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A RBG Guidebook for Reparations Studies

A RBG Guidebook for Reparations Studies

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Published by TheMothership

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Published by: TheMothership on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RBG Communiversity 
For 246 years, enslaved Afrikan (our ancestors) endured inhuman living conditions, torture andrape, legally enforced servitude, and other horrendous crimes against humanity. Meanwhile,countless American corporations sponsored and/or benefited from the uncompensated labor andexploitation of these slaves.In 1863,
President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation began the process of freeing
the morethan 4 million slaves of Afrikan descent in the United States. But while chattel slavery wasabolished, sharecropping, "black codes", Jim Crow laws, lynching, psychic violence and socio-structural and institutional racism perpetuated restrictions upon the
Afrikans nonetheless.Dozens of corporations continued to this very day to benefit from unpaid labor of our ancestors,allowing these companies to flourish, while unemployment sores to all time post-chattel highs asI write. Citing the persisting legacy of slavery, suffering and death we as descendants of theseslaves must continue to fight for reparations and reconciliation on behalf of the approximately 35million living descendants of our enslaved ancestors.Although I personally believe that the immorality of the American system, business and cultureof white supremacy / racism will never see fit to give us reparations; the principles anddocumentation of our fight for such a just caused must be carried forward. At the end of the day,I agree 101% with Minister Malcolm X when he says
Nobody can give you freedom. Nobodycan give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.
(From: Malcolm XSpeaks, 1965)Thus, as we struggle against continued U.S. colonization New Afrikans must havea
determined sense of history in regard to the New Afrikan Nation’s
historical struggle,movement in and relationship to the United States. The work that has been done and is beingdone towards reparations is
bread and butter knowledge
. Without such knowledge; ourpractice will continue to be confused and chaotic, lacking the historical continuity which servesto give practical guidance to our struggle and movement on the road to full independence. It iswith these notions in mind that I have compiled this booklet. A tremendous amount of scholarly,diligent and valuable work has been done by our people over the past 30 years on the issue of reparations, especially by the still active
National Coalition Of Blacks for Reparations inAmerica
 (N'COBRA). As a teacher and inspire of our youth, I believe young New Afrikan revolutionaries and activist must get up to speed on sequence, progress and details of this potentwork to best
carry the torch and keep the fire burning
 The booklet is comprised of an interactive introduction drawn by myself, as to so-called
the ice
; followed by select resources published over the past 30 years by
National Coalition Of Blacks for Reparations in America.
By placing this data in a single document for download, it is my hope and intention that ouryoung people will come into a new revelation as to the strength of our spirit to fight for what isright, and become energized to learn from the historical principals that have been at the center of the reparations movement. And for those of us that have been around a while longer, I desire toresurrect fond memories and transmit a rational hope for the future as you guide in your wisdom.
And most of all, I intend to catalyze all New Afrikans to
Be Down with the Reparations Clique
Gil Scott Heron asks…
…Who'll pay reparations on my soul?

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