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The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature and Homeopathic Cure

The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature and Homeopathic Cure

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Published by Dinesh Dhoke
Homoeopathic Book written by Dr. Hahnemann
Homoeopathic Book written by Dr. Hahnemann

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Published by: Dinesh Dhoke on Jan 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Chronic Diseases,their Peculiar Natureand their HomeopathicCure.
by Dr Samuel Hahnemann
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 Translated from the second enlarged German edition of 1835, by Prof. Louis H. Tafel.With annotations by Richard Hughes, M. D.Edited by Pemberton Dudley, M. D.
Translator's preface. 
The translation heresubmitted to the public is thesecond translation of thiswork into English, it havingbefore this been rendered byDr. Charles J. Hempel andpublished by Wm. Radde inthe years 1845-6. When itwas proposed to reprint thistranslation, there was astrong protest made againstthe old version on theground of its being to somedegree inexact, and onaccount of its omitting notonly the initials of the provers but besides this, also a greatnumber of symptoms. These complaints have been provedwell founded, especially with respect to the latter part of thework. We have taken a hundred symptoms at random hereand there and compared them with the original, with thefollowing results : in Alumina 555-655 we found only theomission of a part of symptom 556 and a partial omissionand joining together of symptoms 617 and 618. So also inGraphites there is no omission except 53 (a repetition) in thefirst hundred, nor any other until we reach 200, 201 and 202which are omitted. In the first hundred of Nitri acidum,however, we find 13 omissions, namely 6, 30, 32, 37, 38, 40,43, 45, 59, 64, 65, 67 and 69. So also in Zincum from 1135to 1235 we find 10 omissions,
i. e.
, 1136, 1138, 1152, 1170,1187, 1197, 1207, 1220, 1222, 1225 and 1235 ; while 1153,1195 and 1295 have one-half of their substance omitted.Between 1236 and 1335 there are 23 omissions, namely1245, 1269, 1278, 1288, 1290, 1292, 1293, 1294, 1297,
1298, 1299, 1302, 1303, 1305, 1306, 1308, 1313, 1316,1320, 1324, 1331, 1332, 1335, while one-half of thesubstance of symptoms 1287, 1296, 1312, 1315 and 1325 isomitted ; showing the omission in this extreme case of over one-fourth. The omissions are rather impartially distributed,about one-third of the above omissions being symptoms of Hahnemann, fully one-third, those due to Nenning and theother third, distributed impartially among the various other provers.These omissions made anew translationnecessary, which wasaccordingly madeindependent of that of Dr.Hempel, though theearlier translation wasconsulted especiallywhere there was anyobscurity or ambiguity inthe original. There is noquestion but that Hempelis right in what he says of the involved phraseologyand the lengthy periods of Hahnemann ; still we did not thinkit best to follow his mode of rendering, which according to hispreface consists in "mastering the sense of a period, andthen embodying it in a free manner in the foreign tongue".We have preferred to follow in this respect the example setby Dr. Dudgeon in his admirable translation of the
Materia Medica Pura 
(London, 1880) ; he has faithfully rendered notonly the ideas but also the expressions of Hahnemann. It isonly by thus closely following the author, that we shall besure to reproduce the ideas of the author and, indeed, intheir own setting and thus in their native vigor and in the

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