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Ps. Ixxi. 15. My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and
thy salvation all the day ; for I know not the numbers thereof.

Ps. Ixxi. 15. My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and
thy salvation all the day ; for I know not the numbers thereof.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jan 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ps. Ixxi. 15. My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness andthy salvation all the day ; for I know not the numbers thereof.PERHAPS, of all mankind, no one person everexperienced more signal deliverances than David.In his early life he was exposed to the most imminent617. J SALVATION A GROUND OF JOY. 525dangers from Saul. During his whole reign he waseno;a2fed in almost one continual scene of warfare :and in his old age, his own son Absalom conspn-edagainst him, and sought his life. It was on this lastoccasion that he penned this psalm ; and gave it tothe Church, as a memorial of God's unbounded mercyand faithfulness towards him.The spirit which he breathes in the words beforeus shews,I. What should be the subjects of our daily contem-plation —We, like David, have numberless mercies to ac-knowledge at God's hands. Could we but see onehalf of the deliverances we have received, we shouldbe perfectly overwhelmed with wonder and astonish-ment. From our youth up, even to the present mo-ment, his care of us has been unintermitted, and his
interpositions truly wonderful. But still greater hasbeen his care for our souls. Behold the *' salvation"he has revealed to us : truly, we '' cannot know thenumbers thereof." Behold, I say,1. How inestimable are its blessings![Who can ever declare the value of pardon or peace, orholiness or glory ? Go down to the dread abodes of hell, andsee the misery of unpardoned sin : or go up to the regions of bliss in heaven, and see the joys that are at God's right handfor evermore : or take the state of God's people here on earth ;and contrast the liberty enjoyed by his children with thebondage endured by the slaves of Satan; and you will seewhat unspeakable obligations we owe to God for his convertingand saving grace.]2. How incalculable the price paid for them ![Truly, "it is not with corruptible things, as silver andgold, that we have been redeemed, but with the precious bloodof Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot^"In comparison of this, ten thousand worlds would have beena worthless sacrifice. How inconceivable the cost ! Truly," We know not the numbers thereof;" nor could all the angelsin heaven count the mighty sum.]3. How unsearchable the grace displayed in them !a 1 Pet. i. 19.526 PSALMS, LXXL 15. [617.
[All of them are the fruits of sovereign grace ; and all arebestowed on the very chief of sinners ; yea, and bestovt^ed, notonly unmerited by us, but unsought and unsolicited. In thefirst instance, they were given to man when he was risen upin rebellion against his Maker : and even still are they con-ferred on men, " not according to their works, but according toGod's purpose and grace, which he purposed from all eternityin Christ Jesus" our Lord^]Let us, then, consider,IL What shoLild be the frame of our minds in relationto them ?Our determination should resemble that of David :" Our mouth should shew forth this salvation fromday to day" —1. In grateful acknowledgments to God —[It seems really wonderful, that men so indebted to theirGod should be able to find time for any thing but praise.David in his Psalms, sets us a good example : " I will extolthee, my God, O King; and I will bless thy name for ever andever"." Let us only learn to appreciate aright the mercies wehave received, and there will be no bounds to our gratitude, noend to our praise.]2. In affectionate commendations to men —[David desired to make known to others the goodness of his God. In the psalm just cited, hear how he dilates uponthis subject: " I will speak of the glorious honour of thy ma-

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