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My Butt Ascended to 5d Yesterday

My Butt Ascended to 5d Yesterday



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Published by Meta Knight

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Published by: Meta Knight on Jan 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MY “ BUTT ” ASCENDED TO  5D YESTERDAY so like pretty damn nasty  twerk til u smile, k.
0. This list is the Mean Girls Burn Book of Alt Lit
1. Steve Roggenbuck is the Skrillex of Alt Lit 2. Beach Sloth is the (love of my life) Santa Claus of Alt Lit 3.Tao Linis the autism of alt lit lol lol(x2)4. meta knight is the barney fife of alt lit (in a good way)5.michael hessel-mial is the willie nelson of alt lit (nice )6.HTMLgiant is the arrogant ivy league student of alt lit 6. chase kersey is the ke$ha of alt lit 6.Janey Smith is the pervy angel of Alt Lit 9. Noah Cicero is the Aaron Lewis of alt-lit 10. Rachel Benson is NOT the punky brewster of Alt Lit 11. no one is the writer of alt lit (lol) (kill me)12.blare coughlin is the st. bernard of Alt Lit 13.google docs is the aol chat of alt lit < am proud of this>14. young chakotay butler is the magnum cock of alt-lit <YES>15.SNCK PCK is the nike of alt lit (via sweatshops)16. IRL is the dreamscape of fAlt Lit 17. dustymouths is the kind older uncle of alt lit 18. John Rogers is the Willy Wonka of alt lit 19. Jack Williams is the Taking Back Sunday of alt-lit 20. Andrea Coates is the Princess Zelda of alt lit 
21. Santino Dela is the ALY LOHAN of Alt Lit 22. 666 is the crucifix of Alt Lit 22. elliot barbernell is the tiny cute cupcake of alt lit/justin beiber of alt lit 23. hannah lee is the mix CD of alt-lit 
24. comic sans is the dick dastardly of alt lit24. tyranosex is the Steve Kaufman of Alt Lit25. SUBTWEETING ARE THE SONNETS OF ALT LIT--nice26. This ‘List’ is the ‘beginning’ of the ‘end’ of ‘alt lit’. HEHE27. Frick is the Fuck of alt lit28. My mom is the Henry Kissinger of Alt Lit29. UNCLE DENISE IS THE BRUCE WILLIS OF ALT LIttt30. STEPHEN TULLY DIERKS IS THE ‘WHITE PERSON’ OF ALT LIT31. GUILLAUME MORRISSETTE IS THE dream husband of alt lit32. DENNIS COOPER IS THE dennis quaid of alt lit33. SARAH JEAN ALEXANDER IS THE dream wife of ALT LIT34. ANDRUW WORTHINGTON IS THE new willis plummer of alt lit35. HEIKO JULIEN IS THE MCDONALDS (mcrib) of ALT LIT36. THERON JACOBS IS THE caps lock of ALT LITTTT37. LIVIA FRANCHINI IS THE JMW TURNER OF ALT LIT38. JACOB STEINBERG IS THE carrie bradshaw of alt lit39. MATT ROMNEY IS THE PRESIDENT.40. DUDEBUTT IS THE AUSTIN ISLAM QUOTE MEME of ALT LIT41. NATHAN MASSERANG43. Crispin Best is the WORST of Alt Lit. (GEDDIT>>??? yes/no)44. Internet Poetry is the (!!!!!!)45. horse.ebooks/ponies.edu is the nic cage of alt lit46. Ebooks are the Table Salt of alt lit.47. Ebenezer Albacore is the Strom Thurmond of alt lit48. petulanceparty/Iris Karuna is the ghost teen of alt lit49. goatse is the bane of alt lit50. 'numbered lists' are the street fighter2 hd turbo remix machine of alt lit---yooo who plays sf?51. 'i' is the 'zarathustra' of alt lit52. ashley obscura is the voodoo princess of alt lit
53. Joe Donovan is the Douglas Bubbletrousers of alt lit.54. @halfdope is the kendall jenner of alt lit.55. murrene is the Jagged Little Pill of Alt Lit56. denzel washington is the little orphan annie of alt lit57. @theriverrambles is the bob marley of alt lit58. Lungbones is “that guy” of altlit
FUCK UR GOATSE SHIT :(:(:(:( ;) ;) ;) ;)
Feel sad about the state of alt lit in general when alt lit crush posts get 100+ comments but no one comments about actual boobs,...
what HMMM ACTUAL BOOb<NICEs . … NEVER HEARD OF THOSE, SORRY boobs, <NICE those are those weird things you crush pills on, right? < NICE  who else is tempted to just delete everything iits been done before dont u would be ruining the funwho is elliot barnernell? - austin islamI FEEL LIKE THIS COULD BE A NEW WAY TO MAKE LOVE?????????cyborgasm yesi love u like justin loves selena - austin islamHEY FAT ANGEL <<<< DONT SUBTWEET ME IN GOOGLE DOCS THAT IS PLAIN >>>>RUDE<<<<<is this ‘out of control’ yet? yes niceyou gotta be all lookin for faww come onwhy you gotta play like thisim sorry i stole yr lraqthat was outta lineHEY WHO’s RuininG THE fun???its okhahhehehehehehehe xo cool heres an l for you“l” ty  “lol”  I LOVE YOU TOOIM GONNA HUG YOU  A LOT  AM I THE ONLY NON ANONYMOUS PERSON IN ALT LIT WHO CAN’T SPELL ???GUYS I THINK I HAVE DYSLEXIA BUT I ALSO THINK IT MIGHT BE CAUSE I TYPE LIKE A DUMBASS ON THE INTERNET TOOMUCH ??? ? ?nobody can spell orthography is a giant Conspiracy >> NICE,u can quote me on that 

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this is 63 pages of alienating inside jokes that make me feel #Alone but i love it heheh
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