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Concrete Terms and Industry Terminology

Concrete Terms and Industry Terminology



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Published by Nguyen Dang Hanh
13 pages. Concrete Terms and Industry Terminology
13 pages. Concrete Terms and Industry Terminology

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Nguyen Dang Hanh on Feb 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Concrete Terms and Industry Terminology
V-Seal is a manufacturer and distributor of concrete sealers, concrete sealers, cement sealer,coatings and special kinds of sealers such as epoxy based compounds. As such, we realize thatmany times concrete related terms and concrete definitions can get confusing.When you are unsure, a Free call or E-mail to us at 877-73V-SEAL [877- 738-7325 ]info@vseal.com will help clear up what you are seeing and hearing especially in regards to your concrete, cement, gunnite, grout, brick, stucco and cementious projects
A+B Contract
– Concrete placement; Cost-plus-time bidding process where each contractor includes a time cost bid along with their construction bid and the contractor selected has thelowest combined bid total.
- American Association of State Highway Officials, for the Concrete Industry
- American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, ConcreteIndustry
- The process of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction on concretesurfaces.
(of ingredients of concrete or mortar) - The displacement volume of aningredient of concrete or mortar; in the case of solids, the volume of the particles themselves,including their permeable or impermeable voids but excluding space between particles; in thecase of fluids, the volume which they occupy in concrete.
- The amount of water absorbed in concrete under specific conditions, usuallyexpressed as a percentage of the dry weight of the material; the process by which the water isabsorbed in concrete.
: An admixture which, when added to concrete, mortar, or grout, increases the rateof hydration of hydraulic cement, shortens the time of set in concrete, or increases the rate of hardening or strength development.
- American Concrete Institute, For the Concrete Industry
- American Concrete Pavement Association
- Alkali-Carbonate Reaction usually in Concrete applications
- A property of soil which causes the particles to stick together. Necessary for concreteoverlays
- The loss of bond between a joint sealant material and the concrete joint facenoted by physical separation of the sealant from either or both joint faces.
- The group of materials used to join or bond similar or dissimilar materials; for example, in concrete work, the epoxy resins.
A material other than water, aggregates, or cement that is used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar to control setting and early hardening, workability, or to provide additionalcementing properties.
- Stone or gravel that was crushed and screened to various sizes for use in concrete,asphalt or road surfaces used in concrete repairs and new concrete placements.
- A device for maintaining plasticity and preventing segregation of mixed concrete byagitationAir 
- The amount of air in mortar or concrete, exclusive of pore space in the aggregate particles, usually expressed as a percentage of total volume of mortar or concrete.
Air Void
- A space in cement paste, mortar, or concrete filled with air; an entrapped air void ischaracteristically 1 mm or more in size and irregular in shape; an entrained air void is typically between 10 m and 1 mm in diameter and spherical (or nearly so).
- The capabilities of a material or process to develop a system of minute bubblesof air in cement paste, mortar, or concrete during mixing.
Air-Entraining Agent
- An addition for hydraulic cement or an admixture for concrete or mortar which causes air, usually in small quantity, to be incorporated in the form of minute bubbles inthe concrete or mortar during mixing, usually to increase its workability and frost resistance.
Air-Entraining Cement
– A cement that has an air-entraining agenda added during the grinding phase of manufacturing to assist concrete durability in cold environments
- The inclusion of air in the form of minute bubbles during the mixing of concrete or mortar.
Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
- Chemical reaction in mortar or concrete between alkalis (sodiumand potassium) released from portland cement or from other sources, and certain compounds present in the aggregates; under certain conditions, harmful expansion of the concrete or mortar may be produced
Alkali-Carbonate Reaction
- The reaction between the alkalies (sodium and potassium) in portland cement binder and certain carbonate rocks, particularly calcite dolomite and dolomiticlimestones, present in some aggregates; the products of the reaction may cause abnormalexpansion and cracking of concrete in service.
Alkali-Silica Reaction
[ ASR ]- The reaction between the alkalies (sodium and potassium) in portland cement binder and certain siliceous rocks or minerals, such as opaline chert, strainedquartz, and acisic volcanic glass, present in some aggregates; the products of the reaction maycause abnormal expansion and cracking of concrete in service
- The total vertical distance the vibrating drum or plate is displaced from a resting or neutral position from the eccentric moment in the concrete industry.
Area of Steel
- The cross-sectional area of the reinforcing bars in or for a given concrete crosssection
- To fit together into a coherent whole; unify for concrete placement
- American Society for Testing Materials. Ex; Concrete core sample testing
- Materials used in refilling a cut or other excavation, or the act of such refilling after theconcrete foundation pour.
Bag (of cement)
- A quantity of cement; 42.6 kg in the United States, 39.7 kg in Canada; portland or air-entraining portland cement, or as indicated on the bag for other kinds of cement tomake concrete
- Heavy material, such as water, sand or metal which has no function in a machine exceptto increase its weight. Most often used in concrete mixers
- A mass of soil rising above an average level. Generally, any soil which is to be dug fromits natural position. Sometimes over the concrete surface plate
Bank Gravel
- A natural mixture of cobbles, gravel, sand and fines for concrete.
Bar -
A member used to reinforce concrete, usually made of steel.
Base -
The course or layer of materials in a roadway section on which the actual pavement is placed. It may be of different types of materials ranging from selected soils to crushed stone or gravel.
Batch -
Quantity of concrete or mortar mixed at one time.
Batch Weights
- The weights of the various materials (cement, water, the several sizes of aggregate, and admixtures) that compose a batch of concrete.
Berm -
An artificial ridge of earth, generally side-slopes of a roadbed made of concrete
Binder -
Fines which fill voids or hold gravel together when dry. Hardened cement paste inconcrete
To have water seep to the surface of the cement paste due to settling making a weak concrete surface
Bleeding -
The self-generated flow of mixing water within, or its emergence from, freshly placedconcrete or mortar.
Blistering -
The irregular rising of a thin layer of placed mortar or concrete at the surface duringor soon after completion of the finished operation
Bond Breaker
- A material used to prevent adhesion of newly placed concrete from other material, such as a substrate.
Bonded Concrete Overlay
- Thin layer of new concrete (2-4 inches) placed onto slightlydeteriorated existing concrete pavement with steps taken to prepare old surface to promoteadherence of new concrete.
Borrow Pit
- An excavation from which fill material is taken. Usually for Concrete below grade backfill

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