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Alternate Plan for Ward 4 schools (Macfarland - SHAPPE)

Alternate Plan for Ward 4 schools (Macfarland - SHAPPE)

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Published by DC Public Schools

Feedback submitted to the DCPS Consolidation and Reorganization Proposal (November 2012)

Feedback submitted to the DCPS Consolidation and Reorganization Proposal (November 2012)

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Published by: DC Public Schools on Jan 03, 2013
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Friday, December 21, 2012 11:25 AM
Anderson, Kamili (OSSE); Bowser, Muriel (COUNCIL); swells@dccouncil.us;Ron Hampton; DeGuzman, Anthony D. (DCPS); Mary Filardo; Anderson, Thomas (DCPS)
Alternate Plan for Ward 4 schools
 Dear All,I realize that the meeting last night concentrated on the current status of the educationalspecification for Roosevelt and the possible consolidation of MacFarland into Roosevelt as a 6-12 school with one administration but some building separation of the middle and high schoolstudents. I felt it was important to at least put in writing a fuller description of a proposal that hasbeen circulating verbally before the final decision is made by DCPS. It is an expansion of theproposal put forward by MacFarland and based on the agreed upon document that came from theWard 4 convening before the Dec. 4th meeting.This is a description to be followed by a detailed plan with exact enrollments, timing and budgetinformation included. It seems worth taking a look at all the capital funds allocated for thisfeeder pattern as well as the projections. It also takes into consideration the values expressedboth in the community conversations of the DME, the ward 4 state of the schools and themeeting this month at Brightwood. Given the short timeline on everything and the holiday, Ihope this draft can be vetted in these communities and by DCPS at the same time.Emma Brown of the Post is doing a story on the proposals, I have also sent it to her.
Ward 4
Proposal on the DCPS Ward 4 Closing and Consolidation
This proposal grew out of the document presented from the Ward 4 group convened priorto the meeting at Brightwood and the current MacFarland proposal. It is in the process of being more fully vetted. Because of the short time line and the coming holiday it issubmitted as a draft with a detailed plan to follow quickly. Cathy Reilly
Current Ward 4 Proposal
 Consolidate the Mac Farland Middle School into the Roosevelt HS to create single 6
grade school with one principal and administration. Middle school students would be in aseparate part of the building. The STAY program would remain at Roosevelt. There is noproposal for the MacFarland building beyond a swing space possibility. Both populations arecurrently small- with a combined total of between 650 and 700 students. This plan attempts toaddress the very low enrollment at Mac Farland and Roosevelt and increase the utilization of Roosevelt in anticipation of the modernization.
Sharpe Health is to be consolidated with Mamie D Lee and re-located to River Terrace. RiverTerrace will be fully modernized with funds from a special education budget. The move will nottake place till the fall of 2014.
Alternate Proposal:
DC is experiencing strong population growth as noted in yesterday’s report. This is especially
true in ward 4. It can be seen in the rising enrollment at Truesdell, Barnard and Powell inparticular. There is increased demand for slots in the early childhood programs at these and otherWard 4 elementary schools.A strong middle school is essential to the viability of the southern ward 4 feeder schoolprogram. The current and projected DCPS population of this neighborhood can support a 600student middle school and 800 student high school. MacFarland is beautifully located andpositioned to be as high quality a middle school as Deal. The separate middle school buildingprovides a nurturing and appropriate environment for the growing middle school age studentswho reside in these neighborhoods and are currently in DCPS elementary schools. You have allthe advantages of a 6 -12 secondary campus in two buildings, nothing prevents greatercollaboration and alignment. The secondary schools serving the Powell, Barnard, West andTruesdell communities should be providing an academic program that is high quality, multilingual and serves a multiracial population well.Without a strong and expanded DCPS middle school option, there will never be adequateenrollment for Roosevelt to be the comprehensive high school that can offer the richprogramming this community demands and is seeking elsewhere.
This is an expansion of the current MacFarland proposal to consolidate the 6 
graders from Truesdell and Raymond into MacFarland in order to provide richer  programming and a more fully enrolled middle school.
 Over a three year period in order to accommodate the growth at the elementary level and toprovide a strong DCPS middle and high school option for ward 4 families both Roosevelt andMacFarland will be modernized. MacFarland and Roosevelt will co-locate during the 2 to 3year period of modernization.The elementary feeder schools are growing with demountables already placed at Powell andBarnard. The feeder school communities (Barnard, Powell, Truesdell and West) will work closely with MacFarland and Roosevelt on the vision, program and design of the modernizedbuildings. The strong academic programs initiated and currently drawing students at theelementary level will be continued into the secondary program. This includes a dual languageoption. It can also include a language hub housed in either building of the campus providing

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