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HPHE 6710: Section 03 - Muscular System (Chapters 18, 19)

HPHE 6710: Section 03 - Muscular System (Chapters 18, 19)

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Published by: Christopher Cheatham on Jan 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Section 03:
The Muscular System
Chapter 18
Skeletal Muscle: Structure and FunctionChapter 19
Neural Control of Human MovementChapter 22
Muscular Strength: Training Muscles to Become Stronger (Part2
Structural and Functional Adaptations to ResistanceTraining, pp. 539-553)
HPHE 6710 Exercise Physiology IIDr. Cheatham
Chapter 18
Skeletal Muscle: Structure andFunction
Chapter Objectives
Be able to identify the different overallstructures/level of organization of muscle
Identify the different components of a musclefiber
Understand the influence of muscle pennationon force production and velocity of contraction
Understand the Sliding-Filament Model
Understand excitation-contraction coupling
Understand the different muscle fiber types andthe influence on muscle performance

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