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Initial Data Base for Family Nursing Practice

Initial Data Base for Family Nursing Practice



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Published by miss RN

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: miss RN on Feb 08, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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INITIAL DATA BASE FOR FAMILY NURSING PRACTICEA.Family Structure, Characteristics, and DynamicsB.Socio-economic and Cultural CharacteristicsMember of thehouseholdIncome and expensesoccupationPlace owork Income of each workingmember Adequacyto meet basicnecessitiesWho makesdecisionsaboutmoneyLeland N.de LeonProductionmanager BulacanP15,000.00/moAdequateMarciana S.de LeonLandladyManilaP4,000.00/moAdequateMark Leland S.de LeonBTMstudentPUPElaine S. deLeonBSNstudentUERMMMCMember of thehouseholdRelationshipto the head of the familyagesexCivilstatusPosition in the familyLeland N. deLeonFather/husband45MaleMarriedFather/husbandMarciana S. deLeonwife44FemaleMarriedMother/wifeMark Leland S.de LeonSon19MaleSingleEldest child/son/brotheElaine S. deLeondaughter18FemaleSingleYoungestchild/daughter/sister Member of thehouseholdPlace of residence of each member of the familyType of familystructureDominant familymembers in terms of decision makingGeneral familyrelationship or dynamicsLeland N. deLeonLivingindependentlyPatriarchal/nuclear Short temper/easily irritatedMarciana S. deLeonLivingindependentlyPatriarchal/nuclear Good listener Mark Leland S.de LeonLiving with parentsPatriarchal/nuclear Joker Elaine S. deLeonLiving with parentsPatriarchal/nuclear Easily irritated
C.Home and EnvironmentThe de Leon Family’s House is made of concrete and has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room which is just enough or adequate for their livingspace. Every member of the family has their own bedrooms. Mr. and Mrs. de Leon share bedrooms while the siblings have their own rooms. The Laundry area outside the house,kitchen sink cabinet and the garbage cans are the resting sites of vectors of disease suchas flies, mosquitoes and roaches present in de Leon family’s house. Their foods are storedin closed door cabinets and the refrigerator. The de Leon’s’ water supply comes fromdeep well and not from NAWASA. They use water septic tank for their water supply. Thewater coming from the septic tank is used for washing, cleaning, and bathing and not for drinking purposes. The de Leon family buys distilled water from water refilling stations.The de Leon family has their own bathroom and toilet. Their bathroom is near thekitchen and is kept clean everyday by Mrs. de Leon and sometimes the siblings. Their garbage is taken out everyday and collected by garbage trucks everyday. They have threegarbage cans inside the house, one is in the kitchen, the other, is in the bathroom andlastly, near the bedroom. Mr. de Leon built a
 poso negro
near the laundry area and is beencleaned every once in a while to check for clogs. Their neighborhood is not congested,there is still room for trees and plants to grow and place to play and hang-out. They havetheir own telephone line and every family has their own cell phones. They also have afamily van for their transportation facility.D.Health Status of Each Member Member of thehouseholdMedical andnursing history Nutritional assessmentDietaryhistoryEating habitsand practicesRisk factor assessmentLeland N. deLeon4x a dayMeat, fruitsandvegetablesCigarette andtobaccosmokingMarciana S. deLeonRheumaticheart disease2x a daySea foodsMark Leland S.de Leon4x a dayMeat, fish,fruits andvegetablesobesityElaine S. deLeondengue3x a daymeat, fruits,lessvegetablesand fishstress
E.Value, Habits, Practices on Health Promotion, Maintenance and DiseasePreventionMember of thehouseholdImmunizationstatus of familymembersHealthy lifestyle PracticesLeland N. de LeoncompleteBiking everydayMarciana S. de LeoncompleteStretching and eating fruitsMark Leland S. de LeoncompleteBasketball (occasionally)Elaine S. de LeoncompleteBadminton, Walking and eatingfruitsAdequacy of :Member of thehouseholdRest/sleepExercises/activitiesUse of protectivemeasuresRelaxation andother stressmanagementactivitiesLeland N. deLeon9hours10-20minutesUses jacketRest or watch TV olisten to jazz musicMarciana S.de Leon8hours5-10minutesUses slippers in and outthe house and umbrellaRest and watch TVMark LelandS. de Leon6-8hours1 hourUse padsRest or eatElaine S. deLeon6hours1 hourUse umbrella whenraining, andhandkerchiefsRest and watch TVor surf the internet

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