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NTG North Nechells Minutes 20 Nov 2012

NTG North Nechells Minutes 20 Nov 2012

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Published by ppinski
Minutes of the 20.11.12 meeting of the NECHELLS NEIGHBOURHOOD TASKING GROUP
Minutes of the 20.11.12 meeting of the NECHELLS NEIGHBOURHOOD TASKING GROUP

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Published by: ppinski on Jan 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name of group
Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking Group
Date and start time
20 November 2012 at 1400 hours
Location of meeting
Highgate Fire Station, Moseley Road
In AttendanceWest Midlands Police Birmingham City CouncilSgt Dave Bates
in the Chair (DB)Inspector Paul Dutton (PD) Kay Thomas (KT)Gary Bullock (GB)West Midlands Fire Service Kalsoom Zubedah-Khan (KZ)Mark Clifton (MCl) Gary James (GJ) Alex Warsama (AW)Mark Crooke (MC)
Friends of Sara ParkJohn Street (JS)
Free@LastEddie Howard (EH)
Highgate HLB Ayesha Choudhury (AC)
Regents Park School Apologies Val Woodward, Pamela Pinski, Margaret Morcom, Noran Flynn, Pat Whyte Agenda Item Action
 Introductions were made and the Chair welcomed all to the meeting.
MC referred to the last meeting at which he said that PD had stated thatfunding was available and had undertaken to finds ways of accessingresources for the Group.The notes of the previous meeting were agreed. Any issues arising from the notes would be picked up during the meeting.
PD provided the following crime figures as requested from the lastmeeting;Ladywood East which included both Aston and Nechells WardsTotal crime -20.9% 1152 fewer victimsRobbery -31.2% 110 fewer victimsVehicle Crime -23.3% 234 fewer victimsBurglary Dwelling -7% 16 fewer victimsIn response to concerns raised by MC PD said that the change to thepolice structure had created a period of settling in and performance hadnot been 100% but extra patrols had been put in place and arrests nowmade as a result in connection to a spike in burglaries in the Digbeth area.
Drug OffencesThe Chair said that possession offences usually came to light as a result of a stop and search or an arrest. The following figures were reported sincethe last meeting;Small Heath
3 offences of possession of cannabisDigbeth
10 cannabis offences & 3 class A drug offencesNechells
7 cannabis offences ___________________________________________________________ 
NECHELLSa) Action UpdatesBoy Racers
PD advised that that the road safety team, policeand fire service had worked together on short and long termsolutions and had agreed a 10 week pilot to restrict lanes on aSunday night on the Parkway. This had been tried for the last twoweeks and there had been no street racing as a result. A long termplan was currently under consideration. There had been publicityon local radio and television and information had been put on socialmedia sites. There had been 200 court appearances so far with afurther 200 to be processed.MC welcomed the action taken but commented on the cost. Headded that Councillor Ali had been very concerned that the streetracing could be displaced to the Boulton Road/ Small HeathHighway area and queried whether there were any plans in place toprevent the racers moving to an alternative area.PD confirmed that there were trigger plans in place for other areasacross the West Midlands and that a long term solution wasneeded.The Chair said that the Small Heath Highway had speed camerasand there had been no complaints in relation to Boulton Road. MCsuggested that Councillor Ali be contacted and was advised thatthe matter was on the agenda for the next Ward Committeemeeting.
Suspect Vehicle
No further issues
remove from the actions
Crime Safety
NF had advised that the all out day had been verysuccessful and thanked the police for their contribution. The FireService had been unable to attend
MCl to liaise with NF
Smoke Alarms
information provided
remove from actions
Church Lane Street Drinkers
The Chair said that a number of street drinkers had been identified and warning letters issued. Theshop had also been issued with a warning regarding sales. Therehad been no further issues. Remove from actions
Nechells Parkway, children throwing stones at vehicles
TheChair advised that individuals had been identified and joint warningletters issued. An anti social behaviour contract had been issuedas the first step and no further problems had been reported.
Remove MCl/ NF Remove Remove 
MC queried why more severe punishments were not issued astheir actions could have caused injury or death. The Chair said thatit was dependant on age, seriousness of the incident, previouscriminal record and every attempt was made to try not tocriminalise young people but to divert them away from further trouble. The punishment was proportionate to the crime.JS expressed his disappointment that he had not been contactedregarding diversionary activities, especially as letters had beenissued and said that he could have assisted the police. The Chair said that he would speak to Sgt Khan to link with JS.KZ said that the youth worker for the Nechells area would attendfuture meetings. As background it was advised that the YouthService budget had been cut over the past three years and hadbeen remodelled to a hub and spoke model, with provision fromthe Lighthouse and Nechells and Aston detached. There was youthprovision on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6-9pm atNechells, on Monday & Thursday evenings from Aston and fromMonday to Friday at the Lighthouse. It was acknowledged that itwas not an ideal service. Further detail could be provided at thenext meeting regarding the numbers of young people attending etc.EH referred to the closure of St Martins Youth Club and that therewould be no provision in Highgate. KZK said that Stanhope Hallwas open two evenings a week. The Senior Youth Worker inHighgate was looking at raising income to support St Martins. EHadvised that the building used by St Martins was owned by theChurch and suggested that the management team be consultedregarding assistance to keep the Centre open. KZK undertook totake the details at the conclusion of the meeting and makearrangements for contact with the church.MC referred to the difficulties that groups had in hiring Councilowned buildings and suggested that consideration be given toassisting, therefore generating income and providing communityactivities. The Chair said that departments would be looking atgenerating income and requested that a presentation be made tothe next meeting by the Youth Service to show where facilitieswere and where the young people were located. JS referred to thestatistics that demonstrated the link between a rise in youth crimeassociated to a reduction in service provision and said that thosefigures in relation to Nechells might assist with a request for additional services. The Chair undertook to provide that informationto the next meeting.
b) New IssuesRobberies
Heartlands School
The Chair said that NF had advised that 2 pupils from Heartlands Academy had been mugged and their phones stolen. PD said it hadbeen a one off incident and AK had met with the Head Teacher. AKto provide an update.
SMALL HEATHa) Action Updates

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