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British Invasion-A Play in One Act

British Invasion-A Play in One Act

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Published by Jessica Jordan
A play I wrote as a sophomore in college using lyrics from Beatles and Rolling Stones songs. Not meant to be too serious--just a bit of fun!
A play I wrote as a sophomore in college using lyrics from Beatles and Rolling Stones songs. Not meant to be too serious--just a bit of fun!

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Published by: Jessica Jordan on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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British InvasionA Play In One ActCastJohnMichaelGirl
Playwright’s Note: In some places, very little stage direction is given to GIRL. The role
is open to interpretation, depending on how the players wish to stage the work. She maybe frightened, aroused, amused, or even coolly arrogant with the power she holds overthe boys. Whichever the way the actor chooses to play GIRL, it should be fairly physical,with a fair amount of expression and movement. There are no lines, but the audienceshould still be able to understand what she is feeling. There are no small parts, just thisone with zero lines.***
 JOHN and MICHAEL are walking in a park when they see GIRL. Both are instantlyinfatuated and approach her, speaking and jostling for her attention.
John: Suddenly I see you! Did I tell you I need you?Michae
l: Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste.
John: I want to hold your hand.
Michael: There ain’t a woman who comes close to you.
John: Love me, do! You know I love you.Michael: I tell you, love, sister, is just a kiss away.
John: I’ve just seen a face. I can’t forget the time or place that we just met! She’s just the
girl for me!Michael: Such a pretty, pretty pretty girl.
John: I want you. I want you so bad it’s driving me mad.Michael: Look at me! I’m in tatters. I’m shattered. Shattered!
The jostling become more frantic at this point, and the boys tussle for a minute before
noticing a look on GIRL’s face. They calm down a bit and, panting, attempt to speak 
more calmly and continue making their appeals to GIRL.
 JOHN approaches GIRL and begins running his hands through her hair.
John: There, running my hands through her hair. Both of us thinking how…
tries to interrupt, JOHN should continue speaking…
good it can be. Someone is speaking
 but she doesn’t know he’s there.Michael: I’ll steal your mistress from under your nose!
 MICHAEL grabs GIRL away from JOHN. GIRL looks a bit frightened.
Michael: Don’t look so scared, I’m not mad
-brained bear.
GIRL looks unconvinced, MICHAEL briefly goes on the defensive and pushes her away.
Michael: I bet you think you’re the only woman around. I’ll never be your beast of 
burden. You know, some girls give me money. Some girls give me clothes!John
(looking abashed at GIRL):
You’ll never give me your money. You’ll only
give meyour funny paper.
 Both GIRL and MICHAEL give JOHN a strange look.
(suddenly overcome with desire for GIRL):
Come on baby, make sweet love tome!
John: Why don’t we do it in the road?
 GIRL is silent.
John: I imagine she’s a pretty nice girl, but she doesn’t have a lot to say.
Michael: If I could win you, if I could sing you a love song so divine, would it be enough
to win your heart? I can’t clean you out of my veins. Your love is a life long addicti
onthat has damaged my brain.John
Hey! You’ve got to hide your love away.
To GIRL, sweeping her into his arms:
Just to dance with you is everything I need! Before this dance is through I
think I’ll love you too. I’m so happy when you dance with me! You don’t realize how
much I need you. Love you all the time. And never leave you.
They gaze into each other’s eyes.
Michael (
Jumping jack flash!
 MICHAEL seizes GIRL from JOHN and kisses her.

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