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015 - Chapter 15 - Moving Onward.0001

015 - Chapter 15 - Moving Onward.0001

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Published by Joseph Eulo

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Joseph Eulo on Feb 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Future of the Discipline ofthe Psychology of Women
The Increasing Number of Womenin PsychologyDeveloping a More Inclusive Psychologyof Women
Women of Color and the Feminist Movement
BlackFeminists Latina / o Feminists Asian American Feminists
The Men's Movement
Profeminist ApproachesMytho poetic ApproachesReligious Approaches
C rrent Trends in Feminism
Women's Studies CoursesTheWomen's Movementin North America TheWomen's Movement Worldwide Helping to Change the Future: Becoming an Activist
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Hobok en,NJ: Wiley. I recommend thisbook processes, retirement, social relationships, and for anyonewho wants a goodgeneral perspective successful aging. 1.False(pp. 460-461);2. False(pp. 464-465); 3. True (p. 466);4. False(p.467);5. False (pp. 468-469); 6. False(p. 471);7.False(p. 473); 8. False (p.476); 9. False(pp. 480-481); 10. True (p. 485).
1. Despite progress in women's education,men still earn about 70%of allPh.D.degreesin the United States. 2.When psychological research looks at women ofcolor, the normative European-Americanfemale groupoften servesas the standard of comparison. 3.Whenwomenfrom some ethnicgroups become feminist activists,the men intheirethniccommunity often tellthem that this activism is a threat to ethnic unity. 4. Chicana feminismhas been activein the United States since the early 1970s. 5.One branch of the men's movement,called the "profeminists,"argues that rigid genderrolescan harm menaswell as women. 6. One ofthe basic beliefs of the Promise Keepers-and others who supportthe religious approachto the men's movement-is that men must take back their roles as familyleaders and women should be followers. 7.According to qualitative research,students say that their women's studies courses have increased theirfeminist identity; however,quantitative research shows that women's studies courses do not have a significant effect. 8.The firstwaveof the North American feminist movement began in the 1920s,asaresult ofwomen winningtheright to vote. 9.Thenumber of feminist groups in North Americahas actuallydecreasedduringthe past decade.  _  __ 10. Bythe year2005, women had been heads of state inonly12 countries,andwomen's studies courses weretaughtonlyinNorthAmerica and Europe.
You have now read14chapters about thelives of females, from their prenatal developmentthrough old age. A youtryto gaina perspective on all the diverse statistics, research studies, theories, and personaltestimonies,you may focus on one central question: Have women's lives improved in recent years? To answerthis question,let's consider some representative information-both uplifting anddepressing-onthelives of women in the current era: Womennow receive 45%of all Ph.D. degrees in the United States ("The Nation:Students," 2005).
Multan, Pakistan, a tribalcouncilwas distressed that a young boy had beenwalking with a womanfromahigher-caste family.To punish the boy's "crime," the council orderedthat his older
sist er,
Mukhtaran Bibi, besentencedto gangrape. Four men raped herrepeatedly. Tradition demanded that she commit suicide. However, she acceptedthe $8,300 awardedto her by the government andusedthe moneyto found a schoolfor girls. The Canadiangovernment, the readers of the
New York Times,
and other donorshave provided fundsthatshe planstouse for alibrary, a playground, and a women's und-raising pro ject(Kristof, 2005; Moreau
Hussain, 2005).The United Nations Convention onthe Elimination of All Formsof  Discrimination AgainstWomen (CEDAW) has been ratified bymore than 170 countries throughout the world.The signers include Iraq and Afghanistan-two countries not known for policies consistent with

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