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Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rights

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Jan 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Halifax Police Repeatedly Violating My Human Rightswritten by Daniel J TowseyA Truth SoldierSeptember 11th 2012
(Please note this is a rough and incomplete post. Stay tuned I will complete it soon)Thank you for reading this.I am now going to show you what it is like to be disabled and in a wheelchair in the city of Halifax.Also please note that this is the third time that The Halifax City Police are violating my human rights and preventing mefrom accessing public property based on The Protection of Property Act.This and other events of the Halifax Police violating my human rights have been on going for many years.Ever since I departed from Toronto in 1984, where I ran a Federal Election campaign for Lawyer Michael Cohen who wasrunning against Bob Caplan The Solicitor General of Canada.There has been numerous very serious events done against me by the Police ever since.Bob Caplan created Canadas secret Police known as C.S.I.S. Canadas Secret Intelligence Service. Then Bob Caplan gavethem there first covert case. He put a contract on me to be destroyed.Bob Caplan said to me that “
We are going to destroy you, We are going to make you so destitute that you will have toresort to crime to survive. And when you do. We will put you in prison where we will have our fun with you.”
So at that time no one in the country knew or had ever heard of this secret private interest Police that does not answer to wethe peoples laws, justice system or courts. C.S.I.S. is a very scary evil organization that has been covertly attacking and de-stroying freedom and justice seeking activists ever since.You may want to read my very first article I published on the Internet in 1999.Called
This series of banning me from public properties events started when I testified to the corporate media and published an ar-ticle about the Police behavior on the Halifax waterfront about my witnessing the drowning and death on the Halifax water-front of a man during the Halifax International Buskers Festival that I was filming in August 2009.Please read this related article
Then a few months later on November 22nd 2009, the Halifax Police were involved in an attempt to murder me.Please read my article entitled
“How to assassinate a cyclist.”http://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/how-to-assassinate-a-cyclist/http://www.youtube.com/watch?fv=z7w7rOpSUsw
http://www.youtube.com/watch?fv=z7w7rOpSUswThen later the Police again interfered in my Human rights by applying a protection of property act restricting me from the publicly owned Dartmouth Sportplex where I was photographing The Canada Games events. I wrote this article about thatand I also filed a complaint against the Halifax Police were It was found that I never did anything wrong. Please note that Ihad been doing physiotherapy twice a week for the previous year at this locating due to the injuries I suffered from the at-tempt on my life.Please read my article,
Beautiful girls at Canada Games.http://danieljtowseyautobiographies.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/beautiful-girls-at-canada-games/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZxLoEp92-A
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZxLoEp92-AThen the next event of the violations of my human rights is when the Police again falsely applied the Protection of propertyact when they banned me from all Halifax Public transit busses, ferries and properties. This was over the bus driver refusingto let me off the bus at the Dartmouth bus terminal.
My testimony about this event
Bus Driver Refused To Let Wheelchair User Off The Bus 1of5http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Szhm0qys68I
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8tDX5PdpRIPlease note that after the six months ran out on the order banning me, many bus drivers have since repeatedly harassed meand I video taped many of these events. So that I now almost never use public transit. So I am limited by the range my elec-tric wheelchair can travel and the weather. I since had to move out of Dartmouth and go to live in downtown Halifax.
Halifax Bus Driver Refuses To Secure My Wheelchair Properly
Bus Driver Harassment November 4th 2011
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X1HCMlgU7Yhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X1HCMlgU7YThere has been many more incidences that I did not video tape..So after you check out these above previous events, it is very obvious that the Local Police and Government have been re- peatedly terrorizing me.Which falls under the new anti-terrorism laws that were enacted across this country since the events of 9/11.So under those laws not even the Police or government members are immune from prosecution for domestic and civil terror-ism against me.When are my human rights going to be protected? When is justice going to be done? Never is what I believe... Nova Scotialike Canada are now fully under the control of Zionist New World Order Corporations that pretend to be the peoples gov-ernments.We the people have no governments.We have no representation.We have no governments that write laws protecting our individual rights.The fake governments only write laws to favor other corrupt corporations.If you would like to read my political activist articles about Canada, then please go to my Canadian Situations Wordpressweb site.
I will now explain to you the on going battle that all wheelchair users face in trying to have accessibility and how the city of Halifax miss treats and violates the human rights of the disabled that have to use a wheelchair to get around.Below you will also see supporting videos about this issue.I hope that after you read this and view the videos you will telephone the authorities to express some support for my situa-tion.I will provide you with names and telephone numbers.
This event started earlier in the summer.It relates to Salter St which is the only street and sidewalk that connects to the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. Where I spendmost of my summer doing photo shoots and folk videos of performers and buskers as you can see at my “Folk Photogra- pher” youtube channel.
and my Daniel Towsey photoshop site at.
Being in a wheelchair means that the only socializing I can do is outdoors since most properties in Halifax are not accessi- ble. This means that I can not visit any friends. This also means that I spend more then eight months of the year imprisonedin my home.Going to the waterfront is a very important social event for me....I have been doing videos like these on the waterfront for more then five years.The problem is that The Halifax waterfront development commission thinks it has the right to block the sidewalk access atthe end of Salter street so that I have no way to get on the waterfront unless I drive my wheelchair through private proper-ties.I almost never ride my wheelchair in parking lots. It is way to dangerous and drivers when backing out can not see me in mywheelchair.I ended up in a wheelchair because I was run over by a driver almost three years ago while riding my bicycle.So now I am seriously injured and disabled. I am very afraid to drive around cars.My other option to get to the waterfront, is to go down a fair distance on Lower Water St. But the side walk on that sectionis made of bricks and it is all uneven, very bumpy and has holes where bricks are missing plus It has alot of very busy drive-ways. It is too painful for me to use that poorly maintained sidewalk.So getting on the waterfront at the end of Salter St is my best option.Please watch the videos about the fence blocking the sidewalk and the third video showing my complaint about it at theHalifax city hall.You can go to my youtube channel and see all the videos in the play list entitled
Salter St was being blocked by a fence.
Salter St Obstruction Halifax Nova Scotiahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWpvqxCzsXspart 1
NOTE: The City hall ignored everything and never dealt with this problem and so it continued.
This time there was the lady security guard there. I asked her why they are allowing them to block the right of way access tothe boardwalk on the waterfront. The waterfront boardwalk is federal jurisdiction as all shore lines of Canada are and the boardwalks are built and owned by the federal government. So the provincial statute banning me has no authority on the boardwalk.The power tripping security guard was very cold and nasty and cared not one bit about my accessibility complaint or con-cerns.She really upset me so I just used my wheelchair and moved the fence out of the way and went to the boardwalk.Again I tried to speak with that security guard woman and she just did not care and told me so. She also told me that it mat-ters not at all to her what my concerns are and did not want to hear anything.So I told that I was not going to speak to her and I went on my way.Over the next three weeks many time when I was on the waterfront that security guard was shadowing me. It was obviousshe was looking for an opportunity to create an incident.Which brings us to yesterday where she in deed did cause an incident by harassing me and interfering in my freedom to domusic videos.Yesterday I was doing video of Braydin Benham who is from Ontario.Braydin is not familiar with the situation on the Halifax waterfront and the to often harassment by the security guards.He

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