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A Mayan Frog Glyph

A Mayan Frog Glyph

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Published by Cliff

This Mayan glyph demonstrates how intial appearances may be deceiving.

Revised 1-20-13

This Mayan glyph demonstrates how intial appearances may be deceiving.

Revised 1-20-13

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Cliff on Jan 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Mayan Frog Glyph
Clifford C. RicheyJanuary 2013
 Illustration 1: Credit:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siyaj_K %27ak%27 
It might be helpful to read: 
when reading this paper as it explains the use of Form,Imagery, Gesture signs, Stance, a llusion and position asused in composing glyphs.
The earth-female, her body,Her pregnancy.The great one, unborn,The warrior, the steward of the Sun,Moving, arising on the hillside,The One Who Leaps Upwards.His appearance, silent. The water source,Its flow in the upper world.The earth-female, between her sides.The vertical-places, of the under world,The horizontal-places,Bind together the east and west,The location, the one,In the center.The stewards of the SunAwaiting the flight of the water particles,Downwards and upwards,on the sides,In the east and west.The Stream, her appearance,arising from the nine levels,Arising in the east from the underworld,The long walk under the water,down and up, the sides,Of the earth-female,Her, the stream's, appearance,on the side of the cave,The Eye (Venus),Turning, unseen.The Eye, Venus, awakening,In the east.The cave, the wombOf the earth-female, within it,the star.The Eye, in the west, at rest,The two turning in the upper world,The unseen doorway, the exit,From the underworld.The house, the center,Between the sides of the earth-female.
Mayan glyphs, as opposed to the more expansive “illustrations” often accompanying the glyphs do notappear to have a Total Form. This may because the glyphs all seem to Form a rough rectangle althoughForm sections can be seen.Form sections:The combined sections of theBody
of the earth-female
is one of Breasts and an enlarged Stomachperhaps indicating,
There is an Arm to the reader's left (the warriorsign) and Hand (a Handof the Sun, a
steward of the Sun
a Sun-priest 
). This Form has the Undulating sign for
t ormovingand the Stance of the Arm is in the shape of the sign for,
The Arm
, the warrior arises
to the
side ofthe Breast,
the hill. The warrior, the steward of the Sun, moving, arising, onthe hillside.
Considering the subject of this glyph was one of re-birth the concept of the pregnancy ofthe earth female fits in quite well.Imagery:The Total Imagery is that of a Frog's
(the one that leaps upwards
)Head (his Face,
his appearance
) witha Serpent to the Left.The position of the Frog's Mouth (
a water source
) as a separate Form appears to be that of a Large Eggindicating (relative size),
the great one, unborn.
At the level of Imagery the Arm/Hand becomes aSerpent
(a stream).
Positionally, its (orange) Eye, The Eye (of the Sun),
is enclosed by a Doublelined (yellow) “U” shaped sign for
turning, unseen
and its Stance is,on the side.
The Head or Face of the Serpent (blue-green) represents,
her appearance.
The Serpent's lower jaw wascreated from the Saw-toothed sign for,
The Body of the Serpent was composed of nine (yellow)Circles. The Circles indicate
the locations, the one
s. The Circles were presented in a serial manner oneabove the other showing that they also indicated,
The nine levels of the
Mayanunderworld.There are two (tan) Legs/Feet between the Circles and The Mouth. These indicatethe long walks(their
 Illustration 2: Form Sections Illustration 3: The Frog, The One wholeaps upwards

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