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The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies

The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies

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Published by Ekologija Izvor

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Published by: Ekologija Izvor on Jan 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Marilyn Barrett, PhD Editor 
The Handbookof Clinically TestedHerbal Remedies
Volume 1
heHandbookofClinicallyTested HerbalRemedies
is an importantaddition to the modern clinical litera-ture on herbs.”
Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD
Associate Professor,Department of Physiologyand Biophysics,Georgetown University Schoolof Medicine
hisbookiswellwrittenbyexpertsin their respective fields and forthe first time provides information onspecific botanical products that relateto their therapeutic value. It should beof great interest to students and practi-tioners in any of the health sciences, tomanufacturersofbotanicalproducts,tothe lay public, to those in the mediawho can rely on information in this book to be authoritative, and to librar-ies.”
Norman R. Farnsworth, PhD
UIC Distinguished Professorand Research Professorof Pharmacognosy, College of Pharmacy,University of Illinois at Chicago
hisbookincludesprofilesonthirty-two individual herbal medi-cines and ten combination formulas.These profiles include descriptions of most of the major published clinicalstudies,whichhavebeenanalyzedbyapanel of authoritative reviewers. It isobviousthatgreatcarewastakentoen-sure completeness and accuracy of in-formation, and the reviewers’ com-ments regarding study quality areespecially informative and helpful.Clinicians searching for detailedand accurate information on herbalclinical trialswillfind much in this textthatisuseful.Itisasignificantachieve-ment in the field of evidence-basedanalyses of herbal medicine. It should be of most help to clinicians or re-searchers who want specific details onherbal clinical studies that are notreadily available, or who are interestedin clinical-trial-quality assessments byauthoritative reviewers.
Michael Rotblatt, MD, PharmD
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine,UCLA; Co-author,
Evidence-Based Herbal Medicine
hepurposeofthisbook istopro-videbothconsumersandhealthcare providers with concise, evidence- based information on the most widelyused herbs and herbal formulas testedin clinical trials. The focus is on whatpreparationshave been studied in clin-icaltrialsandhowgoodtheevidenceisas assessed by preset criteria applied by botanical experts.The book is broken down into threeparts. The first section is very informa-tive and sets the stage nicely for a dis-cussion of individual herbs. The secondpart describes the process of evidencegathering, sorting, grading, and peerreview. Those readers familiarwith theNatural Standard database of naturalproductswillrecognizetheeditor’suseof ‘levels of evidence’ criteria as a use-ful tool to distill the information avail-able from clinical trials. In the thirdpart, the authors provide monographson the various herbals listed alphabeti-cally. These are concise and cover basicquestions of whether the trial was ran-domizedandwhetherthemethodswereclearly described. One unique feature isa detailed description of specific prod-ucts used in clinical trials. These arevery helpful to both clinicians inter-ested in recommending specific prod-ucts and to patients interested in find-ing these same products at their localhealth food stores.This book provides valuable infor-mation to providers and patients look-ing to sort out which commonly usedherbs are evidence-based and particu-larly which specific products theyshould be looking for.”
Philippe O. Szapary, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine,Division of General Internal Medicine,University of Pennsylvania Schoolof Medicine