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Sermon - November 11, 2012

Sermon - November 11, 2012

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Published by SmithfieldBaptist
Bert's message.
Bert's message.

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Published by: SmithfieldBaptist on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November 11, 2012Message Ive Got Your Back!1.This has been a busy week! It began last Sunday …planning for this week…getting the servicetogether…Pam and Becky and I and the choir making plans…Then adding the service for JohnReed in the afternoon…I remember looking frazzled …writing things down…clarifying what wemight be doing…when Pam said to me…Hey it will work out…I’ve got your back!I hadn’t heard that expression for a while but it really had an effect on me. I am not in this alone.We can do this together.For those of us who have served in the Military this is a really important way of saying that we will bethere for each other.It became very real for me the day we got off the boat in Vietnam…but it had been growing for a longtime. We were a medical platoon that had functioned pretty well stateside…but when the day wasover many went their own way…home to family or into the city to hang out…we seldom did muchtogether…but the first we set up the aid station and began preparing for sickness or injury or deathamong the troops the expression became very real…I have got your back…I will watch out for you…Iam here for you…you can do your job because I will be making sure you are safe.2.It is a great feeling…a great experience…it builds hope and faith and trust that allows us tosucceed in what we do…but when it isn’t there the results can be pretty disastrous…fear and failure.When it isn’t there…when your back isn’t gotten…when you don’t have the back of those you arecommitted to…then you have the kind of experience Jesus describes in the story of the 10bridesmaids…waiting for the groom to come to the wedding…5 have each others backs and the backsof the bride and groom…and when the groom arrives the wedding can begin…But 5 haven’t cared…thought only of themselves…How sad Jesus says…how sad for all involved but especially for thoseunprepared…they have missed the wedding banquet…and in a deeper sense…missed the message of the kingdom…where love of neighbor becomes the key to entrance into the kingdom of God.I do remember this…after two months on the Pacific in the General Blatchford…a typhoon blew usinto Okinawa…we had run out of fresh water and hot food…we were allowed to leave the ship…andthere was a lonely px truck waiting in the middle of the big open parking lot. I remember that we allran for the truck…the first real food in a long time…and no one had anyone’s back…I rememberthat when the food ran out I had a hamburger and milk shake…and I went and found a spot near thewater where I thought I could hid…but some of the guys found me…they hadn’t gotten anything…Hey share just a little they asked…no way I said…this is mine…I don’t think after that the foodreally tasted that good…we didn’t talk to each other for a long time…not having someone’s back leaves us all feeling…just like Jesus suggests…a long way from the joy of the banquet.There are times we really need people to have our backs…early on in Althea’s dementia…when Caroland I were still struggling to find ways to help her…There were days when it seemed we didn’t havethe energy to or wisdom or to do what was needed to help…and we would become exhausted…Wehad each other but we were overwhelmed…Care givers need to know someone is at their backs…whether they are young or old…caring for people who really need them…Luckily for us…it wassuggested we get involved in a program called Savvy Care Givers…it was a great experience …not just because of what we learned …but because of the great group of fellow care givers and staff whowalked us through some really difficult days…they had our back…3. Having each other’s back…this is where the real gifts of human love…of faith love…of spirituallove…this is where they all begin to blossom and make life so much better in so many ways.

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