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Published by Ameen Ahmad

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Published by: Ameen Ahmad on Jan 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Higgs Mania
is all the fuss about?
-Ali Muzaffar (B.Tech 3
Year) (ElectronicsEngg.)
Human mind has always tried to penetrate every dimension in search of his so manywhys and so many whats . Historical events recede in importance with every passingdecade and this importance becomes an enigma when we talk about events which are12.5 billion years old. Politics and elections can be seen and analysed . Even the horrorsof war acquire a patina of unreality. The laws of physics, though, are eternal anduniversal. Elucidating them is one of the triumphs of mankind.July 4 2012, was another step of mankind towards finding answers to never endingquestions. Physicists working in Geneva at CERN, the wo
rld’s biggest particle
laboratory announced that they have found the Higgs boson. Wait… What is Higgs ?
What is Boson? Why do I read this stuff all over my newspaper and then the same here?
Phewww !! Feeling this … Do you want answers? Well let it
be simple.
Physicists have two working models of reality. One is Einstein’s theory of relativity,
which deals with space time and gravity. This is an elegant assembly of interlockingequations that poured out of a single mind a century ago. The other is Standard model,which deals with everything in a more complex manner.Now, the question is in which model our scientists are working to find the missing partand the answer is the Standard model. The Standard model, a product of many minds,incorporates the three fundamental forces that are not gravity (electromagnetism, andthe strong and weak nuclear forces), and also a menagerie of apparently indivisibleparticles: Quarks, of which protons and neutrons are a part, and thus atomic nuclei aremade ; electrons that orbit those nuclei ; and more rarefied particles such as muons andneutrinos, without the Higgs, the math which holds this edifice together woulddisintegrate.Finding the Higgs, though made looking for needles in haystacks seem simple. Thediscov
ery eventually came about using the largest human machine ever made “LargeHadron Collider” (LHC), in which bunches of protons were send around a ring 27km in
circumference, in opposite directions , at close to the speed of light, so that they collidehead on. The faster the protons are moving, the more energy they have. When theycollide, this energy is converted into other particles (famous equation of Einstein,E=mc2) which then decay into yet more particles. The scientists were fighting with thiselusive mystery for decades in search of a pattern in those decay particles that shouted
 “Higgs!” It was indeed a Higgs mania all around whenever they felt they were close but
then the light disappeared. Remember!! How suddenly the news flashing of a particletravelling faster than light and your friends were talking about the old Physics books tobe thrown out? Indeed it was a mania for the greatest minds in universe working in a
close area together for knowing god more closely with his particle “GOD’S PARTICLE”. It
was a quest of dreams. Peter Higgs,a British Physicist and four other scientists wereactually the ones who, in 1964 , plucked what has come to be known (unfairly in some
eyes) as Higgs boson or god’s particle from a formulae they were working on
to fix aniggle in quantum theory.Now the discovery puts the finishing flourish on the standard model, the bestexplanation to date for how the universe works- except the domain of gravity which isgoverned by general theory of relativity.

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