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Published by Yani Hop

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Yani Hop on Jan 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friendship between a boy and a girl? It doesn’t exist in real life. What happenswhen one of them takes the first step and transforms their friendship in something moreinteresting. Nothing seems bad in this idea, just the fact that one of them is in a relationshipand everything happens so fast and unpredicted for one of them. Feelings are being mixed up,not knowing what to feel and for who. The new experience between the two friendstransforms them in what? Friends? Enemies? Friends with benefits? Or strangers?
Chapter 1
'Call 911!' Hannah yelled at Kyung. Her boyfriend was having an asthma crisis.At the hospital there could be heard yells from a woman and a young man trying to calm her down.'It's your fault you selfish prick!' Zicos mother yelled at Hannah.'Mom! Stop it! It's not her fault. You know Jiho has these kind of problems...' tried Taewoon,Zicos brother, to ease his mother.'Yes, but not...this just went overboard!''It's not my fault...' Hannah let out a sigh. Zicos mother was glaring awfully at her.'It's your fault for sure you little selfish bi...''Mom!' Taewoon raised his voice grabbing Hannah by her wrist and dragging her outside therehabilitation room. She could hear Zicos mother nagging.'That bitch overworked him. I'm sure of that. She's a fuckin' nympho!' her husband was tryingto calm her down.'She hates me...''No. No. She doesn't.''Oh she does Taewoon. Do you remember the first time Zico brought me to your house?''Yes. I was very excited to get to know you, because he said he found his type of girl.''I remember that. You and your father we're sooo friendly. But... She was killing me with her eyes. Everything I said, everything I did...it just made her hate me even more...and I don't getit why...' a little tear could be seen on her cheek.'Stop it! Don't cry. As much as Zico hates seeing you cry, I do the same.' he said grabbing her  by her shoulders and hugging her. Kyung came in the hallway.'Is he ok?' he asked Hannah.'He's ok now. He needs to rest.' Taewoon answered. 'And you too need some rest. I'm serious.Kyung take her home. I'll call you when mom will be gone and you can come and visit him.Please. Rest.' he said hugging her tight.Hannah and Kyung left the hospital. Kyung drove her to her apartment that she shared withZico. She was surprised to find her best friend and Zicos band mate, Yukwon there. She raninto his arms and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her upsaying: 'Poor baby. Did Zicos mom piss you off again?'. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and dug her face in his shoulder.'Yes...' she voiced out.'Sweetheart, you don't have to be pissed off because of her. You know she's protective whenit comes to her boys. She loves him very much.''But I love him a lot too and I wouldn't harm him out of nowhere...but...' her voice started toshiver.'No. Please. Don't cry.' he cupped her face making her look at him. 'It kills me when you cry.'Hannah wiped a tear from her eyes and continued: 'She doesn't like me whatever I do! She just hates me! And...' another tear surfaced, Yukwon wiped it. 'And it kills me to know thatmy boyfriends mom hates me so much for something I haven't done.' Yukwon carried her tothe couch and sat there with her on his lap. She dug her face again in his shoulder.'There, there, calm down baby.' but this only ignite her more. She really started to cry now.Yukwon was hugging her tightly and said nothing.He realised he can't help, that she needs to release all her emotions. She cried like half anhour and Yukwon caressed her back and waist all the time. His shirt was all wet of her tears.'Are you alright now?' he asked when she finally stopped crying. She lifted her head and nod.'Oh my... You're a total mess! Your make-up is smeared all over your face. Come on! We'regoing to clean you up.' he said getting up and grabbed her hand. In the bathroom he took hisshirt off being all wet from Hannahs tears. She looked at him and said: 'Looking good Kitty.'he chuckled at her statement.'And you like you're dead with mascara all over your face.'Yukwon told her to sit down on the edge of the bathtub and he kneeled in front of her with acleansing tissue in his hand. He slowly caressed her face, removing the make-up. She justlooked at him, he was careful and sweet; she raised her hand and poked his nose.'What?' he asked looking at her.'Kitty, you're so caring.' he smiled at her, she did the same.'Cleanse your face.' he said getting up and so she did. He looked at her in the mirror and took hold of her shoulders.'And now you're beautiful again.' she smiled at him and he smiled back at her even wider.She took his shirt and washed it, because it had a black stain on the shoulder where she cried.'Let's get you another shirt.' she said grabbing his hand, leading him to the bedroom. Shesearched for a shirt in Zicos stuff but all she could find was a wifebeater.'I hope it's not big for you.''Don't worry. Zico and I wear the same size when it comes to wifebeaters.' She could not stopsmiling when he sees him smiling, a perfect smile, she thinks, and a sincere one too.'Do you want to eat something Kitty?''Yeah, sure. I ate just a croissant when I came from practice.''What do you say about pasta?' she asked him heading towards the kitchen.'That sounds nice.' he answered following her. He bumped into her because she turned aroundand her face was now in his chest.'Stupid me. I forgot to change in more comfy clothes. Would you like some sweatpants?''No. I'm fine. See? I'm not wearing tight pants.' he said pointing down. She hugged him andwent to change. When she came back in the kitchen, Yukwon was sitting on the counter.'You have chairs you know.' she said pointing at the table.
'Yeah. I know but I like it more on the counter. Just like you, if I remember good.' heanswered smiling. Hannah went to the fridge, opened it and bend over to take somevegetables. Yukwon was looking at her and said: 'Shorts shorter than this couldn't you find?''Zico bought them for me. Come and help me with these.'Yukwon let himself fall off the counter and came behind her, gripping her hips: 'For you or for him? The sight is quite nice.' he said smirking but Hannah didn't notice, she just handedhim some vegetables.'I should take it as a compliment right? I think he bought them more for him.''Yeah it was a compliment.' he said.She closed the fridge door with her hip.'I mean you have nice long legs and a nice ass.' he couldn't stop smirking while saying this.She just chuckled.'You're a 10 points out of 10~' he sang. Hannah punched him playfully in the shoulder andkissed his cheek. He hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.'You can be so greasy sometimes.''I know, but I'm still your best friend.' he said smacking her butt playfully.'Let's make pastaa~ come on Kitty, help me!'The both of them cooked pasta and we're sitting at the table.'I hope I didn't spoil the food... I'm not so good at cooking.' said Yukwon looking sheepishlyat her.'Kitty, you only chopped the vegetables. You can't ruin that.' she laughed taking the first bite.'Are you sure I'm not gonna’ die?''Don't make ma slap you! You ate food made by me a lot of times and look! You're stillalive!' she said kicking his leg.'I was just teasing you honey.' he smiled and took a bite. He chocked when he felt Hannahsfoot on his inner thigh.'Looks like it's poisonous.' she said smirking.'Very funny you little tease.'Yukwon was cleaning the table and bringing the dishes to Hannah so that she could washthem. After this the both of them we're lying in the couch cuddling, looking at a film whensuddenly a phone rang. Hannah jumped off the couch and leaned forward to the coffee tableand took the phone.'Hello?'#'Hannah? Bad news...'#'What's wrong Taewoon?'#'Mom won't leave. She said she's not leaving him.'#'Aish... Seriously?'#'Yeah...'##'Who are you talking to at this hour in the night?'# Hannah could hear Zicos mom asking.She just hung up and fell on her knees, her hand covering her mouth to stop herself fromcrying. It didn't helped and she started crying again. Yukwon understood what happened andstood up grabbing and lifting her up. She buried her face in his chest. Yukwon grabbed her shoulders and shook her.'Would you stop crying?! You're driving me insane!' his voice was attacking her. She stepped

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