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PMP COOP Leaflet

PMP COOP Leaflet

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Published by Marc Boyer
Here's our Party's Platform for attracting social and political participation [aka Freedom of Expression DCL]
Here's our Party's Platform for attracting social and political participation [aka Freedom of Expression DCL]

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Published by: Marc Boyer on Jan 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Please be inspired by what's good about The Elections Act:
 By just becoming a member of our officially organized party, means youget to enjoy the many benefits of being a Private Individual in a Societycalled Parliament who can demand to be treated as a human being, in acommon law court where an accused can defend that it's not a crime toprotect our Party's
under a 'necessity defence', when it comesto doing anything the majority in Parliament considers wrong or false.
The Election Act is the only Act that has a clause that states thatanything that this Act authorizes overrides any other Act Statuteor regulation, and under a recent Longley Loophole ruling, our EDAscan collect up to $10billion in revenue in order to protect our rights.
NOW if that gets your attention then get educated on how the Societies Actenables us to do business while being attacked for violating any CDSA or FDA foreign obligation that directly encroaches on our right to grow, sell andpossess clean, certified organic, non GMO cannabis, for our members
The Elections Act has in effect authorized us to be theOfficial competition to any licensed program that the majority in power dreams up,because it operates under positive law and what is not directly prohibited cannot be impliedUnder The Societies Act, a non-profit Society is directly prohibited from beingpolitical, therefore our party cannot operate under a not for profit platform,
BUT under this Longley Loophole, any EDA can protect its Co-ops
This means any Dispensary can operate under an arm's length agreementwith an EDA officer, as long as it operates under a co-op profit share program.- It means any EDA agent, who once qualified under the MMAR program to grow, can now'raise funds' under a standard agricultural co-op structure, with a Dispensary [for example].
The best way to proceed and defend our legitimate Claim of Right is tooperate, under a creative application of the Societies Act,under a necessity defence
We offer several well accepted and validways to seek benefit by pursuing an activity that has the intent of shakingthe status quo, by standing-under Statutes that fall under 'positive law'
Under our structure, we govern ourselves under common law, and we canactually protect our beliefs, under a necessity defence, in order to be respectedin court under common law, by standing under the original SCC Longley Loopholeruling, and subsequent agreements with Elections Canada pertaining to its legal application

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