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Six Tales from the Other Side of Nowhere (First Copy Excerpt)

Six Tales from the Other Side of Nowhere (First Copy Excerpt)

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Published by Ellis D. Williams
Six tales rough excerpt.
Six tales rough excerpt.

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Published by: Ellis D. Williams on Jan 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(First Copy Excerpt) 
Let’s just say it: fear is a product of childhood. It firstoccurs,
really occurs 
, when respected adults tell ussomething in stark contrast to the world we insofar know– a monster in the woods, a ghost in the attic, the devil,the Easter bunny, take your pick. If they tell us a story likethat when we’re of the age that is unable to differentiatebetween fact and fiction, then we believe them, at least inpart. Why wouldn’t we? It was, after all, the utterancesfrom those very same trusted lips that we were taughteverything else we know about the world; the foremostwellspring of nurtured understanding. To the ears andmind of a child, the fantastic and the horrific are just asprobable and possible as the existence of submarines,rocket ships and far away planets. It’s all the same shit, allthe same “wow” factor, wherever it comes from. It iswithin our youthful imagination, mouth open wide withgullibility, that fear plants its foremost seed.Now, I’m not talking about just any old fear – wehave quite enough rational ones to contend with as adults:rent, bills, the job, gas prices, blood pressure, diet, fuckingcancer, GM food, you name it. I’m talking about
real fear 
,the kind that most of us have been weaned off of just like
Santa Claus 
. Or at least we’d like to think so. I’m talkingabout the kind of fear that makes you doubt the nature of the world around you, or the reliable filter of that world:your own mind. If Santa Claus were to actually visit a childthen she would at least have the reinforced belief to shieldherself from the sheer terror of it all. If on the other handSanta Claus (the real deal) were to visit an adult, then he orshe would either collapse under the pressure or view theintruder as a madman before snatching the nearest weapon.Our beliefs are not only what make us who we are, but
they serve as precious insulation perchance the trulyunbelievable ever actually occurred.By the averse, faithful Christians and other similarsects tend to use this mechanism towards a mirroredbenefit. Nobody likes to think about dying, and wouldn’t itbe great if we could just construct a belief that all of asudden took that dreadful fear away? Hey, it’s 2000 yearsold, and anything that old just
to be true. For example,my grandfather was older than me, and he was convincedthat you could keep meat in a freezer for ten years withoutit going green. He was also a Freemason and alcoholic, butmoving on.Real fear is that which makes us doubt theconsistency and stability of reality and our lives. It issomething that cannot merely be explained away by anyrational or scientific process. Hell, it flies in the face of anysuch cherished, civilized anchors and screeches “just tryand wrap your head around this, I dare you.” I tried towrap my head around it, but I don’t think my head is allthat elastic for such a wide and overbearing girth. Maybe if I tried to wrap
around my head instead, though I don’tthink my skull could take sort of pressure. I know
 expect it to, but hey, tough luck.No matter what
expect or don’t, I still findmyself driving up route 101 after receiving the invitationfour weeks ago. And wouldn’t you know it, the sky ispouring. They must have checked the weather –
real spooky 
. The drive hasn’t been a killer so far, except thatnow I’m in redwood country where the only thingseparating state parks you can get lost in from civilizationare a few patchwork signs along the way. They told me itwould be removed, but this is ridiculous.The next muddy turn comes along and I put thetruck in gear, driving faster than I ought to past the old

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