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Sunfrost Refrigerators

Sunfrost Refrigerators

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Published by Tate Bushell

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Published by: Tate Bushell on Jan 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ith photovoltaics or other low-output energy sources,sumer of electricity. But the super-efficient SUNFROST refrigerator makes these alternative technologies both feasible and affordable.In a home using utility power, SUN FROST normally cuts energy consumption by 80%.Along with energy efficiency, the SUN FROST offers other advantages not found inconventional refrigerators including food-saving high-humidity storage, quiet operation, andan easy-to-clean interior.With its clean, uninterrupted lines and choice of more than 100 colors and numerous naturalwood finishes, the custom-built SUN FROST refrigerator adds elegance to every kitchen.
he world’s mostlegant refrigeratorsre also theorld’s mostnergy efficient!
The cooling system on the SUNFROST is top mounted. Thisconfiguration reduces energyconsumption several ways. The heatgenerated by the compressor andcondenser (black coils on the back of many refrigerators) does not reenterthe refrigerator, and also with a cooler-running condenser, the efficiency of the cooling system is increased.In a SUN FROST, there is no aircirculation between the refrigerator andfreezer sections, unlike both manualdefrost and automatic defrostrefrigerators. This compartmentaldesign reduces infiltration of warmkitchen air when the doors are opened.
In a conventional refrigerator, the38ºF refrigerator section is typicallycooled by an unnecessarily cold (-10ºF)
refrigerator, the 38ºF refrigerator section is cooled by a higher-temperature evaporator slightly colder than the refrigerator section.This design significantly increases the efficiency of the cooling system.Good insulation also contributes to the SUN FROST’s energyefficiency. The walls of the refrigerator contain 2.5 to 4.5 inches of polyurethane foam, the best nonexotic insulation available. Unlikemany other refrigerators, the insulation in the walls of the SUN FROSTrefrigerator is not degraded by thermal bridges (metal supportsbetween the inner and outer walls).Another SUN FROST energy-saving feature is the elimination of strip heaters in the doors’ gasket area. In conventional refrigerators,these heaters prevent condensation under humid conditions, howeverthey also increase the energy consumption of the cooling system. Theenergy savings switch found on many refrigerators merely turns theseheaters off. SUN FROST refrigerators use waste heat from thecondenser in place of these electric heaters to prevent condensation.The efficiency of the cooling system is further increased by makinguse of a passive evaporator (no fans) and a condenser with a largesurface area. If a fan is circulating air over an evaporator, energy isneeded not only to run the fan, but also to remove the heat producedy the fan motor.When dust and cobwebs collect on a cooling system, they lower itsfficiency. The top-mounted condenser on the SUN FROST refrigeratoraccessible and easy to clean, allowing the cooling system to continueunning efficiently.
The SUN FROSTrefrigerator employs anarray of configurationinnovations to achieveits exceptionally lowenergy consumption.
efrosting a SUN FROST is a simple process. Frost buildup in the SUNROST freezer is very slow because there is no air circulating betweenhe freezer and the refrigerator sections. The ice which forms in thereezer collects primarily on the ceiling.When defrosting the freezer section, the contents of the freezer maye transferred to the refrigerator section so they remain frozen. Aftere freezer has been turned off for about twenty minutes, the ice isasily removed in large pieces. There is no mop-up because the iceoes not need to be melted, only separated from the flat ceiling.
The SUN FROST refrigerator typically reduces refrigeratorenergy consumption by a factor of five. The accompanying costof the solar power system is similarly reduced. The SUN FROSTRF16 typically consumes 15 KWH per month. By contrast, theaverage refrigerator in a home typically consumes about 90 KWHper month.Producing the 90 KWH needed to run this refrigerator in anoff-grid solar power system would require an investment of atleast $10,000 in hardware.
SUN FROST refrigerators keep food fresher by maintaining high humidity.This prevents freezer burn and wilting caused by water loss in food. Sincethere is minimal water loss in foods stored in a SUN FROST, foods oftenlast two to three times longer than in conventional refrigerators.
In typical refrigerators, the water contained in food is transformedinto ice on the freezer's cooling coils. This process results in thedehydration of fruits and vegetables, increases energy consumption,and accelerates frost buildup. In a conventional refrigerator, highhumidity is achieved by storing food in airtight containers, which createshigh humidity conditions, but cuts off the food’s oxygen supply. Withoutoxygen, plant cells break down more rapidly, decreasing shelf life.The SUN FROST allows you to store produce in breathablecontainers, such as paper bags, that can double their storage life.
The cooling system of the SUN FROST refrigerator contains a minimalnumber of moving parts. Both the DC and AC compressorsincorporate highly reliable, hermetically sealed, brushless motors.The efficient thermal design of SUN FROST refrigerators alsocontributes to the reliability. The top-mounted cooling system runs ata lower temperature than most, which prolongs the life of thesystem’s lubricants and reduces mechanical strain on thecompressor. The cooling system is designed to provide typically overtwenty years of trouble-free operation.
As a result of the efficientdesign of the SUN FROST,the compressors used aremuch smaller and producecorrespondingly less noisethan those found on aconventional refrigerator.The SUN FROST RF19and F19 use a quiet andhighly efficient fan to helpcool the condenser; on othermodels, the compressors arecooled passively. Thesefeatures make the SUNFROST much quieter than aconventional AC refrigerator.
During the summer, a typicalrefrigerator adds as much heat to yourkitchen as a 1000-watt heater runningfive hours per day! The energy neededby your air conditioner to remove thisexcess heat will be about half theenergy consumed by your refrigerator,increasing the cost of running it by anadditional 50%.By producing much less waste heatthan a conventional refrigerator, a SUNFROST makes your kitchen morecomfortable and reduces the cost of airconditioning in your home.

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