, andPlymouth Valiantwere  brought to the market previously dominated by theRambler American. These cars alsogave rise tocompact vans, which were sized similarly to the Volkswagen Transporter /Bus and used components from cars like the the Falcon or Corvair.Within a few years after that, the compacts had given rise to a new class called the ponycar , named after theFord Mustang, which was built on the Falcon chassis. At that time, there was a distinct difference in size between compact and full-size models, and an earlydefinition of the compact was a vehicle with an overall length of less than 200", muchlarger thanEuropeandesigns. During the 1960s, compacts were the smallest class of  North American cars (and much bigger than those elsewhere), but they had evolved intoonly slightly smaller versions of the 6-cylinder or V8-powered 2-bench 6-passenger sedan. They were much larger than imports by makers such as Volkswagen and Datsun,which were typically 5-passenger 4-cylinder engine cars, even though ads for theFordMaverick andRambler Americanwould make comparisons with the popular Volkswagen Beetle. In the early 1970s, the domesticautomakersintroduced even smaller subcompact carsthat included theAMC Gremlin,Chevrolet VegaandFord Pinto.The 1977 model year marked the beginning of a downsizing of all vehicles, so that cars such as theFordFairmontwhich replaced the compacts were re-classified as mid-size, and cars inheritingthe size of theFord PintoandChevrolet Vegasuch as theFord EscortandChevrolet

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