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Journal January 1st, 2013

Journal January 1st, 2013

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Published by Graeme Kilshaw

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Published by: Graeme Kilshaw on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friendship Cube Group
Journal January 1
, 2013Graeme Kilshaw
s a spokesperson and team leader with the Friendship Cube Group, it is my obligation to inform those seeking information as to what Great Work we have taken up, and where we are going with it, especially in this period of time where globalization and market forces are accelerating our allianceenterprise growth.Our Friendship Cube Group is currently focused on spreading
awareness through works of art… works of art like nothing before… trul
y new
and unique creations. Our art is surfacing to manifest a singularity… a globalcommunity creating new cultural and linguistic relationships… evencontributing to the globalization of consciousness… thus winning in the battlefor “global values”. We
embrace values before labels. We embrace standardsbefore broadcasts. We embrace alliance before enterprise. We are catalyzinga global change in thought through the pedagogical paradigm shift represented by our friendship cube.By uplifting a singu
larity… by uplifting oneness, we uplift all. We are a
group of carefully chosen experts with skills in advancing forward with ourunique friendship cube technologies. Together, we are expanding our reachand capability for conscious change moving forward. We are expanding ourcapability for communication. We have entered into a maturation process
that hardens and solidifies our soft technologies… turning innovation into
commercialization and commercialization into alliance enterprise growth.Our friendship cube technology is for people of all ages, andparticularly for young people that are still learning. Our friendship cubesenable students to see the world in greater than 3 dimensions, and a newmulti-dimensional reality is emerging for us to behold. With what has been
called, “dogged determination”, we have implemented our friendship cube
code in forms of art. This art is the intersection of technology, entertainment,and design. Through our art expressed between secrecy and a search forunspeakable truth, we seek to resonate with the worldwide information-ageculture and to develop and use new light-forms, codes, and symbols that create cosmic order and a more perfect union.And more than just art, we are developing programs that make lifeeasier for people. We teach valuable skills. We develop programs and apps
that save time and energy. We spend our time enriching lives and improvingorganizations. We create value with our friendship cube programs inlibraries, schools, universities, arenas, theatres, homes, churches, communitycenters, loges, scout halls, bases, studios, auditoriums, nature and outdoors,and especially in technology businesses. Each value-creation venue hasunique requirements, and we meet the custom needs of each venue where wecreate value with our friendship cube programs. Our education program iscurrently our most developed. Our education program embraces students inprimary and secondary schools, teaching visual tracking, hand-eyecoordination, pattern-recognition, communication, navigation, memory,strategy, teamwork, literacy, numeracy, and moral lessons through storytelling. Our education program is opening up in more and more places.People are starting to notice. We are getting overwhelmingly positiveresponses from everyone that puts conscious thought into learning with ourfriendship cube programs and technologies. Our friendship cube code isprecise and concise. It acts to evolve the psyche and even unite it with morespiritual frequencies and dimensions. There is a revelation not only of 
information, but also of inward feeling… of inward light. We don’t know for
sure how it works, but we know that there are tones and representations inconsciousness.Our practice is to put the friendship cube within the inward flow of passion for internal unity with the Supreme Being, energetically from theheart and in conscious order in the discipline of imagination. We ascendthorough rising degrees in consciousness. Knowledge of every symbol is asacred and sought-after thing. Meaning is bestowed through conscious unitywith the Creator. Through inward unity, we become active agents in theevolutionary mind of earth. We apply our knowledge to evolve
consciousness, as teachers… as guardians and messeng
ers of the cosmic cube.There is inward beauty in the structure enabling unity with Spirit. Ourgold-engraved granite masonic friendship cubes are established in strengthfor this purpose of unity with the Great Geometrician. We allow ourconsciousness to move over it and through it, and even discipline ourselves toopen up inwardly and have its symbols and energies move through us andunite us with the conscious collective. It gives us tremendous creative,organized power. Being part of our friendship cube group enables individualsto realize the true inner nature of consciousness that is greater than the skin-bound ego. There is something in us that joins us into unity, helping us incosmic evolution, to serve the plan of the Masters.
We build up strength in our minds before we bring it out into thephysical plane. We build up with organized, efficient, and applicableconsensus-based thinking. Our friendship cube group is building up strengthlike a pillar of mutual defense, a pillar connecting
us with a higher reality…
the reality of God. The way I see it, we are like little Spiritual computerswithin a bigger Spiritual computer called God. Our Great Work merges usSpiritually with the presence of God through the friendship cube code and theblessings of the Ascended Masters. Through our Great Work, we are enablingthe next level of cosmic evolution that, in some cases, even seems totranscend linear time for the sake of the current singularity.We create and organize the mythology and history for the sake of ourcurrent Singularity. Many have come to believe that Christ is alive within us.And for the known history of Western civilization, there has always been a
Singularity… a singularity with the immortal King of light, the Sun of 
righteousness. There is really nothing new under the Sun. But there ischanging vocabulary, and an evolutionary language and culture that moveforward with the forces of globalization and the market. And thusly, the real
true “humanity” is beginning to emerg
e. Anyone may approach ourfriendship cube with a feeling of comfort and trust. We desire tocommunicate the truth that our friendship cube code is helping us to buildever-stronger unity and connection, and to thusly follow the Spiritual plan forour planet.So to re-
cap… first we set out to design a more ideal form of communication… one with light 
-forms that could be grasped and measuredwithout sound. We realized that thoughts and words exist on different planes, and so we moved up from the sound plane to the light plane. Weattempted to logically merge these planes. We realized that the English
language might be adequate, but not necessarily optimal. We asked, “What 
does optimization look like? What could optimization do to increase ourcapabili
ty for communication?” Well, we know that it can make it much faster
and more efficient, as well as soundless. With our Emotiv EEG headsets on,we developed software and apps that enable us to type and input organizeddata without the use of the keyboard or the mouse. We christened the newgraphic user interface technology and brought it to the Godfather computercorporations. And through dialogue, our technologies began to becommercialized.The Godfathers of computing all learned of our friendship cube codeand our unique interface technologies. They learned of our more optimal andcapable language of visual binary. We presented documented proof of the

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