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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 An Overview
1.2Introduction to Programming Practice: Pascal
A Global View
The Road Ahead
Signs Along the Road
1.3Hardware: Computers and Peripherals
Other Components and Packaging
1.4The World of Programming
What is Programming?
“Real world” and “Abstract World”
Running Programs: Compiling, Linking, Executing
1.6Communicating to Computers
1.7Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 Computing: A Short Survey of Some Applications
2.2Software and Applications
2.3Application Software
Editor Application
Typing Applications
Calculator Applications
Retrieve Application: A Tiny Database
Planner-Calendar Application
Bar Plot Application
Drill Application
SSS: Small and Simple Spreadsheet
2.4Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 Programming Language: Pascal
Syntax and Semantics
Syntax Diagrams
3.3Pascal Programs
Program Format
Program Presentation
More Pascal Programming: Data and Actions
Data Items
Actions: Arithmetic Operations
3.4More Example Programs
3.5Chapter 3 Review
3.6Chapter 3 Problems
3.7Chapter 3 Programming Project
Chapter 4 Data and Actions
4.2Programming: Data and Actions
Declarations: Syntax Diagrams from the Bottom
Simple Input and Output in Pascal
4.3More Programs: A Top View of Pascal
4.4Programming Style
4.5Layout of Programs
4.6More Programs: Continued
Actions: Pre-Defined Standard Functions in Pascal
Libraries: Using Units in Pascal
4.7A Foretaste of Procedures
4.8Chapter 4 Review
4.9Chapter 4 Problems
4.10Chapter 4 Programming Projects
Generate Conversion Tables
Observing Errors
Demilitarize Time
STT: Sales Tax Table
SSP: Simple Side Plot
Chapter 5 The Four Fundamental Forms in Pascal
5.2The Sequence Form in Pascal
5.3Conditions in Pascal
5.4Repetition Form: The WHILE statement
Tracing Loops
5.5WHILES, REALS, and Errors
5.6Selection Forms in Pascal
5.7More Selections: Combinations of Selection Forms
Confusion in Choices
5.8Select Form: Handling Many Branches
5.10Subprograms: Using Subprograms as Black Boxes
5.11Binary Logic Library: BitLib
5.12Chapter 5 Review
5.13Chapter 5 Problems
5.14Chapter 5 Programming Problems
5.15Chapter 5 Programming Projects
Chapter 6 Pascal with Bigger Blocks
Mixed and Nested Forms
6.3More Data
6.4More Repetition Forms
6.6Character Type
in Pascal
Representation of Characters
6.7Boolean Type in Pascal
6.8More Types
Big Types in Pascal
Even Bigger Types
Smaller Types
6.9Programmer Defined Types
Enumerated Types
Subrange Types In Pascal
6.10Strings in Pascal
6.11Simple Files in Pascal
More Files: Input and Output
6.12Modification of Programs
6.13Programming Style
Further Guidelines for Identifiers
A Bad Style Horror Story
Criticism of the MeanMean Program
6.14Errors in Programming
Syntactic Errors
Logical Errors
Other Errors
6.15Debugging, Testing, Proving
6.16Chapter 6 Review
6.17Chapter 6 Problems
6.18Chapter 6 Programming Problems
6.19Chapter 6 Programming Projects
Plotting Programs
Modify Calculator
Statistics (Rainfall)
Project Plotup
BSD: Big Statistics Data
BTD: Big Text Data
SMC: Small Monthly Calendar
Chapter 7 Better Blocks: Procedures and Libraries
7.2Procedures in Pascal
Use and Definition
7.3Syntax of Subprogram Forms
Procedures in Pascal
More Examples of Pascal Procedures
7.4Passing Parameters
In, Out, In and Out, and Neither
A Miscellany of procedures
A Second Miscellany of procedures
7.5Procedures with Char, Boolean and Other Types
Generalized Item Types
7.6Procedures with User-Defined types
7.7More on Passing Parameters
7.8Nested Procedures
7.9Functions in Pascal
Many Functions
7.10SubPrograms: Variations on a theme
7.11Recursion in Pascal
7.12Libraries in Pascal
UtilityLib: a custom-made utilities Library
Other Libraries: DateLib, BitLib, CharLib
The Interaction of Many Libraries
7.13Function and Procedure Types
7.14Top-Down Development
Pay Again
7.15Chapter 7 Review
7.16Chapter 7 Problems
7.17Chapter 7 Programming Problems
Random Projects;
Create Libraries
Change Again: Done Properly with Procedures
7.18Chapter 7 Programming Projects
DMT: DeMilitarizeTime Lab with Procedures
SLL: Small Library Project
Chapter 8 Pascal Data Structures
8.2Arrays in Pascal
ChangeMaker and Variance
Parallel Arrays: Part Inventory
A Tiny Data Base: Retrieving Strings from Arrays
Arrays as Parameters
More Dimensions
8.5Records in Pascal
ComplexLib: A Library for Complex Numbers
Records of Records: Nested Records
Arrays of Records in Pascal
Records of Arrays
Matrix Library
8.6Sets in Pascal
8.7Dynamic Variables and Pointers in Pascal
8.8Chapter 8 Review
8.9Chapter 8 Problems
8.10Chapter 8 Programming Projects
Gas Project
BSL: Big Stat Lab
Chapter 9 Algorithms to Run With
9.2Sorting Algorithms
A Context for Sorting
Count Sort
Bubble Sort
Select Sort
9.3Improving sorts (Optional)
Recursive Sort: Merge Sort
Another Merge Sort: the Von Neumann Sort
Binary Search
9.5Implementing Stacks and Queues
StackLib: Stack as an Abstract Data Type
9.7Chapter 9 Review
9.8Chapter 9 Problems
9.9Chapter 9 Programming Projects
Queue Abstract Data Type
PES: Performance Evaluation of Sorts
VS: Visual Sorts
Chapter 10 The Seven Step Method
10.1Method: Part II
The Seven Step Method
10.2Design Stage: Acme Payroll System
1. Problem Definition
Problem Definition Application
2. Solution Design
Solution Design Application
3. Solution Refinement
Solution Refinement Application
4. Testing Strategy Development
Testing Strategy Development Application
10.3Implementation Stage: Acme Payroll System
5. Program Coding and Testing
Case Study: The Acme Payroll System
Documentation Completion Application
7. Program Maintenance
Program Maintenance Application
10.4An Advanced Case Study: Building a Text Index
Design Stage
Binary Search Tree Unit
Queues Unit
Implementation Stage
6. Documentation
10.5Chapter 10 Review
10.6Chapter 10 Programming Problems
1. Editor Application
2. Typing
3. Calculator Applications
10.7Chapter 10 Programming Projects
10.8Level 1 — Getting Started
1–1. General
A Guessing Game
1–2. Business
Computing a Customer's Change
1–3. Scientific
A Bouncing Ball
10.9Level 2 — Getting Organized with Procedures
2–1. General
Your Age in Days
2–2 Business
What’s the Cost of My Mortgage?
2–3 Scientific
Solving the Quadratic Equation
10.10 Level 3 — Getting Fancier with Parameters
3–1. General
Count the Word Occurrences in a Text
Processing Personnel Data
3–3. Scientific
Plotting a Function
10.11 Level 4 — Getting Your Wings with Units
4–1 General
The Kwic Index
4–2 Business
Information Retrieval
4–3 Scientific
Complex Algebra
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