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The Disease in the Healthcare System Must be Removed.

The Disease in the Healthcare System Must be Removed.

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Is Canada turning into a fascist meat grinder? With a demographic babyboomer "timebomb" and religion of fixed medical resources, is resulting in a recipe for a disaster as the nests of British agents working through the Canadian oligarchy are being activated to brainwash the medical community to accept a reform which will see the elimination of the unfit become the norm once again.
Is Canada turning into a fascist meat grinder? With a demographic babyboomer "timebomb" and religion of fixed medical resources, is resulting in a recipe for a disaster as the nests of British agents working through the Canadian oligarchy are being activated to brainwash the medical community to accept a reform which will see the elimination of the unfit become the norm once again.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Committee for the Republic of Canada on Jan 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Matthew Ehret-Kump
In April 2009, the LaRouche Political Action Com-mittee, a PAC known to represent Democratic candi-dates for Congressional office, targeted the Health
Care legislation of Barak Obama as a “Nazi uselesseater program”. A Hitler moustache on Obama’s up-
per lip became famous soon thereafter, and a scandalunprecedented in American history, broke out. Whilemany a right wing reactionary jumped on the band-wagon accusing the Obama administration of 
“socialism”, anyone studying the LaRouchePAC lit-
erature would find something much different behindthe evaluation of this Nazi resurgence with a
“democratic face”.
The core of the LarouchePAC evaluation was not to
 be found in the “state directed” universal health care
proposal so adamantly attacked by right wing simple-tons, a measure Lyndon LaRouche had in fact sup-ported for decades
It was to be found, however, inthe swarm of economic behaviorists that had entered
into the White House as Obama’s cabinet and inner 
circle of advisors. This click of ideologues repre-sented by such famous characters as Cass Sunstein,Larry Summers, Daniel Ariely, Ezekiel Emmanuel
and Peter Orszag had made the focus of Obama’s presidency not one of “universalizing healthcare”, butrather “balancing the budget” in tackling the looming“baby boomer time
 bomb”. Peter Orszag claimed that
over one trillion dollars could be saved, while the 50million uncovered Americans would receive access tocare.
The thinking citizen would ask; “if more people shall
receive coverage after a reform, then how will signifi-
cantly less money be spent?” How could such a para-
dox be overcome? The dark resolution to this paradoxwould be apparent in the policy guideline that had
 been summarized in Emmanuel’s 2008 “Principles of Allocation of Finite Medical Resources”
where theobligation to eliminate lives that were not worthy tobe lived was sketched out in blood curling terms. Themeans to achieve this cost saving effect would in-volve the application of theBritish National Institute forClinical Excellence (NICE)system of Tony Blair fame.With NICE, a quality ad- justed life year (QALY)model
would be intro-duced as a universal stan-dard of value to determinewhich citizen would receive
“expensive medical treat-ment” and which would be
only given morphine dropsor palliative care, based
upon “cost effective” con-
siderations.The regulator of this QALY
system could not be trusted to those “selfish” doctors
who were inclined to thoughtlessly provide whatevermedical treatment they thought fit to their patientswithout consideration for monetary values. To try togain public support against the doctors, multiple ref-erences had been made by Obama and his behaviour-
ist hive regarding the “selfish” tendency of doctors to
provide unnecessary treatment simply in order to getmoney from insurance companies. The enforcer of such a program could only be an anonymous board of 
“experts” outside of the control of Congress or the
Constitution. The name of this group would be theIndependent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), andwould be the pivot of the whole reform. This was also
known euphemistically as the “death panels” by accu-
sators who sadly often knew very little about theirsubject. Today, a similar reform is silently underwayin Canada.
(1) www.larouchepac.com/nazihealthcare
(3) Quality Adjusted Life Year 
(QALY) is the model choice of the NICE to determine thedollar value for human lives. Categorization of the population into age, lifestyle, andhealth risks produce a statistical analysis of a human quality of life. Life year values aredifferent for people based upon which categories they fall under.
Tony Blair’s NICE reforms
would go on to serve as themodel for Obamacare
The Disease in the Healthcare SystemMust be Removed.
Is Canada turning into a fascist meat grinder?
Turning Canada into a Fascist Meat Grinder
As of 2009, the Health Council of Canada pro-duced a widely read paper drawing attention tothe dire need for Healthcare reform in Canadacalled
Value for Money: Making Canadian Healthcare Stronger 
Just as in the USA andBritain earlier, the baby boomers were retiring, itwas argued, at an unsustainable rate and that inmerely a matter of 10 years there would be a dis-proportionate amount of retirees sustained by fartoo few active employees. To make mattersworse, the Federal Healthcare transfer paymentsallotted to the provinces for Medicare would beexpiring in 2014 leaving a system doomed tocollapse were broad reforms not undertakensoon. This report not only supported the NICE
and QALY system, but also echoed the “ethicaldilemma” highlighted in Ezekiel Emmanuel’s
2008 paper of the very old and pre-mat youngwho receive enormously expensive care, andwhose survival rates, and QALYs are statisti-cally low, emphasizing that waste costs are toblame with extending lives but not quality (orcost efficiency).The call for health reform was echoed first byright wing think tanks such as the Frasier andCD Howe Institutes, and then publicly by PrimeMinister Stephen Harper very soon thereafter. Aharsh public backlash was received by the PM,sending much public discussion of reform underwraps for the time being.Now in July 2012, while the complete disinte-gration of the financial system is well underway,it is worth noting two relevant elements of theresurgence of health care reform being set in mo-tion. This takes the form of healthcare reform onthe one side being pushed primarily by an infil-tration and brainwashing of leading representa-tives of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA),and the legalization of euthanasia on the other. Inboth cases, heart wrenching anecdotal case stud-
ies are used to argue for “compassion” while the
real top down intention of the architects of suchprograms, like the Obamacare before it, haveonly utilitarian views of life, and budgetary con-siderations in mind.In mid 2011, the International Monetary Fund(IMF) released a report
demanding Canada actpromptly to overhaul its unsustainable healthcarearrangements. The fruits of the IMF report beganto be felt in June2012, when the re-sults of an 8 monthlong study were re-leased during a na-tional conferenceheld in Vancouver,by the Canadian
 Nurses’ Associa-
tion. The contents of the CNA reportsallow us an insightinto the rationale of this deadly logic.The study wasspearheaded by agroup that hadformed in May 2011known as the Na-
tional Experts’
Council (NEC).Among the 13 per-son group represent-ing the 260 000 registered nurses across Canadaare 12 medical professionals and one dubious
character by the name of Thomas d’Aquino.d’Aquino has made a name for himself over the
years as a high level operative in the Canadianoligarchy having first worked in the Privy Coun-cil office serving as Deputy minister in the1970s, and then having been the president of thesecretive Canadian Council of Chief Executives(CCCE) for over 20 years, representing theCEOs of the biggest financial institutions and
Corporations across Canada. In 2009, d’Aquino
left his post to Privy Councillor John Manley,and has since devoted his energy to healthcarereform on the NEC.
Thomas d’Aquino now serves on
the National Experts Council after a two decades stint headingthe CCCE 
(5) Canada’s Health Care System Unsustainable
As a self described “disciple of Schumpeter and theMarket”, d’Aquino has advocated the ideology of ‘‘creative destruction’’ such that economic collapses
are considered the greatest opportunities to force revo-lutionary change in social customs.
The influence of d’Aquino can be felt in the results of 
two published documents presented during the Van-couver conference of 2012, namely
 A Nursing Call to Action
 Better Value: An Analysis of the Impact of Current Healthcare System Funding
.The three most Orwellian aspects of the proposed costsaving measures featured in the reports are: 1) Infor-mation technologies to usher in evidence-based medi-cine, 2) Remove the power of allocating care from thephysicians, and 3) Encouraging end-of-life care as a
replacement to expensive “acute” care. Let us take a
closer look at the treatment of these three componentsbelow:1) Using modern technologies may sound good, untilone realizes that those technologies advocated by theNEC do not include more MRIs, or actual life saving
equipment, but rather “information tech”. Actual reli-ance on “technological solutions” is actually deemed
part of the problem by the authors. According to theauthors, having databases (not at all a bad thing initself) is the key component to ushering in a truly uni-
versal “evidence
 based” system of treating patients.
The evidence based method is useful on an assemblyline, but in regards to scientific diagnoses, serves tomerely de-humanize the medical process whereby coldcomputer programs are given increasing power to de-termine effective treatment rather than the minds andinsight of the doctor.2) Removing the power of prescribing care from phy-sicians who have little regard for cost, and putting it
into the hands of “teams”. As one section of an NEC
report describes:
“Our focus on acute treatment makes
 family physicians gatekeepers, and their training is tosend patients for specialized diagnostics and treat-ment, which in recent years have often been offered inhospitals and other institutions. We cannot break out of the cycle of sickness-doctor-acute care until wemake the choice to fund differently and re-inforce theshift to team-based community care with plans for 
more accountability for health spending… We need 
 funding to support the delivery of evidence-based carethrough strong primary health care networks, withteams working together to increase access to well-integrated care. Care should be accessible wherever it 
is most safe, effective and affordable.”
This “team treatment” policy is no different fromObamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board
(IPAB) in either form or function. Under Obamacare,this is known as the Accountable Care OrganizationSystem, in which there are penalties for hospitals car-rying out too many re-admissions, especially for olderpeople.
3) Keeping chronically ill and terminal patients athome instead of occupying expensive hospital bedswhereby it is advertised that $20 000/year per patient
could be saved. It is asserted that “statistically speak-ing” 15% of hospital beds are being used wastefully by
patients who could have merely stayed at home bene-fiting from the occasional help of a visiting nurse.Overall, 85% of medical resources are consumed by5% of the population, most of whom would rather diein the comfort of their own home then live longer sus-tained in a cold hospital. The Nursing Call to Actionquotes from a Royal Society of Canada- CanadianHospice Palliative Care Association report to the Sen-ate calling for
“ensuring that resources that could be
better used for wanted palliative care are not diverted 
to unwanted acute care”.
This brings us into the sec-ond component to the orchestrated transformation in
the healthcare paradigm… euthanasia.
 A Nursing Call to Action is an Orwellian call to actionkey to brainwashing Canadian nurses and introducinga useless eaters policy into Canadian healthcare.

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