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Callum Crozier North East Conservative Future Manifesto 2013

Callum Crozier North East Conservative Future Manifesto 2013

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Published by TheBlueGuerilla
Manifesto Tory Youth 2013 - North East CF, Callum Crozier
Manifesto Tory Youth 2013 - North East CF, Callum Crozier

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Published by: TheBlueGuerilla on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pledge 1 - Support and Empower All Members & BranchesNorth East members of Conservative Future are arguably the most dedicated, and passionatemembers nationally. With this comes a great deal of potential; whether it's helping members tobecome Councillors, or set up branches, I pledge to ensure that the means of support and assistancefor members to achieve this potential is provided by the Regional Executive.It is equally important that members are not only supported, but also empowered. I pledge toempower North East Conservative Future members by introducing means by which every voice andopinion is heard, counted and considered by the Executive.I will do this by:- Appointing a Membership Support Officer, who will bear the responsibility of dealing withmembers' queries, supporting members the set-up and maintenance of branches, and ensuringopportunities are presented to all members, and not just the minority.- Encourage members to progress to become Council Candidates in the Local Elections.- Introduce the use of an Interactive Poll system accessible for every Regional Conservative Futuremember regarding major Executive decisions and issues - empowering the voice of every individual.Pledge 2 - Decentralisation of Conservative FutureConservative Future has great potential and strength in the North East, and it is with this increase of influence that we must ensure we install a solid structure whereby all members can be involved, andparticipate frequently, regardless of their geographic situation. Many rural members of North EastConservative Future feel that Regional events and activity have been for too long focused in onearea, and therefore I passionately believe that it is time to give greater emphasis on encouraging theopportunities of wider participation of Conservative Future members.I plan to achieve this by the following:- Alternate events and meetings around different areas across the region;
- Aim to base Regional activity around a geographical central point- Hold frequent Skype conference calls to engage members who may live greatdistances away, particularly those in rural areas.- Support the National Decentralisation strategy in order to develop the North East region as astronger and more involved working component of Conservative Future.Pledge 3 - Concentrate Campaign Efforts to Return Councillors in MayI pledge to place emphasis on the support the Conservative Party's aims to increase electoralinfluence across the North East, further ensuring that target Councils such as Northumberland, andthe campaign to have our North Tyneside Mayor Linda Arkley re-elected, are given the optimumcampaign support to ensure suc- cess.This will be ensured by the following means:- Introduce a CF Regional Campaign Committee, which would be Chaired by the Deputy ChairmanPolitical, to work with Local Election candidates - specifically in target and marginal wards.- Ensure high activist turnout on campaign days- Hold frequent Campaign Action Days with Regional focus, alternating between different areas eachtime for a fair geographic distribution of campaign efforts. Also contributing to the efforts of Regional Decentralisation.- Focus on supporting our Councillors and gaining new seats in Northumberland and Durham nextyear as well as supporting the efforts to re-elect Mayor of North Tyneside, Linda Arkley.- Ensure continued support on marginal and targeted constituencies for the 2015 General Election,such as Berwick, Stockton South and Middlesbrough SE & Cleveland in order to support the efforts of returning a Conservative Majority.Pledge 4 - Improve Regional Communication; Unite North East Members
North East Conservative Future has seen great progress over the last year, however, RegionalCommunication is in urgent need of improvement. Communication is a crucial component inbuilding a strong and effective Regional Structure.I therefore pledge to introduce and improvise means of increasing communication effi- ciency as aRegional unit, in order to boost productivity, and unite members underthe North East Conservative banner with great ease of co-operation. This will ultimately increase therate at which we can coordinate campaigns regionally, and make a greater difference.I pledge to achieve this by:- Introducing quarterly meetings of representatives from each North East Conservative Futurebranch.- Create a quarterly Chairman's e-Bulletin sent by email to all Regional Conservative Futuremembers.- Introduce Bi-Annual Executive Reports written for all North East Conservative Future members, inorder to highlight Regional achievements and progress, as well as further objectives and aims.- Consider the idea of introducing a Regional Conservative Future Conference.- The introduction of frequent Skype meetings, as prior mentioned, in order to increase the rate of communication between the Executive and individual members.Pledge 5 - Increase Regional Conservative Future MembershipMembership is a crucial part of the continuity of the success of Conservative Future as anorganisation. Our membership has long been one of our greatest prides, with Conservative Futurebeing the biggest youth political organisation in United Kingdom; and without our North EastRegional members making both the Party and the North East proud - proving ever more ourdedication and passion towards spread of the power and influence of progressive Conservatism -every day demonstrating that the Conservatives are very well and alive in the region that Laboursadly takes for granted.

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