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Portable Raman Spectrometer

Portable Raman Spectrometer

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PID analyzers introduces a new portable Raman instrument for first responders,drug enforcement, explosives, homeland security and identification of unknowns.
PID analyzers introduces a new portable Raman instrument for first responders,drug enforcement, explosives, homeland security and identification of unknowns.

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Published by: Dr. John Jack Driscoll on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First Responders, Drug Enforcement, Explosives,Forensics, ID of Unknowns, Drugs, Homeland Security 
The Model 61
Raman spectrometer 
was designed to detect
chemicals,biological materials and explosives
in the field or laboratory. This analyzer can be used for liquid or solid materi-als and powders. A 50 mwatt laser isused to excite the sample and the dis-persed Raleigh scattering is detectedwith a CCD and displayed on the ac-tive matrix OLED touch screen display.Raman is an excellent fingerprintingtool to identify unknown samples viacomparison to a built-in library.It has an internal calibration mode toensure that it is working properly. It hasa rapid acquisition mode wheresamples can be acquired in < 3 sec-onds. The library and sample spectracan be easily compared on the display
The 61
is designed as class 1 laser safe (with a sealed/interlocked cover)identification of materials. Materials canbe stored in vials for on-site identifica-tion and later validation in the labora-tory.
PID Analyzers, LLC
hasbeen developing portableanalyzers since it started in1973. We developed the firsthand held photoionization(PID) analyzer for industrialhygiene. More than 30,000 of these PID’s have been sold.Today we offer portable PID’s,FID’s, IR’s and electrochemi-cal analyzers. We also manu-facture a portable gas chro-matograph and we are intro-ducing a portable RamanSpectrometer to our field por-table product line.
Model 102 PID with Snap-On headfor detection of VOC’sModel GC312 with embedded PCand dual detector capability
Model 61
Portable Raman Spectrometer 
The model 61
is designed for pointand shoot operation. Samples, evenin thick glass con
iners, can bemeasured on-site. There is littlescattering through the glass so thesample spectrum is not distorted.The Model 61
is packaged in asolid aluminum body for ruggedlong lifetime operation. It does nothave a point laser focus that cannotinterpret mixtures or struggles withpellets and other shapes; it featuresa unique Orbital Raster Scan(ORS™) technology that easilyanalyses mixtures and shapedsamples. This high sensitivitydetection system requires only veryshort analysis times and it displayseasy to understand results on itshighly visible OLED touch screen.The resistive touch screen permitsthe 61
to be used in the fieldwithout any problems. The 61
hour operational time using 2- AA batteries offers flexibility in thefield during long operationalmissions where rechargingbatteries is not possible.The ORS advantage with a hetero-geneous threats in a medium isillustrated in our ORS diagram. In aconventional spectrometer with atightly focused beam may producepoor results or miss the targetthreat completely. We illustrate thisat the top of the diagram. Thisleads to false negatives. Increasingthe laser to a large spot size in aconventional system would requirethe system to have poor spectralresolution. This fundamental lawof optics means that, just like thespread of the laser light over alarger area, the valuable informa-tion about the material is dilutedand spread over the detector. Thisis illustrated in the middle of thediagram; thisleads to false identifi-cation. The only solution is to keepthe tightly focused beam andincrease its apparent size by araster system. Our ORS does justthat and is
llustrated at the bottom
Model 61
Portable Raman Spectrometer 

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