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TRUE GEETA LOCKET (Only for Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris) "The tree of life has many branches However, the seed, the source, is one. "

TRUE GEETA LOCKET (Only for Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris) "The tree of life has many branches However, the seed, the source, is one. "

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Published by Dav Dav Davey
Colection of murli points indicating the corporeal role of Shiv Baba.....
Colection of murli points indicating the corporeal role of Shiv Baba.....

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Dav Dav Davey on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Only for Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris)
"The tree of life has many branchesHowever, the seed, the source, is one. "
Recognition of the Corporeal Father’s part (Prajapita) :-
Worldly (lokik) birthplace :-
"The father is also called as the Master. The Master who is towards Farrukhabad is wellknown. The Master of the house is the Father. Children are called as children only but when theygrow up (becoming intelligent), they create children (by giving knowledge) and they too becomemasters. This secret is to be understood"
"Like in Farrukhabad, they say we remember that Master, but actually Lakshmi-Narayan will become the Masters of the world. Shivbaba will not become that. Therefore, you should ask them(the Brahmin world), whether that Master is corporeal or incorporeal. The incorporeal cannot become the Master of the corporeal world."
{From the above two passages, it is clear that the Master who comes from Farrukhabad is alsothe Father of the corporeal world. Neither Shivbaba nor Brahmababa becomes the Master or  Father of the corporeal world. This booklet will help us establish the identity of this Master and  Father.}
Spiritual (alokik) birthplace :-
"The name Somnath is kept, as he gives Somras (the nectar of knowledge). He gives the wealth of knowledge, and again when he becomes the priest, how much he will spend in making his temple!He has given Somras (even to Brahma) is it not? Along with Somnath even Somnathini is there."
{The shooting of this history is also rehearsed in the confluence age. }
"Swami Narayan’s 108 temples are there in Ahmedabad. Perhaps, millions of rupees are received.However, everything goes to Swami Narayan only. Is it not? Therefore, here itself (Ahmedabad)is the home of every (108 beads) centers. This is the meeting point. Is it not?".
"Ahmedabad is the seed of all centers. The seed has more power. Tell loudly – Ahmedabad has todo a lot of service (for these seed souls).
{The spiritual birthplace of the seed is in Ahmedabad. It is also here where the 108 beads of rosary are gathered. Brahmababa did not take spiritual birth in Ahmedabad, so he cannot be the seed of humanity.}
Worldly (lokik) state :-
The Father always remembers his rare children. He calls the souls to explain that you were there before. You were told to remain pure! Still you didn’t obey. Now, you have lost your position.Later, you leave your bodies and again having taken birth you grow up and are 20 and 25 yearsrespectively. You might even take the knowledge." This Murli is of 66-67 and revised in 17.02.75.
{Brahma Baba’s spiritual partner, Sevakram left his body in 1942 and by the year 1966/67 after rebirth, he should be about 25 years old. Likewise Geetamata, one of the mothers in the yagyawho used to drill Mama and Baba left her body in 1947 and therefore after rebirth in the year 1966/67 should be around 20 years in age. Shivbaba remembered both these souls in 1966-67.They were the souls who played the part of Rama and Sita. Although they failed initially at thebeginning but because of having the arrows of knowledge, they can easily recognise theknowledge once they return to the yagya
Spiritual (alokik) age :-
"(The four-arms) Brahma’s age is 100 years. I enter in his vanaprasth stage (age of retirementat 60 years). Even in the womb (of Brahma), the souls enter after 5-6 months then, it makes somemovements. Even of this the drama has been made."
 If we calculate, the 100 years of Brahma’s age we should start in 1936 when at that time at theage of 60 years God Shiva entered him. Adding another 40 years, we conclude the 100 years inthe year 1976. }
"The soul which surrenders to any being or wealth, cannot have the total authority
(Av 24.01.70)
{The soul of Dada Lekhraj formed a managing committee, constituted of women in Oct., 1937 and on 17 
Feb., 1938, he wrote his will bequeathing all the property to this trust (a brief biographyof Brahma Baba, first edition 1984)
"The authorities of my property cannot be under anyone other than shrimat."
"The child will never surrender to its Father. The children are the masters. Your children (sundynasty) will not surrender. The Father has adopted you."
is clear that souls who surrender their intellect are not the masters. Those who surrender donot belong to the sun dynasty children
"The soul who surrenders, can never become authorities. It cannot take the kingdom of the wholeworld."
(Av 30.05.73)
"The father is strange, so even his knowledge is strange."
"Initially, the father gives his explanation. No one else can give that explanation."
The corporeal father (Prajapita) gave the explanation of Dada Lekhraj’s visions which none of the gurus, scholars, pundits’ etc could explain. This corporeal father was none other than Dada Lekhraj’s business partner in Calcutta. }
"That Satguru comes by himself and gives his introduction."
Qualities of the Corporeal Father – Knowledgeful:
"As soon as the sun of knowledge rises, everything becomes clear."
"Those who have complete knowledge, only they get the highest...."
"As soon as you get the full knowledge in your intellect, then you receive the full ruling power of the world."
"Eklavya went sharper than Arjun. The outsider had achieved the goal."
{Who is Eklavya in the shooting of the drama? }
"When you churn the knowledge, only then, you are capable for the crown."
"They tell ‘Tulsidas had rubbed the sandal, and the tilak was given by Raghubir. This is of thistime (Confluence age)."
 Dada Lekhraj who was used by Shivbaba to speak gyan (rubbed the sandal) played Tulsidas but the one who understood and applied the inheritance (tilak) was Rama (Raghubir). He was the onewho Shivbaba gave the inheritance.
"Scholarship holders are those who will not even receive punishments (even in their thoughts).Their speed of knowledge and remembrance will be first class."
"The eldest brother is always considered to be equal to the father. Whoever has got moreknowledge, he’s told to be eldest."
Qualities of the Corporeal Father – Powerful effort-maker :-
"Last so fast, the new comers go ahead of the old children. When they get total connection withthe father, then, they take a high jump and climb very high."
The picture shown in the Ladder, from full beggar to full prince is the role of Shankar is also themessenger cum saint.
"Becoming beggar is not as easy like going to your auntie’s house. Beggar has got nothing withhim (nor wealth, position, name and fame)."
"You don’t have anything with you, then what do you remember? (Other than one Shivbaba)."
"At present where is Krishna? Certainly in the form of a beggar. Like they think for Christ, thathe’s in beggary form."
{The role of Sangamyugi Krishna in 1974 is certainly in the beggary form. }
"Father is a friend of the poor. He gives the crown of the whole world to the poor."
"You are Sudhama, what do you give? (flattened rice) And what do you take? The throne of theworld."
{Please think, who had played the part of Sudama in the confluence age and gained the throne of the world?
"When he was beautiful, he had the crown (of responsibility), and when he had become ugly, thenfrom where does he get the throne? The village boy is always poor."
"He turns from beggar to prince. He has this consciousness raised internally. That’s why he’scalled as ‘mast kalan kidar fakir ‘ (one who takes defamation) and yet remains internally happy."

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