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Faith Independent, January 2, 2013

Faith Independent, January 2, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Jan 03, 2013
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94¢84171910Jauar 2, 2013
2012 was a mix of happy andsad. We lost several of our com-munity members due to death ormoving elsewhere. But we wereblessed with a new school, thanksto the many, as Carv Thompsonsaid it,
near or far,whodonated funds towards the proj-ect.
January 2012
We had two days the early partof the month with temperaturesin the high 50s and low 60s.The 2011 South Dakota Moun-tain Lion Season opened on Sun-day, January 1. The statewide,resident-only season runs untilMarch 31 or until a total of 70lions or 50 female lion are har-vested.Longhorns improve 6-0 on yearwith 63-42 win over HardingCounty on Jan. 7thThe Faith City Council re-aligned wards at their Jan. 17thmeeting. Every ten years, afterthe US Census, municipalitiesare requred to make sure theirwards are evenly balanced. Ward1 will remain as is, Ward 2 and 3were adjusted with some beingpulled from 2 into 3.We had a little touch of winterthe third week of January. LastThursday we had a high of 2º andsnow most of the night. We musthave had about 3” of snow on theground Friday morning withtemps around 20º.Longhorns win West RiverBasketball Tournament for 8th of nine times.Lady Longhorns win LittleMoreau Conference TournamentChampionship defeating Bison,Harding County and McIntosh.Longhorns outscore DupreeTigers 75-64 at home on Jan.24th.
Harold Bockman (De-cember 2011), Cullen Thompson
February 2012
Chester Stomprud was one of those honored at the PioneersBreakfast on February 3rd in theRushmore Room at the RamkotaInn. Irwin Tescher from the Bisonarea was also honored. DanPiroutek was named Agri-Busi-ness Man of the Year.Several of our FHS Rodeo Clubmembers competed in the 20XExtreme High School Rodeo atthe Black Hills Stock Show onSunday. Congratulations to Sha-nia Johnston for winning the goattying with a time of 7.6! KatyMiller placed 2nd in goats. CodyBernstein and Jhett Williamswere 2nd in team roping. You would have sworn that itwas spring instead of the firstweek of February. We had abalmy temperature near 60º. Therest of the week was in the 40sand 50s. A proposal to increase the capon agricultural land values haspassed the state senate. When as-sessments of ag land changed to aproductivity value system law-makers put a cap of ten percent solandowners wouldn’t see a dra-matic increase in their taxes fromyear to year. House Bill 1003changes that cap based on a threetiered system ranging from 15percent to 25 percent.FHS Senior Seth Smith servedas a page for Sen. Ryan Maherand Liz Bogue served as page forSen. Larry Rhoden in Pierre.Lady Longhorns win two overPhilip on January 31st. JV winclose one, 25-22; varsity had easywin, 72-30.The varsity girls didn’t have achallenge with the Lady Sky-hawks, pulling out to a big lead inthe first quarter to win 83-18 onFeb. 2nd.Longhorns are LMC Tourna-ment Champs! Defeating Lem-mon, Harding County andDupree. Moved to 16-0, currentlyranked 3rd in the state.It felt a little more like winterthe second week of the monthwith temperatures in the 20s and30s. Friday we awoke to the mi-nuses and only reached the teens.The Lady Longhorns kept pacewith the boys by bringing homethe West River Tournamentchampionship trophy last week.They defeated Upton, Newell andEdgemont for the championship.Faith’s Annual RanchersForum in Faith was held at theFaith Community Legion HallFebruary 23rd. Secretary of AgWalt Bones shared his insight onthe outlook of South Dakota Ag toaround 50 area ranchers in atten-dance.Lady Longhorns are District16B champions! The Ladies havehad a great season and we wishthem the best of luck as they takeon the McIntosh Tigers Feb. 28th,
2012  revew
Farmers State Bank donatesto two local organizations
On December 9, 2012, employ-ees of Farmers State Bank servedlunch at Faith Livestock Commis-sion Company. The bank and em-ployees sponsored and donateddelicious bars served alongsideroast beef and ham sandwicheswith all the fixings. All proceeds,a total of $627.45, were desi-ganted to two of the many worth-while organizations in Faith, thelocal Faith Senior Citizen Centerand the Faith Volunteer Fire De-partment.Employees were on hand toserve lunch and visit with produc-ers and others in the livestock in-dustry. Agriculture is alive andthriving in Western SouthDakota as evidenced by the fullseats during the sale. Farmingand ranching is forever changingas each year presents new chal-lenges to an age-old way of life.We support agriculture and all itstands for in our little corner of the world, simply because weknow that our producers helpfeed the world.The bank also purchased 10-$10 Beef Certificates to behanded out at random throughthe concession stand. These certi-fiates are good at any grocerystore, locker, or restaurant thatsells beef. They can be used topurchase roasts for dinner,ground beef for grilling, or a juicysteak at your favorite restaurant. At Farmers State Bank, wevalue the wonderful communities,businesses and people in ourtrade area as well as our cus-tomers. It is with great pride thateach employee lives and works inthe Faith area. The bank spon-sors several activities and organ-izations throughout the year andtakes every available opportunityto support our local youth and cit-izens.for the Region 8B title and a tripto the State B Tournament.Heading into the final week of the 2012 South Dakota Legisla-ture, leaders of both parties stillare at odds over the bill thatseeks to reward the state’s bestteachers and attract more in cer-tain areas of study. The plan,which started as Gov. DennisDaugaard’s plan, but has sufferedat last count 23 amendments tomake it more palatable to educa-tors and the public, is embodiedin HB1234.
Leonard Weber
The area had more snow lastweek. It started snowing around3:00 p.m. Tuesday, 1st, and bymorning we had about 6” on theground. Schools all around thestate were cancelled or startedlate. Faith started at 10:00.Wednesday, we had sunshine andtemps in the mid-thirties.The Lady Longhorns made his-tory Saturday night. They trav-eled to Wakpala to take on theMcIntosh Tigers for the Region8B championship. The LadyLonghorns gave their supportersa game to remember. They camehome with the title, for the firsttime in the history of Faith andFaith High School! The Ladieswill be heading to the State BTournament in Huron next week.The 2012 South Dakota Legis-lature adopted the budget for thecoming year. The big winners thisyear were those who lost the mostlast year: education and Medicaidproviders.These temperatures in the 60sthat we’ve been having, and itisn’t even Spring yet, have beenwelcomed. I guess the first day of Spring is next Tuesday, 20th. Weare supposed to have 60s and 70sall this week.The sorority ladies appreciatethe 33 who donated blood at theirblood drive last Thursday. Theycollected 38 units, with 5 doingthe double donation.Students in the Faith SchoolDistrict collected Pennies for Pa-tients to benefit The Leukemia &Lymphoma Society the weeks of February 13 thru March 1, 2012.Students teamed together, eachcontributing a little and the totalwas an amazing $2,217.22!Thursday night, the Ladiescontinued to make history. This isthe first year the Lady Longhornshave won the West River Tourna-ment, Little Moreau Conference,
Farmers State Bank ...
Sherry Palmer, Lexy Hostetter, DrindaSimons, Justin Haines, Fire Chief, Scott Gray, Sunshine Gerbracht and Susan Keffeler.Courtesy Photo
Keep up with your city, school,and county … Read the Legals
Page 2
Jauar 2, 2013
• The Faith Independent
Fath Commut Health Ceter 
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State of S.D., MeadeCounty, City of Faith, Faith School District 46-2
Publisher.............................................................Don RavelletteOffice Manager.......................................................Diane IsaacsReporter, Proofreader, Composition.................Loretta Passolt
COPYRIGHT: 1988 Faith Independent. All rights re-served. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied, or inany way reproduced from this publication, in whole orpart, without the written consent of the publishers.District 16B and Region 8BChampionships in the same sea-son. The Ladies brought home the3rd place trophy from the State BTournament held in Aberdeen.Tearnee Nelson was named to the All-Tournament Team.Spring is officially here as of Tuesday, although we’ve hadspring-like weather for severalweeks now. We reached around80º over the weekend!!Kerry Sharp, hypnotist, will bein Faith for a fun, family eveningperformance. Kerry will be enter-taining the public at 9:00 p.m.,following the Grand March, at theCommunity Center.Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)announced that Elizabeth Bogue,a FHS Senior has been appointedto the United States Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs,CO. Johnson nominated Boguefor an appointment earlier in theyear.
 Aldene Carmichael,Darrel Giesler, Doris Newsom
 April 2012
We had great weather the firstweek of April. Sunday was ourwarmest day with temperaturesin the low 80s.The Top Hand 4-H Club spon-sored the annual Easter EggHunt on Saturday, Apr. 7th, atthe City Park, for all kids up tothe age of 12.Faith’s prom is this Saturdaynight. The junior-senior banquetis Friday night. The Grand Marchis at 8:00 Saturday. They havemany activities for the kids forthe post prom party after prom.Faith track kids have theirfirst meet Thursday, April 5th, atMobridge.City Council approved adver-tising for bids for repairing theswimming pool. Bids will beopened at their next meeting, April 10th, a change from April3rd. They hope to be able to openthe swimming pool by June 1st.Congratulations to David Ruthand Paige Brink for being se-lected Prom King and Queen!There were 62 couples this year.The Faith Special Entertain-ment Committee is seeking dona-tions to help defray the $20,000cost to bring the BIG North Star Amusements/Carnival for theFaith Stock Show. Vilas Phar-macy and Healthcare donated thefirst $1,000. The Special Enter-tainment Committee and theFaith Stock Show Committeehave both donated $2500.The Faith City Council willhave three new faces after lastweek’s election. Dianne Helleksonwas the high vote-getter with 97,Peggy Riley followed with 70, andCharmagne Lightfield had 68.Barb Berndt garnered 63 votes,Sandy Rasmussen 31, JaySpringman 29 and Bruce Humble22.The City Council accepted thebid from Ainsworth-Benning, theonly bid, at $65,135 to repair theswimming pool. The projectwould be completed by May 31st.Everyone seems to be in amuch better mood with the recentrain in the middle of the month.We received around an inch herein town over the second weekendof the month.Faith High School Drama De-partment presents...”Pecos Billand Slue-Foot Sue Meet the DirtyDan Gang!” Thursday, April 19.at the Faith Old Gym. Animal control and zoningwere among the topics for FaithCity Council at their April 17thmeeting. Debbie Brown ad-dressed the Council on behalf of the Special Entertainment Com-mittee to ask for use of the gymfor a poker tournament in Juneand for a special liquor license forthe event.Five members of the trackteam qualified April 20th for thestate meet. Tearnee Nelson qual-ified in pole vault, and the boys800 relay team of Caden Smiley,Cody Trainor, Seth Smith &Skyler Hulm qualified.
Ellen Gaaskjolen,Donna Molitor, Vern Evanson
Continued from Page 1
The Faith City Council heldtheir last meeting of the year onThursday, December 27th with afull agenda and a late start wait-ing for a quorum to arrive.Donn Dupper was the only de-partment head to report. He gavemembers a priorities list for 2013.The most important item on thislist is the completion of the phonesystem fiber optics and the watertank. The holding tank needs tobe repaired. Several pieces of equipment need repairs, some of these they can do themselves.There are a few power poles thatneed attention. He also has sev-eral jobs they can do in the shopwhen it is too cold outside. Donnhad a fairly lengthy list.Council retired into executivesession at 5:45 for 15 minutes.Council approved the surplusof the fuel tank from the airport.Donn said it is still in good shape.Three appraisers were chosen.Donn said he had received thereport from the water tower in-spector and it is in worse condi-tion than he thought. The epoxyfinish is coming off the interiorand needs to be redone. Councildecided to bid it out in May forwork to be done in June. Thetown will not be without waterwhile the work is being done.Discussion was also held onhandicap accessibility at the citypark. There is easy access on thesouth and east ends, but they willget more information for the nextmeeting.Council will get quotes for cut-ting the curb and gutter andforming a valley between TylerFisher’s and Dusty Schultes’yards. This will be a project forwarmer weather.The ordinance for snow re-moval needs to be updated re-garding emergency routes andfines. The emergency route wouldstart with the ambulance hall,clinic, fire hall, PA’s residence,and the manor. The school andMain Street would be next. Thereis a $10 fine for vehicles parked inthe streets during snow removal.If vehicles are not moved they canbe towed and the owner will paythe towing fee. Donn also askedfor the Council to determine whenthey should clean the streets, at2” or 4” of snow. This determina-tion affects the budget, if they doit more often. Warmer weather isalso a determining factor, as itthaws much faster if they can getstreets cleared and the snowhauled away or spread out. Theywill put this ordinance on theagenda for next meeting. Anychanges will require two readingsbefore approval.Bids for a digger derrick truckwere set to be opened at 6:15 butthere were no bids received. Donnhad called several outlets that heis familiar with and they areaware of the budget, etc. Theywill bid out again in February.Resolution #12-27-12-01 fortransfers was approved, and #12-27-12-02 for contingency fundswas also approved.Jon will be attending JUTStraining in Sioux Falls January22-24.The fire department and am-bulance lists were upgraded andapproved. Brandon Medrud’sname was removed from the firelist. Riley wondered why therewere so few names on the ambu-lance list and if there was some-thing they could do to get moreinterest. Mayor Haines said beingon the ambulance takes a lot of time and many are just gettingburned out. They could alwaysuse more drivers, too.Two bids were received for aprime rib supper for the Christ-mas party: Lonny’s $9.95 andBranding Iron $13.95. Council ac-cepted Lonny’s bid. They ap-proved pre-paying 70 meals andset a tentative date for January18th.Members discussed getting Di-rectTV at the bar. They couldn’tget the NFR so nights were veryslow during the 10 days of therodeo. They have cable throughthe City but it doesn’t carry thatchannel. This is just one of the in-stances. They thought maybe thecost of DirectTV would be recov-ered with sales during events tel-evised on the dish. They wouldhave to go with commercial rateswhich are much higher than resi-dential. Debbie will get more in-formation for the next meeting.Liquor licenses for Lonny’s, Vilas (wine), VFW and City(on/off) were approved.Spencer asked that the cul-verts be tabled until the nextmeeting so he can gather more in-formation.Members were given copies of  job descriptions to take home andreview for the 2nd meeting inJanuary.The fire department would liketo use the ice rink for some train-ing. They would be pumping outtheir pumper trunks, etc. Councilapproved them using it. The citycrew will have to get it cleared off first. It could be used for skatingwhen they are done.Mayor Haines said that someof the work has been done on theice house. It has lights insidenow. Reed Henschel still hassome work to do when theweather permits.Debbie said they had a meet-ing to discuss the RanchersForum. They would like to hold aPen of Three at the same time, allat the sale barn, on February 7th.Council agreed to this.Mayor Haines said they arelooking at getting the carnival fornext year. The City’s cost will de-pend on how many funds the Spe-cial Entertainment Committeecan raise in 2013. It cost the Citya little over $6,000 this year, butit could be higher this time. Coun-cil approved covering what theCommittee doesn’t raise.The City is required to installa chair lift at the swimming poolfor handicap accessibility. Debbiefound one for $4043, which in-cludes shipping. The chair lift isremovable. The city crew will beable to install it. Council ap-proved ordering the lift.Council retired into executivesession at 7:00 to discuss person-nel.
Ct Coucl dscusses water tower, sow removal adRachers Forum
By Loetta Passolt
Jauar 2, 2013
• The Faith Independent •
Page 3
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Letter to the Editor
 As we ring in a new year, wecan expect to see a number of changes. Social Security is no ex-ception: in 2013, people who re-ceive Social Security orSupplemental Security Income(SSI) payments will see their ben-efits increase.Beginning in 2013, a 1.7 per-cent cost-of-living adjustment(COLA) was applied to all SocialSecurity and SSI payments. Theaverage monthly Social Securitybenefit for a retired worker in2013 is $1,261 (up from $1,240 in2012) and the average monthlySocial Security benefit for a dis-abled worker in 2013 is $1,132(up from $1,113 in 2012). Thesechanges were reflected in SSIpayments dated December 31,2012 and Social Security pay-ments dated in January 2013.For people who receive SSI, themaximum federal paymentamount has risen to $710 (upfrom $698).Other Social Security changesin 2013 are worth noting. For ex-ample, a worker now pays SocialSecurity tax on up to $113,700 of annual income (up from $110,100in 2012). A worker earns one
The Prairie Doc Perspective
Falling Down
By Richard P. Holm M.D.Whenwe werelittle kids,fallingdown waspart of thelearning process. We would sim-ply pick ourselvesback up, dustourselves off, try to figure out whywe f ell so as notto do that again,andthen keep on trucking downtheroad.Falling down as an older adult isanother thing.Each year, more than one-third of Americans olderthan 65experience afall everyyear andnearly twomillion endup in theemergencyroom for in juries dueto those falls.Falls in the elderlycan causemany problems to include frac-tured hips and arms, and headtrauma. These cost our societybillions of dollars per year in theUS, but more important is thecostto the individual for allthepainand suffering. For examplemore than 300,000 peoplewith
hip fractures need major surgeryevery year.Falls are caused in the elderlybecause of slower reflexes, bal-ance problems, reduced musclestrength, poorer vision, and anygeneralized illness. Also with agecomes a higher incidence of neu-rological conditions such asstrokes, Parkinson’s disease, de-creased mental alertness, andbalance problems, all of which in-crease falling. Alcohol excess inthe elderly also should to be in-cluded here, as it decreases neu-ral function, and can cause peopleto take risks that can lead to falls.The risk of stumbling andfalling increases for people of anyage in the presence of loose rugs,cluttered floors, poor lighting, ex-posed electrical or telephonecords, and stairs with nohandrails.Sometimes medicines are toblame for falls. For example med-icines for the treatment of highblood pressure, muscle spasm,
Lake Herman State Park
PIERRE, S.D. – At this GreatPlace in South Dakota, visitorsare able to explore the great out-doors and soak up a bit of thearea’s history.Lake Herman State Park is sit-uated in southeast South Dakotawhere thousands of years agomelting glacial ice formed a1,350-acre lake. Today, the statepark, located on a peninsula, of-fers a great view of the lake,recreational opportunities and ataste of history.It was long before the days of RVing and camping in the mod-ern way that this area was usedfor camping. Even before the ar-rival of white settlers, Native Americans used this location forshelter and refuge while travelingto the nearby Pipestone quarries.However, one of the first perma-nent settlers here was the Her-man Luce family. His cabin,which still stands in the park,was built in 1871 from oak logsand served as a United StatesLand Office. In 1977, the HermanLuce Cabin was placed on the Na-tional Register of Historic Places.Canoe and kayak rentals areavailable for those who want toexplore the lake and the sur-rounding scenery. Both a camp-ground (with 72 campsites) andcamping cabins (2 cabins, eachsleeps 4 people) are available,along with a ski beach, play-ground, boat ramp, and the abil-ity to check out fishing gear onsite.The park is located just outsideof Madison. Reservations forcamping can be made atwww.campsd.com or by calling 1-800-710-2267. Campsites areopen May-October and the camp-ing cabins are open year-round.
South Dakota’s Great Placesweekly press release series is a project of the South Dakota De- partment of Tourism, designed tohighlight places in South Dakotathat are unique to travelers andresidents alike. Click on the“South Dakota’s Great Places” link at www.MediaSD.com to ac-cess the complete list of articles.
pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, or fordiseased prostate or heart, allmay sometimes increase one’srisk for falling. The advantages of such medicines must always bebalanced with the risks.There are many reasons for in-creased falling as an older adult.Better to take appropriate pre-cautions and stay standing, thanto find yourself on the ground un-able to pick yourself up.The take home message:Falls in the elderly costs indi-viduals and society suffering andmoneyThere are many reasons forfalls, so efforts to prevent themshould be tailored to the individ-ualDr. Rick Holm wrote thisPrairie Doc Perspective for “OnCall®,” a weekly program wheremedical professionals discusshealth concerns for the generalpublic. “On Call®” is produced bythe Healing Words Foundation inassociation with the SouthDakota State University Journal-ism Department. “On Call®” airsThursdays on South Dakota Pub-lic Broadcasting-Television at 7p.m. Central, 6 p.m. Mountain. Visit us at OnCallTelevision.com.
A “rase” for people who get Socal Securt
By Deb Imsland Hartford, SS Operations Supervisor 
The Prairie Doc Perspective 
Dr. Richard Holms, MD 
South Dakota’s Great Places 
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credit after paying taxes on$1,160 in earnings in 2013 (upfrom $1,130). As always, a workermay earn a maximum of fourcredits each year and a persongenerally needs forty credits (orten years of work) to be eligiblefor retirement benefits.To learn more about these andother changes for 2013, visit theSocial Security website atwww.socialsecurity.gov, and readour fact sheet about the changesat www.socialsecurity.gov/pres-soffice/factsheets/colafacts2013.htm.
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Remembering "Miss Ulrich"Dorothy Ulrich was always"Miss Ulrich" to me and at age70+ calling her Dorothy nevercame easy. You see, she was my2nd grade teacher and then dur-ing my high school years shetaught my Typing and Bookeep-ing classes. In addition she drewthe extra assignment as the Classof '57's sponsor. This wasn't aneasy task with students that in-cluded the likes of Bob Neslandand Darrel Forrester. In lateryears at our class reunions wemarveled that she 'kept her cool'chaperoning our Skip Day(WEEKEND!) in the Black Hills.Miss Ulrich embodied theessence of a Good Teacher and Iknow she will be remembered andmissed in Faith Country and bythe numerous lives she touchedover her many dedicated years toschool and community.I extend my condolences to herfamily.Marilyn Thompson McDermottChandler, Arizona

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