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Proposal Papers

Proposal Papers

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Published by Ian Derk
Assignment Sheet
Assignment Sheet

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Published by: Ian Derk on Jan 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Proposal Paper
This paper acts as the bridge between ENGY 101 (or your previous writing class) andENGY 102. ENGY 101 focuses on argumentation, claims, and evidence. Proposals are commonarguments in both the academic and professional worlds. You will demonstrate the corecompetencies from your previous classes through this paper. If you are unfamiliar with the basicconcept of proposals, this assignment gives you the opportunity to catch up.
You must propose a solution to an existing local, state, or national problem. Youmay not use global issues. Assume you are writing to an academic general audience living in theQuad City area. Your proposal must deal with the following issues:1.
Existence: Is your problem real? Can you prove that your problem is currently happening or likely to happen? b.
Significance: Is this problem important? Does it matter to a broad enoughspectrum of our audience (e.g. Something that only affects 18-21 year olds mightnot hit a broad spectrum of people)?2.
Solvency: Does your solution fix or reduce the problem? Does your solutionaddress the actual causes of a problem? b.
Cost/Benefits: Is your solution the best available option? Does the proposedsolution provide benefits that outweigh the cost? Does your solution offeradditional benefits beyond solving the problem?
This paper must be in APA format
 You must use at least THREE academic, peer-reviewed sources
This paper counts toward your overall 5,000 requirement
Once you submit a proposal to the Submissions folder, you may not change topics
Thesis/Focus (15 Points): Does this paper have an adequate thesis statement? What isthe quality and specificity of this thesis statement? Audience/Purpose (15 Points): Is this paper written for the correct audience andpurpose? How does the paper address the academic general audience?Organization of Paragraphs (15 Points): Does the paper flow in a coherent fashion? Areparagraphs about a single topic? Are points of transition clear?Development of Research (15 Points): Are your sources credible? Do you have enoughresources to make your argument?
Relationship between Claims and Evidence(15 Points): Does each claim you make havesufficient evidence? Are relationships between your evidence and claims warranted? Is your reasoning sound?Overall Content (15 Points): Is your writing clear and concise? How novel is yourargument?Formatting (10 Points): Is this in the correct (APA) format? Are in-text citationsfollowed? You may revise your proposal for a maximum of an additional ten points. Any paper receivingless than a 60 may be revised up to a 70. A paper receiving less than 70 is not passing. Any paper with significant and frequent errors in grammar, mechanics, syntax, spelling, wordchoice, or sentence structure will fail automatically. Any paper that is not a proposal with a clearproblem and solution will fail automatically.
Like the Essay Assignments, you have three types of submissions:
Drafts: These are ungraded and reviewed by me. You will be allowed to submit a paperfor ungraded evaluation by me ONE TIME for the proposal. You will receive feedback onhow to improve your paper. It is your responsibility to make those changes.
Submissions: These papers will be graded. You will receive feedback on your paper. This will anchor your grade, but you may revise this proposal for a later grade. Once yousubmit a paper here, you may not change topics.
Final Submissions: These papers will be your final grade for the assignment. Thesepapers will go through SafeAssignment, our plagiarism detection software. You may notrevise your proposal after your Final Submissions.NOTE: I attempt to give the best, most-focused feedback possible. This means not every error will be discussed or highlighted. Proofreading is your responsibility. I may indicate errors, but
that doesn’t mean I indicate all of the errors.
Due Dates:
You must submit your Final Submission of your proposal before 11:59 on March18. It is your responsibility to submit your Final Submission before that date to the correctdropbox. You will receive feedback from me within three days. For example, if you submit your paper onMonday, January 21, expect feedback/grades by January 24. You may not receive feedback sooner than that, so plan accordingly.

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