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Dec 2012

Dec 2012

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Published by singaporesikhs
News Letter
News Letter

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: singaporesikhs on Jan 03, 2013
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Newsletter of the Central Sikh Gurdwara
Issue No : 53
Dec 2012
President’s Desk
New Year GreetingsThe Central Sikh Gurdwara Boardwishes every Sikh in Singapore andbeyond a happy and prosperousNew Year. May God shower Hisblessings on everyone in 2013.The Board achieved severalmilestones in 2012. The plannedupgrading and renovation of theCentral Sikh Temple wassuccessfully completed. The Board isnow working with the authorities toinstitute a few minor improvements and additions for better GurdwaraServices to the Sangat. The Board expresses its thanks to the Sangat forgenerous donations towards the upgrading and renovations project.The year 2012 saw a considerable expansion of our Sikhi Parchar programs.With collaboration and support of the Sikh Missionary Society, the Boardrecruited another well qualified lecturer for Sikhi Parchar at the Central Sikh
Temple‘s newly built facilities. The pilot Sojhi program for children from the
ages of 5 to 14 to impart Sikhi values and knowledge was a great success.The full scale Sojhi program will now be rolled out from January 2013.An additional well qualified teacher was also recruited to teach Kirtan in thenew Gurmat Sangeet studio at the Central Sikh Temple. The Sangat nowhas the option of learning Gurmat Sangeet and Sikhi at either GurdwaraSilat Road or at Wadda Gurdwara. The Board in collaboration with the
Ministry of Family and Social Development also launched ‗Love Notes‘ a
marriage counselling program for young couples to prepare them forsuccessful marriage.
The tuition programs for Pr. 6, ‗N‘ & ‗O‘ levels students recorded good
attendance.The Board also worked closely with schools, grassroots, and othercommunity organisations to create awareness of Sikh values, practices andtraditions amongst other communities in Singapore.Volunteers play a big and important role and the Board sincerely thanks allour volunteers who run these programs and hope that many more will jointheir ranks for these ongoing or new programs.Last but not least, the Board thanks all those who attended and participatedin the various programs at the Central Sikh Temple, Gurdwara Silat Roadand Sikh Centre.
Inside this issue
Sikh Marriage
Music in Sikhism
Sojhi Teachers’
Sikhism 101 & 201Graduation
Recognising SikhGraduates
Love Notes
Indian Idol
Community visits
Guru NanakGurpurabCelebrations
Staff Comings &Goings
Welcome to newmembers
Please help us toensure that you receivecommunication from usin good time and that iscorrectly addressed toyou. You can updateyour personalparticulars (mailing andemail addresses, homeand mobile telephonenumbers) by sending usan email todilraj@sikhs.org.sg or calling us at63272004/5.
Central Sikh Gurdwara Board
Page 2
In the last issue, Dadaji talked to the families about dowry and Jas’ mum Trishna
was left to ponder on her beliefs on the subject.
Jasmine had made plans to meet Jas to shop for matching wedding outfits. Whilewaiting for his call, she plonked herself beside her grandfather who was having a
cup of cha. ―Dadaji, what was your wedding like?‖ Jasmine had never heard her
grandfather talk about his wedding.
Like most marriages then, Dadaji‘s and Dadiji‘s too was match
made. ―But Dadaji,how did you know you would both be compatible?‖ Jasmine couldn‘t imaginemarrying someone she did not know. Dadaji continued, ―We have heard of people
knowing each other for years, yet they split on marrying, right? Marriage involvesgiving and taking, mutual respect, trust, faith
, loyalty
, patience, forgiveness
a lot of hard work on building a happy relationship not just with one‘s spouse, but
also with his/her family and friends as well. Guru Ramdasji in the four lavan hymns
 gives us guidance on how to a have a happily wedded life. In fact, our Gurdwara isalso conducting a marriage course called
“Love Notes
for newlyweds and
couples planning to wed. You and Jas might want to consider attending it too.‖ 
Jasmine reflected on the simple wedding Dadaji and Dadiji had as opposed to thelavish and glamorous one Trishna was planning. Why are brides, grooms andeveryone else not placing much importance on the message of Guru Ramdasji?Understanding and practising this message was the secret behind the happy unionand relationship of her grandparents and parents.The Anand Karaj*, Dadaji explained, binds a man and woman in a spiritual unionand together they embark on a journey... a journey taken together by two souls totread the divine path with the Guru as the pivot of their life. The bond betweenthem strengthens to become one in two bodies
. They make a commitment with theGuru as their witness and the sangat is the support in reaching union with God.What about the sangeet, the vatna, and the mehndi ceremonies, dadaji? What part
do they play in a successful marriage?‖ Dadaji explained that they were all cultural
practices, had no religious significance
, no connection with the success of a
marriage. ―The same goes with the surma, the kalgi, the sehra –
you might want totell Jas about this too
,‖ smiled Dadaji for he knew Trishna too well by now.
Sikh Marriage 
Central Sikh Gurdwara Board
Page 3
1) ਜ੄ਸਾ ਸੰਗੁਬਿਸੀਅਰ ਬਸਉ ਹ੄ਰ੃ਤ੄ਸ੅ਹੀ ਇਹੁ਩ਰ ਬਗਹੁ 
Jaisā sang bisī▫ar si▫o hai re
aiso hī ih par garihu. ||2||
 As is the companionship of a poisonous snake, so is the desire for another's spouse. (Guru Arjan, 403)
2) ਬਜਨ੍  ੍ਾ ਨਾਉ ਸੁਹਾਗਣੀ ਬਤਨ੍  ੍ਾ ਝਾਕ ਨ ਹ੅ਰ 
Jinĥā nā▫o suhāga
inĥā j
āk na hor. ||114||
 Those who are known as happy soul-brides, do not look to others. ||114|| (Baba Farid, SGGS 1384)
3) ਬਨਵਣੁਸੁਅਖਰੁਖਵਣੁਗੁਣੁਬਜਹਿਾ ਮਣੀਆ ਮੰਤੁ 
so ak 
ar k 
jihbā ma
 ī▫ā man
.Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra.(Baba Farid, SGGS 1384)4) The wedding* hymns explain the journey of a human being towards the Almighty and the duties that a married person should perform. The essenceof the 4 lavan is:1)Duty to the family and the community
2)Living one’s life in Divine presence
 3)Detachment from pride and worldly desires/cravings4) Attainment of spiritual union with each other and the Divine. (Guru Ramdas, 773)
5) Please contact Dilraj Kaur at tel. 63272005/7 for enrolment information
6) ਧਨ ਬ਩ਰੁਏਬਹ ਨ ਆਖੀਅਬਨ ਿਹਬਨ ਇਕਠਹ੅ਇ 
ਏਕ ਜ੅ਬਤ ਦੁਇ ਮੂਰਤੀ ਧਨ ਬ਩ਰੁਕਹੀਐ ਸ੅ਇ 
an pir ehi na āk 
 ī▫an bahan ik 
e ho▫e. Ėk jo
u▫e mūr 
an pir kahī▫ai so▫e. ||3||
 They are not said to be husband and wife who merely sit together, (rather) they are called true husband and wife who have one light in two bodies. ||3||(Guru Amardas Ji , SGGS 788)7)
 ishrw, mu kt jW gwnw bMnH xw, ip`qr pUjxy, k`cI l`  sI ivc pYr pwauxw, byrI jW jMfI v`  fxI, GVo lI BrnI, ru s kyjwxw, CMd pVHny, hvn krnw, vydI g`fxI, vysvw dw nwc,  Srwb Awid mnmq hY[
Sehra, mukat jan (ya) ganna bannna, pitter poojnay, kachi lassi vichpair paona, beri jan (ya) jandi vadhani, gharholi bharni, russ ke jana, chhand parhne, havan karna, vedi gaddni, vesva da naach,sharaab aadi manmat hai.Putting on floral or gilded face ornamentation, decorative headgear or red thread band round the wrist, worshipping of ancestors, dipping feet in milk mixed with water, cutting a berry or jandi (Prosopis spieigera) bushes, filling a pitcher, ceremony of retirement in feigned displeasure, reciting couplets, performing havans (Sacrificial fire), installing vedi (a wooden canopy or pavilion under which Hindu marriages are performed), prostitutes' dances,drinking liquor, are all sacrileges.(SRM Under Anand Kaarj Heading)
8) ਜਾਲਉ ਐਸੀ ਰੀਬਤ ਬਜਤੁਮ੄ਬ਩ਆਰਾ ਵੀਸਰ੄ 
Jāla▫o aisī rī 
mai pi▫ārā vīsrai.
 Burn away those rituals which lead you to forget the Beloved Lord. (Guru Nanak, SGGS 590)
Suddenly, Jasmine felt relieved. The wedding preparation was becoming a monster.It was consuming her and at times she felt like she was morphing into a bridezilla.Now all she had to do was focus on the Anand Karaj, the Ceremony of Bliss. All else
was optional! ―Thanks Guru Ramdasji!‖ she uttered silently as she clasped her hands
in prayer.
Just then, her phone beeped to announce an incoming message ―Forget about thelist. Jas will speak to you. Trishna.‖ Her prayers were being answered. Trishna haderased the dowry demands! Jas walked into her parents‘ flat just in time to see a
huge smile on her face. He knew his mother had sent her the SMS.The wedding day arrived. The bride and groom looked splendid in their matching redoutfits. No sehra, no kalgi, no gifts, a simple milni with just the ardaas. No flowergarlands -
not at the milni, not in the darbar hall. Jasmine‘s cousins and siblings sang
a shabad. After the Anand Karaj, all in the congregation had langgar.By evening, Jasmine and Jas were on a plane heading to Spain.
….to be continued

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