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Right Nutrition is the Key to Sound Health - Poster

Right Nutrition is the Key to Sound Health - Poster

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Published by Kandasamy Mohan

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Published by: Kandasamy Mohan on Jan 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Right Nutrition is the Keyto Sound Health
Author: K.Mohan alias MohanSanjeevan
Event and broadcast organizer,India,Astronomylive.com, Regional Editor:Kalkion.com Feature Writer : Nano Digest
Remaining disease free byboosting immunity and rightnutrition
Lack of immunity is the root cause for fallingill. Boost immunity to remain disease free.Immunity is boosted by the balanced foodwith all the nutrients. Right nutrition and thetoxins expulsion ensure perfect health.Balanced food with all nutrients ensuresexpulsion of toxins and perfect health.
What are these essentialnutrients?
Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins,fats,minera
ls and fibers are the essentialnutrients
The Role of carobodyrates
Figure: Carbohydrates
Carbodydrates provide energy as glucose.On eating, the digestive enzymes in saliva,and intestine break them into simple sugarsand finally into glucose. Then it is absorbedinto the blood stream through the intestine
walls and distributed to cells and muscleswith the help of insulin for immediate use,or as energy reserve in the liver andmuscles as glycogen or stored as fat.
The Role of Proteins
The proteins are needed in virtually allfunctions of the body. There are severaltypes of proteins. Some proteins are instructural support, some are for physicalmovement, some are against germs.Proteins are constructed from a set of 20amino acids. Some types of proteins andtheir functions: Antibodies defend the bodyagainst germs, Contractile proteins areresponsible for movement, Enzymes speedup chemical reactions, Storage proteinsstore amino acids
The Role of Vitamins

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