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Published by Ed Cobb
devices to short computer equipment
devices to short computer equipment

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ed Cobb on Jan 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fiftythree.org presents: The Etherkiller and Friends
Don't mess with the IT department guys. Although their office might lookas messy asmine, they are a force not tobe screwed with.It all started one day with this guy, the origional Etherkiller,developed with a few misc parts to warn new users that the ITdepartment is not to be messed with. You too can make oneat home, connect the transmit pins of the RJ-45 to HOT on110VAC and the recieve pins to Common. Modify to suit taseby varying pinout.This led to some general discussion that this particular devicereally is in a class of devices, now called the "killers", whichneed to be made.
The Players
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Remote control
After blowing several circuits in the office, andfor some sembelance of safely, we added thisfuse box. Circuit breakers would be muchbetter. Allright, truth be told this only got used afew times and a bunch of devices in the office just got real used to being rebooted.Why not use a power strip? I don't remember,but for some reason that didn't sound aschallenging. Oh, now I remember, it normally wouldn't trip fast enough. So we took thisdevice to plug into the power strip to power it.
AUI Killer
This poor thing once was a TP to AUI trancieveruntil one day... Those trancievers are really hardto get open too.Now you can fry all that AUI gear that shouldhave been gone by now anyway.
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"BNC-killer" makes the center pin hot. Foradded fun, connect to any remaining thinnet inthe building to make sure everyone hasswitched over to twisted-pair like we told themto. Next time they will listen.Hereis a picture of bnc-killer in 10base2 killmode. Obviously an adapter for BNC to N would let you blow up thicknet. And who the hell wouldn't want to do that?
Then we thought... what else has BNCconnectors on it? Those old RGB video cablessure do, so we slapped on some T's andconnected it to an old video cable. The cablepictured was for a sync on green system, butRGBHV would work with a few more T's. Tiredof that crazy 13W3 on suns and sgis? Get anadaptor.A co-worker, lets call him E., had a video cardgoing to be shipped back to a major PCsupplier because it had some videointerference/ghosting problems. Well, I took thecard and with a loud SNAP and a bright flashthe ghosting problems were gone. A good 1/2"radius was charred on the card, by far the most

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