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US Treasury: 01 CJ compiled

US Treasury: 01 CJ compiled

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Published by Treasury

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Published by: Treasury on Jan 22, 2008
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Department o the Treasury – Budget in Brie FY 2008
 E  x e  c  u t  i   v e  S  u m m a r   y 
Executive Summary
FY 2008 President’s Budget by Function
(Dollars in Thousands)
AppropriationFY 2006FY 2007FY 2008EnactedPresident’sBudgetCR-ratePresident’sBudget$ Changeover CR-rate% Changeover CR-rate
Management & Financial$597,759$601,946$565,975$635,770$69,79512.3%Departmental Oces Salaries and Expenses194,626223,874192,171250,14157,970 30.2%*Treas Building & Annex Repair & Restoration9,9000000 0.0%Dept-wide Systems & Capital Invest. Program24,16834,03224,04618,710(5,336)(22.2%)Air Transportation Stabilization Program**2,7230000 0.0%Oce oInspector General16,83017,35217,02218,4501,428 8.4%Treasury IG or Tax Administration131,953136,469131,953140,5538,600 6.5%Community Development Financial Institutions Fund54,4507,82140,00028,557(11,443)(28.6%)Financial Crimes Enorcement Network72,89489,79470,56885,84415,276 21.6%Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau90,21592,60490,21593,5153,300 3.7%Fiscal Service Operations$412,035$414,443$411,908$418,062$6,1541.5%Financial Management Service233,881233,654233,292235,1911,899 0.8%Bureau othe Public Debt***178,154180,789178,616182,8714,255 2.4%Tax Administration$10,573,706$10,591,837$10,438,364$11,095,499$657,1356.3%IRS Taxpayer Services2,142,0422,079,1512,059,1512,103,08943,938 2.1%IRS Enorcement4,708,4414,797,1264,708,4054,925,498217,093 4.6%IRS Operations Support3,461,2053,488,4043,459,1523,769,587310,435 9.0%IRS Business Systems Modernization242,010212,310196,810282,09085,280 43.3%IRS Health Insurance Tax Credit Administration20,00814,84614,84615,235389 2.6%Total, Treasury Appropriations Committee$11,583,500$11,608,226$11,416,247$12,149,331$733,0846.4%Treasury International Programs$1,374,385$1,535,467$1,109,898$1,731,050$621,15256.0%International Financial Institutions1,277,2351,328,9681,066,1981,498,950432,752 40.6%Technical Assistance32,80023,70023,70024,8001,100 4.6%Debt Restructuring64,350182,79920,000207,300187,300 936.5%
* FY 2008 request is a 11.7 percent increase over the FY 2007 President’s Budget.** The FY 2008 budget proposes cancellation o the remaining balances rom ATSB, currently estimated at $3.6M*** Does not include estimated user ee oset
Te U.S. Department o reasury’s budget prioritiesreect the Department’s dedication to promotingeconomic growth and opportunity, strengtheningnational security and exercising scal discipline whilesteadily improving the Department’s operations toensure it remains a world-class organization.he FY 2008 President’s Budget identiies theresources required to support reasury’s roleas the steward o U.S. economic and inancialsystems, and as an inuential participant in theinternational economy. he FY 2008 Budgetemphasizes initiatives that directly support its vestrategic goals:Promote Prosperous U.S. and World EconomiesPromote Stable U.S. and World EconomiesPreserve the Integrity o Financial Systems• Manage the U.S. Government’s FinancesEectively Ensure Proessionalism, Excellence, Integrity, and Accountability in the Management and Conducto the Department o the reasury  While promoting nancial and economic growth athome and abroad, reasury perorms a critical and ar-reaching role in national security. Te Departmentbattles national security threats by coordinatinginancial intelligence, targeting and sanctioningsupporters o terrorism and prolierators o weapons o mass destruction (WMD), improving the saeguardso our nancial systems, and promoting internationalrelationships to combat the nancial underpinningso terrorist and other criminal networks.Managing these complex tasks requires expandedcapabilities in reasury’s Departmental Oices, which, in addition to providing policy direction,management oversight, and administrative supportor reasury’s 3 bureaus, makes direct and uniquecontributions to national security through the Ofceo errorism and Financial Intelligence and the Ofceo International Aairs. Adequate unding or thisleadership role is critical to reasury’s ability to protect

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