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The Orange Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 1. 3 January 2013

The Orange Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 1. 3 January 2013

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Published by Sam Anyona
The Orange is a Newsletter of the Orange Democratic Movement Party of Kenya
The Orange is a Newsletter of the Orange Democratic Movement Party of Kenya

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Published by: Sam Anyona on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The CORD Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga Addresses Supporters at a Public Rally in Migori Town
Orange New Year Message
Larry Gumbe
Party members and compatriots,Let us make 2013 the year of reforms andtransformation. Let us build the forces thatwill defeat the arbitrary rule and impunityof the past. Let us begin to reclaim thedestiny of our country and that of futuregenerations from the grip of ethnic corruptcabals.Let us turn 2013 into a year of hope andrenewal, of ending the despair and fatalismand the economic desperation that hascharacterized our past. There is a betteralternative for Kenya.We can draw inspiration from the strugglesof our ancestors, who, against all the odds,dared to dream of a better future, whoaspired to having greater control over theirlives, who wanted their children to growwith them and to share this common landof ours, not having to see them take theboat or plane to another place to find work and establish a future for themselves.The future of our people lies in electing theCORD government on 4 March 2013. This
 will lead to an all-Kenya community of solidarity and co-operation among ourpeople
a Kenya in which the wealth isproduced, owned and shared by the people.Let us make 2013 the first step in thebuilding of a new Kenya.Let us begin to fulfill the legacy of Mekatilili Wa Menza, Harry Thuku,Muindi Mbingu, Ezekiel Apindi, ChegeKibacia, Makhan Singh, Fred Kubai,Oginga Odinga, Jomo Kenyatta, TomMboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Josiah MwangiKariuki, Crispine Odhiambo Mbai and theothers millions of patriots who struggledfor a better nation. A better Kenya can bebuilt, by our actions today and tomorrow.
In 2013, We Must Get it Right
Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga
My fellow countrymen and women
 We have come to the end of an eventfuland largely successful year 2012.This is also marks five years of achallenging but rewarding journey.Out of the dark clouds of the 2007-2008violence, we grabbed the silver lining andlay the foundation for a new Kenya.Our country recovered its breath andendorsed a new Constitution. With that, wecreated a framework for a stable, peacefuland prosperous future.I wish to thank President MwaiKibaki forthe cooperation that enabled us come thisfar.I wish the President well in his last monthsin office and urge him to steer theremaining phase with the impartiality that itdeserves.In 2013, we have a rendezvous withdestiny. That destiny is pegged on the firstGeneral Election under the newConstitution.I appeal to every Kenyan who registered asa voter to take up the sacred, patriotic dutyand vote on March 4, 2013.Let us come out and put our great nation inthe hands of men and women who willfaithfully oversee the great transition webegan in 2008.Before we get to March 4, we haveenormous house-keeping matters toaddress.There is consensus that Kenya's future willbe bright if the next election passes off peacefully. Almost our entire future is tiedto the coming election.Yet too often, elections in Kenya mean lossof lives. That is the last thing we want in2013. There is nothing to be gained byviolence, but just too much to be lost.As politicians and candidates vying forvarious positions, we must provide the kindof moral leadership that will move ourcountry to a different plane.We have to ensure that the horrors of thepast, the impunity and poverty andunemployment, will not be part of ourfuture.Let us shun the politics of patronage andethnic share-outs that leaves the massesfeeling let down.I appeal for calm, maturity and restraintacross the nation.Nobody must tolerate hooliganism as apath to power.Our youth must reject hooliganism as ameans of propelling parties and candidatesto leadership.We must debate ideologies and policies,not ever-shifting alliances, based onethnicity, personality and status in society.There is no better way to set the stage forcreation of jobs for our young people.I know no better way to ensure oureconomy grows by double digits afterelections and beyond.There is no other way to attractinvestments.If we have insecurity and instability everyelection year, all our hard work toencourage investment in Kenya will fail.We must support the IEBC in its undoubtedcommitment to holding free, fair andcredible elections.Let us remember that the 2007-2008violence resulted from electoral fraud. Wehave to get it right this time.This nation has many well-wishers outthere. I appeal for their honest and steadfastsupport at this historic moment.I appeal to the international community togive Kenya a chance and support ourdetermination to achieve a new beginning.Security is central to peace and stabilityduring and after elections.I am therefore glad that we enter 2013 withour homeland security organs under oneInspector General.Congratulations to Mr. David Kimaiyo onhis appointment. I promise him my supportand that of the entire government.Kenyans hope to see foundations being laidin the Police Force for the kind of reformsso far witnessed in our Judiciary as wehead to elections.While on security, I congratulate our armedforces for their patriotic and exemplary rolein in liberating Somalia and securing ourland.In 2013 therefore, let us have a sense of purpose in all we do.Let us have a commitment to real change,real opportunities, real reform and a realfuture for everyone.I wish you all peace, health, happiness andprosperity.
The CORD Deputy Presidential Candidate Kalonzo Musyoka Addresses Supporters at the
CORD Tukotayari Rally
in Uhuru Park,Nairobi
Rural Transformation for Equitable Development
Larry Gumbe
The prosperity and stability of our countrycan only be realized through equitabledevelopment and distribution of resources.Rural productivity and livelihoods must beimproved through progressive land reform,infrastructure development, and theprovision of water for domestic use,irrigation and animal production. We mustalso promote the application of moderntechnology, mechanisation, rain waterharvesting, and flood control, and stimulateand support the development of agro-industries and businesses.Additionally, we must improve andenhance institutions that provide extensionservices, affordable capital, research andmarketing to all rural production activities,in a manner that benefits all rural residents.A review of the costs of production of cereals, sugar, beef and dairy productswhich are considered high in comparisonwith imports from the region must be donewith an aim of reducing production costs.We must develop people centred policiesthat promote the achievement of thisobjective.
Investment in modern science andtechnology led intensive irrigatedagriculture, livestock, fisheries, andforestry;
Rural-based agro-industries, servicesector, and businesses for equitablerural transformation, social inclusion, jobs and cheap quality food;
Roads, electricity, water andprocessing industries in ASAL areas;
Creating non-farm jobs and income;
Guaranteed markets and fair returnsfor farmers, livestock producers andfish producers;
Vibrant extension and researchservices;
Timely credit, modern inputs andinsurance;
Rising incomes supporting highstandards of living in rural areas;
A responsive land tenure system;
Appropriate and consistent policy,legal and institutional framework.As a social democratic party, the CORDbelieves that promoting the right of everyKenya to achieve the realization of theirdreams and potential is the best way tonurture an equitable, socially inclusive, justKenyan society. We cannot afford to have acountry of first class and second-classcitizens. And if Kenya is to attainsustainable development, then all parts of Kenya must develop and developmentshould cease to be a function of how nearthe area is to the centre, the capital cities orprovincial and district headquarters.Currently, due to high population densityand poor technology application on arableland, land productivity has declined. Inaddition, a majority of rural people havelimited alternative sources of livelihood.Consequently, a large part of population, a

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