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Oracle High Availability

Oracle High Availability

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Published by dbareddy

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Published by: dbareddy on Jan 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interview questions from Oracle High Availability
Hi,Based on my personal experience,Here I'm sharing interview question on OracleHigh availability topics like RAC,Apps & Other crucial questions,As a DBA and AppsDBA.Hope these questions are very much vital.As a experience DBA and Apps DBA I have attended many interviews.Below are the questionswhich I have faced and find them really useful to put in this post.Many times we know theanswer for the questions but unintentionally we may commit mistakeswhich should be avoided to get selected for your ideol Role/Position.
1) Tell me about yourself?
 Ans: Looks to be a simple question as there is no thinking require.But,This is the question whichmay decides your selection sometimes.Here You have speak about your experience and why youare the best person for this particular position and what you have done in past,what you are doingnow and what you will bedoing in future for your growth,Team growth and Organization growth.
In brief about myself:
This is
here.I'm working as Oracle DBA and Apps DBAs since 4yrs. I've been involved in
 Handling Database and Applications
.As a part of DBA and Apps DBAteam I have done
Oracle RAC implentation
on Linux and Solaris platform using ASM,OCFS andRAW DEVICE Storage mechanism,I've involved in migration of Database and Upgradationfrom Oracle 9i to Oracle 11g rel2 and Upgradation of Oracle Applications from Oracle 11i toOracle R12 .I have worked on 4 Unix based platformsi.e Linux,Solaris,HP-UX and IBM-AIXincluding windows server. I've handled Oracle Database 9i,10g & 11g and I've Handled OracleApplications 11i & R12 Administration.I've been involved in Clonning & Patching of OracleApplications.I've completed Oracle 9i OCP,10g OCP,11g OCP,RAC Expert,Oracle E-businness Suite R12OCP and ITIL v3 foundation
.Right now I'm focussing on
Oracle SOA
,Oracle Data Integrator,Oracle JDeveloper,Weblogic andFusion middleware components.
Please take about your skillsets and experience while answering the above question so thatinterview can ask questionssometime based on your experience and skillsets and not necessary what skillset he wants.
2)How you stop Your RAC Database configue with ASM?
 Ans: This is a bit tricky.But a simple logic is Database depends on storage and storage dependson node.Hence We can tell like this,Important is to remember that node application and cluster isstarted and stopped only with 'root'user or the user having sudo privilege to do this in /etc/sudoers file.One more point to remember always asm instanceshould be started first.
There are actually 2 commands to do it:
1) crsctl stop crs:
This command will stop all the node applications(i.e gsd, VIP, ons, listener)and crs daemons(crsd,evmd,ocsd)However /etc/init.d/init.crs {start|stop|enable|disable} can be used to start,stop,enable and disablethese crs daemonsor services.Login as root or a user with sudo permission to run the crsctl command:#cd ORA_CRS_HOME/bin#crsctl start crs=> Run as root or you should have SUDO permissing in /etc/sudoers file.#ssh testnode_1n1 /home/app/crs/bin/crsctl check crs(or)#ssh testnode_1n1 /home/app/crs/bin/
crsctl stop crs
  Note:This command will prevent CRS from starting on a reboot.There is no return output fromthe command.[root@TEST_NODE1 oracle]# crsctl disable crsFor checking this use 'crsstat' command:[root@TEST_NODE1 oracle]# crsstatHA Resource Target State----------- ------ -----ora.TEST_NODE1.ASM1.asm OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE1.LISTENER_TEST_NODE1.lsnr OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE1.gsd OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE1.ons OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE1.vip OFFLINE OFFLINEora.orcl.RAC.cs OFFLINE OFFLINEora.orcl.RAC.orcl1.srv OFFLINE OFFLINEora.orcl.RAC.orcl2.srv OFFLINE OFFLINEora.orcl.db OFFLINE OFFLINEora.orcl.orcl1.inst OFFLINE OFFLINEora.orcl.orcl2.inst OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE2.ASM2.asm OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE2.LISTENER_TEST_NODE2.lsnr OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE2.gsd OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE2.ons OFFLINE OFFLINEora.TEST_NODE2.vip OFFLINE OFFLINELet¶s not forget to enable CRS on reboot:[root@TEST_NODE1 oracle]# crsctl enable crs
 2)srvctl stop:--------------To stop a RAC Database configure system with ASM step by step:--------------------------------------------------------------------------srvctl stop service -d test =>To stop services like TAF(Transparent Application failover srvctl stop database -d test =>To stop Database which may include 'n' number of instancessrvctl stop asm -n node1-pub1 =>To stop asm instance on node1srvctl stop asm -n node2-pub2 =>To stop asm instance on node2srvctl stop nodeapps -n node1-pub1,node2-pub2 =>To stop all nodeapps(listeners,GSD,ONS,VIP)(or)To start a RAC Database configure with ASM:---------------------------------------------------------------------------We have to first start the nodeapps,then the ASM instances, followed by the database instances,and lastly the services for TAF and load balancing.srvctl start nodeapps -n node1-pubsrvctl start nodeapps -n node2-pubsrvctl start asm -n node1-pubsrvctl start asm -n node2-pubsrvctl start database -d test
ote 1:
When we use crsctl to stop clusterware,It will stop nodeapps,asm instances and Databaseinstance.
ote 2:
Starting and Stopping of Cluster in Oracle 11g is changed because of 1)Separate homefor clusterwarei.e Grid home.2) OCR is in diskgroup inside ASM, then no way to stop ASM using srvctl, you have toshutdown the cluster to stop ASM.We can start or start cluster or other services as follows:
Starting / Stopping the Cluster in Oracle 11g rel2:--------------------------------------------------------------------
Stopping Cluster:-----------------------
We can Use the "crsctl stop cluster" command on node1 to stop the Oracle Clusterware stack:root@node1 ~]# /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl stop cluster 

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