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First Chapter of the Final Part of a Life Unexamined...

First Chapter of the Final Part of a Life Unexamined...

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon

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Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on Jan 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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She sat at the window of her room. She was sitting in a large rocking chair. She didn’t
really rock; she just kind of drifted back and forth slowly, almost unnoticeably. She sat in therocker by the window of her room hardly making a sound, slowly swaying to and fro with asubconscious, dream like gentleness to her motion. She seemed to be staring out of the windowat the thick woods brightly colored with greens, reds, and yellows just beyond the lawnsurrounding the house like a green moat. A squirrel ran to the end of a sparsely covered branchand leaped to another branch knocking loose a few leaves that had managed to hang on this long.They tumbled and twirled towards the ground like brightly colored parachutes. Victoria did notnotice any of this. She seemed to be staring at the colors but she was lost in thought looking farbeyond the colors to another place, another time.Days flowed into weeks like the nearby stream flowing into the Susquehanna River.Things had taken on a cloak of surreal. Things had changed quickly for Victoria. Irene and Barryseemed to be a faded memory. So much had happened in such a short time, it all seemed to havebeen just a dream at times. It was hard to believe that any of it had happened at all. It seemed tohave all happened so long ago in such a foreign, far away, almost alien existence. She was in adifferent place. In comparison to the places she had been, it was if she had fallen through thelooking glass.After whisking Victoria away from the hotly disputed environment, an investigation hadbeen done as most investigations are done. Questions and accusations flew through the air likepoisonous darts seeking a target. Reports were done. Hearings, cross examinations were held andquestions upon seemingly endless questions
. Questions of Robert’s and Victoria’s relationship,questions concerning the supervision, questions about what happened to Victoria’s clothes andher records, questions concerning Irene’s competence. Irene dodged them all skillfully as she
could which was
n’t skillful enough. After a complete colonoscopy of all involved, after it was
determined that there would be no lawsuits, after those in power were certain that the right buttshad been covered, did the dust finally settle. It settled on Irene. She lost her ability to have fosterchildren and even the vets had been moved out shortly after the completion of the investigation.Irene was relieved to be out of the limelight and interviews. She had envisioned channel 8news showing up on her front porch with blinding lights and microphones shoved into her facewhile voices would be accusing, asking, and judging. She had pictured her face on thousands of television screens, maybe even millions, looking shocked, scared and the sounds of her voicefumbling for an
answer. She had even pictured Barbara Walters reporting the story with Irene’sface appearing for everyone to see just over Barbara’s right shoulder. She thought that that is the
way they do it; they blame the innocent victim. She had scanned the newspapers, listened to theradio news, and watched the news; looking for that moment her life would end. It never came.She finally stepped out of her house for the first time in a month when she was starting tofeel safe after seeing nothing mentioned anywhere. It was a very timid reemergence into theworld. She had first checked out from behind the blinds of all of the windows on the second
floor. Then she rechecked from behind the blinds on the first floor. Things just seemed to be asusual. She stepped out looking around cautiously, expecting a reporter to jump out of a bush. Itnever happened. Irene just started to get her life back to normal, believing that there was no six
o’clock news because she hadn’t done anything wrong. It had been that evil tool of Sa
tan,Victoria, who had tested her and had tried to set her up, but Irene had prevailed believing thatGod had protected her in her obvious innocence which no one else could see, was able tounderstand in this evil, evil world. Irene imagined Jesus on the cross for trying to save man fromhis own greedy, evil ways while soldiers gambled for his possessions. She stepped out of herfront door with her head held high. She was convinced that the dust had settled from the stormkicked up by Victoria in the greedy ambitious game that Victoria had played because God
recognized Irene’s innocence.
 How could they have accused her? Irene was a church going woman. She had nevermissed a day of service to the Lord, even when she was sick, especially when she was sick, shewould go; the Lord cured her every time. How could anyone believe that evil child? She hadbeen pregnant before. This was obviously her modus operandi. Surely, everyone could see thatshe seduced Robert to get pregnant on purpose. She had planned it all along. She came from poor
folk with no class, no sophistication. She saw what Irene’s family had and wanted it for herself.
She had led Robert astray and had seduced him so that she could become pregnant and have a
claim on Irene’s family. Irene went on for 
days looking for reasons that didn’t indict her or her 
family, reasons and rationalizations for why and how she had been duped into being an innocentvictim. After all, Victoria came from a poor family with no morals and that is what those types of families do, they look for free rides. Her mind fluttered with thoughts like these day in and out
ever since she first found out about Victoria’s pregnancy. Victoria’s thoughts were miles away.
 Just before school had started for the year, everything had changed. The busy town of Lititz and the cul de sac neighborhood had been traded for a two story log cabin style house inthe thick woods of central Pennsylvania; the nearest neighbor was over one hundred yards away.Her room which she was sharing with Lisa and Roxanne was traded for an actual room just forher. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania had been traded for the mostly rural setting of PerryCounty. Warwick High School had been replaced by Johnston Christian School. Irene and Frank had been replaced by the Lockharts.Steve and Amy Lockhart were considerably younger than Irene and Barry. They wereboth in their late twenties; Steve would be turning thirty in the summer with Amy right behindhim. Both graduates and college sweethearts of Penn State University, they both had been highschool teachers. Steve was still working as a teacher of social studies, however, Amy hadresigned to become a full time stay at home mom when her daughter, Alicia, came onto the sceneover a year ago. They were in a good place financially and felt that their daughter should comefirst. It had given them a sense of security knowing that Amy would be at home to raise theirdaughter. It gave them a schedule that allowed them a lot of freedom and time together. It also
gave Amy a chance to work towards her masters. Steve would pursue his once Amy hadacquired hers.Victoria had entered the household not knowing what to expect after her first encounterwith a foster care home. She was very apprehensive; worried that she would have to go throughthe same ordeals she had with Irene; the humiliation, the going over the rules. She worried aboutwhat the rules would be this time. But as days flowed by, she found that she liked Steve andAmy a lot. Both would tutor her with her lessons. She liked how Steve and Amy shared all of thechores of the house. They seemed to be a happy couple. Neither one seemed to be in charge.
Unlike Irene’s house, they both seemed to share the exact same authority; the house belonged to both of them. As far as Lockharts’
rules were concerned, they had a very simple philosophy.
Victoria found that the only real rule was if you don’t want anyone doing something to you, thendon’t do it to them to anyone else.
 Victoria found that one of the biggest things that helped her to feel welcomed was neitherone of her new foster parents made her feel as though this was all her fault. There were no
accusations or questions of her character. She didn’t feel as if she had been judged and was being
looked down on.
“We all make mistakes,”
said Steve on the first day after Victoria had been dropped off,
 paperwork had been gone over, and Mrs. Crowley left, “Amy and I have made tons of mistakes.”
“We all have moments of poor judgment and are taken advantage of during thosemoments,” added Amy
“The key is, I believe,” said Steve, “Is that we recover and learn from those moments of weakness in judgment and move on.”
“You were a child and you were taken advantage of,” explained Amy in a caring tone.
“Now, is when we recover and move forward with
our lessons learned,” said Steve in a
compassionate and hopeful tone.She felt with each passing day as if she was truly becoming a family member. She liked
their attitudes and how they talked to her. It had been the first time in her life that she didn’t
feelas if she was this horrible thing. She felt as if a major weight had been removed from her. It was
as if she had been reborn. It was as if today was the first day of Victoria’s existence; the past had
happened but it was over, time to move forward. They seemed genuinely concerned with her.
She didn’t know what to make of it. They were actually concerned about her feelings, about
helping her to feel comfortable in their home. They seemed very interested in helping Victoriafeel that it was her home as well. Both of her new foster parents treated her as if she had been avictim. They treated her as if she was not a guess but part of the family. She liked it.

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