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analytical chemistry

analytical chemistry

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Published by Linh Pham

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Published by: Linh Pham on Jan 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ADH 8/22/2012
Chemistry 222 - Fall 2012Analytical Chemistry
Dr.AudreyDell Hammerich
4144 SES
Office Phone:
(312) 996-1872
Office Hours:
MW 10-11, 12-1, and by appointment
(312) 996-0431
MW 11:00-11:50 C1LC
Daniel C. Harris,
Quantitative Chemical Analysis
,8th Edition (W.H.Freeman and Company, 2010);
Solutions Manual for Quantitative Chemical Analysis
;on-line homework, www.saplinglearning.com
bound laboratory notebook capable of providing carbon (carbonless) copies; chemical splash goggles.
CHEM 222 is an introduction to the principles and practices of analytical chemistry.Often the moredescriptive term quantitative analysis is giventothis discipline.The focus of the course is on the separation andanalysis of chemical substances.Analysis means to both identify a chemical substance and to determine its amount.The laboratory portion of the course is balanced by an in-depth reviewofgeneral chemistry principles (in particular,stoichiometry and equilibrium) as applied to the problem of separating and quantifying substances from mixtures.Your grade will be based upon the accuracyofyour laboratory results.
Grade of C or better in CHEM 114, CHEM 118, or the equivalent.
Concurrently register for the lecture and a laboratory section.It is not permitted for students to regis-ter for one laboratory section and do their work in another.
Disability Accommodations:
Students who require accommodations for access and participation in this coursemust register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at (312) 413-2183 (voice) or (312) 413-0123 (TDD).
Add or Drop the Course:
After the first week you must obtain permission from the instructor to add the course.Drop deadline of Friday,September 7 without penalty.Deadline of November 2 to use optional drop at your collegeoffice and receive grade of W on transcript.
Exams will followthe tentative schedule:
Exam Date
Exam IMonday,October 1Exam IIMonday,November 5Final Thursday,Dec 13
Laboratory: Amaximum of twolabs can be missed.
All missed labs receive a grade of zero.There are
for the labs.Lab reports are generally due one week after the lab is performed.Anystudent more than15 minutes late
will not be admitted to lab
.Any lab report more than 15 minutes late
will not be accepted
Homework assignments will be giventhat complement the material presented during each lecture.Itis essential that you do these in a timely manner in order to keep pace with the course and lecture material.
Home-work will be done on-line
via www.saplinglearning.com. Additionallecture assignments will be givenroughlyev ery other week.
No late assignments
will be accepted.
Missed Assignments:
Occasionally a student may miss an assignment due to illness or similarly serious reasons.If you present a justifiable, documented reason for missed work it will be graded as an excused absence.Universityregulations require that you
notify the instructor within the first twoweeks of the semester
if you foresee thatyou will miss a scheduled exam or laboratory for religious or other justifiable reasons.
Academic Dishonesty:
Academic dishonesty
will not be tolerated
.Submission of homework, laboratory data, andreports obtained from or written by others is academic dishonesty.Any student found cheating will be immediatelyassigned a grade of F.Further disciplinary action will then be discussed with the Department and Dean.
Including a passing grade in both lecture and lab portions, your grade will be based upon the following:final exam 500hourly exams 2at 250 points each500laboratory 16at 100 points each1600notebook turned in at end of semester100quiz 5at 50 points each250homework 13at 10 points each130assignments (maximum)2003280 Total Points

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