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Courier 01.13

Courier 01.13

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Published by LeeLocal

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Published by: LeeLocal on Jan 04, 2013
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United Church of Christ
“No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” January 2013
contact us:
Union CongregationalUnited Church of Christ
1811 53rd StreetMoline, IL 61265-3649Phone: 309-797-4553unionuccmoline@att.netwww.unionuccmoline.org 
Facebook Page:
Union CongregationalUnited Church of Christ
There is a song in the airthere is a star in the heavensthere is a lowly stablethere is a child to meet.Let us bring our giftslet us worship this childlet us follow the light coming from where he sleepslet us seek blessing for our journey through the wilderness.
May we be held in the palm of God’s hand as we meet our Saviour.
 May we keep the light before us.May we know the gift that the Christ child gives to us.May we know the love of the Messiah in our journeying!Lisa Withrow,
Seasons of Prayer 
message from
The recent events on the eastcoast, the school shootings ata Sandy Hook grade school,have forever tarnished Christ-mas for the families of thatcommunity. Some have ar-gued that this and other violent events have occurredbecause we are turning away from God.It is true that we live in a secular society that is easilypolarized by our divergent opinions. It is also true thatour understanding of the world has matured beyondmany of our cherished literal biblical interpretations.There is a real disconnect between what we know aboutthe world and what we believe through the eyes of faith.One of the signs of this disconnect is evidenced by theslow decline of the church. People are turning away fromorganized religion. But I seriously doubt that putting prayer in public school, nativity sets on our lawns, andmonuments dedicated to the Ten Commandments in ourparks will make a difference about anything.I agree with the assessment that we have turned fromGod. In fact, we Americans are worshiping the wrong God. We have fashioned a convenient god that is far removed from the God of JesusChrist. We worship violence. We worship greed. We worship power. We worship death.As a result, we live in fear from which a proliferation of concealed hand guns cannot pro-tect us. Yet when the inevitable manifestation of our misaligned worship explodes like apowder keg, we conveniently try to cover it up. We talk, talk, talk until our attention isturned elsewhere and nothing changes.But we do need to change. We need to turn back from our false gods and reconnect withthe God of peace. Our quest of the Christ-child is a timely pursuit. As we begin a newyear in solidarity with Americans whose lives have been touched by violence, death, andfear I pray that we will engage one another in substantive conversations, and make pro-gress in reducing the levels of fear and mistrust that exist among us. I pray that we will
learn to trust God’s protection,
and turn from our worship of violence and death.
Pastor Randy Heckman
Worship Planner 
January 6, 2013
Unwelcome Visitors”
Matthew 2:1-12
January 13, 2013
Is the Church Relevant?”
 Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
January 20, 2013
“Timing and Abundance”
 John 2:1-11
January 27, 2013
“Power to Mendthe Broken”
Epiphany Party 
January 12
 You are invited to join our special church-wide event
an Epiphany Progressive styledinner
-beginning at 5 PM.Everything will take place at church. Fourrooms will be set up for 1) appetizers, 2)soup and salad, 3) main course, and 4)dessert. We will need two people for eachstation to prepare their part of the meal andset up the room. Following the meal we willhold a gift exchange. Gifts should be pricedaround $5.SIGN-UP if you plan to come. SIGN-UP if you would like to serve as host for part of the meal. Look for the sign-up form in thefront hallway, or contact the church office.Friends, neighbors, relatives are invited!__________
union directory
Update in Progress
We three kings of Orient, we are not.
So don’t make us
search for you!We are beginning anupdate of the churchdirectory. If youhave a new address,new telephone orcell phone number, or a new email address,please contact the church office that wemay update your information. Help us be-come more proficient in our communicationwith you.
mission outreach
January 20
 You may participate by picking up a meal-a-month tote bag in Fellowship Hall. TheDecember menu includes:1 or 2 boxes of cereal2 cans Pork & Beans2 cans of fruitCash gifts are also welcome. Thank you forsupporting our local food pantries.__________
Make Amends
Start cleaning up your messy room: Confesswhat you've done. Apologize to those you'vehurt. Act to ease any hurt. Make restitutionor offer compensation. Change your behav-ior. And repeat as necessary. Making amends gets especially messy when the per-son you've offended may be unaware of yourwrongdoing. "When you try to make amendswith someone who doesn't know that youare the offender, you have to confront boththe demands of honesty and the possibilityof unnecessary hurt."

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