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MMF I&R Excerpt 2013 Jan 02

MMF I&R Excerpt 2013 Jan 02

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Excerpts from the Tinnitus Today magazine by the American Tinnitus Association and what is going on currently in the associations plans.

Excerpts from the Tinnitus Today magazine by the American Tinnitus Association and what is going on currently in the associations plans.

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Published by: American Tinnitus Association on Jan 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compiled from the
ATA Digital Newsletter
and ATA’s magazine,
Tinnitus Today
©2012 American Tinnitus Association •P.O. Box 5 • Portland, OR 97207 • Web: ATA.org • Info: tinnitus@ata.org • Join: ATA.or
g/donate or (800) 634-8978
4 Common Questions About Tinnitus
 What is tinnitus?
Pronounced either “tin
us” or “tin
is”, tinnitus is the
perception of sound when no external sound is present. Forsome people, tinnitus is just a nuisance; for others, it is alife-altering condition.
Is there a cure for tinnitus?
 There is no cure for tinnitus. ATA exists tocure tinnitus through the development of resources that advance tinnitus research.However, in
cases, tinnitus can be
by treating the underlying cause or by altering reactions to it. It isimportant to note that treatment outcomes vary depending on the specific cause of tinnitus, how long a patient has hadtinnitus and other competing health factors.
 What causes tinnitus?
The exact mechanisms of tinnitus are unknown butscientists are working hard to understand the condition andare making a lot of progress. There are several sources, allof which are known to trigger or make someone's tinnitusworse: Exposure to loud sounds or noise; head and necktrauma; certain disorders like Lyme Disease andfibromyalgia can have tinnitus as a symptom; certain typesof tumors like an acoustic neuroma; wax build-up in theears; jaw misalignment; cardiovascular disease;certainmedications
Can anything be done to treat and manage my tinnitus nowwhile we all wait for a cure?
 The simple answer is yes, there are tinnitus managementstrategies that are available to tinnitus sufferers. However itis important to note that these options, do not work foreveryone and do not work to the same degree for eachindividual patient. This is why we stress the importance of discussing your particular tinnitus situation with a qualifiedhealth professional. Join ATA and receive a listing of tinnitustreatment specialists in your area.
William Shatner’s Message To You
“Regardless of the characters I portray on TV
and on the big screen, my tinnitus once buriedme in a negative place where many of you arenow - or have been. Believe me when I say,
“I’ve been there.”
My tinnitus began while I was filming the Star
Trek episode “Arena.” I was standing too close
to a special effects explosion and it resulted in
tinnitus. There were days when I didn’t know how I would
survive the agony. I was so tormented by the screeching in myhead I really thought I would not be able to go on. But then aray of light burst into my life
the American TinnitusAssociation. The help they gave me literally saved my life.The harsh reality of tinnitus has robbed silence from the livesof nearly 50 million Americans. Whether you hear it in yourears or in your head tinnitus means the same thing: noisethat does not go away. You do not suffer alone.ATA works with the best and the brightest scientiststhroughout the world who are investigating this terrible
condition. What’s unique about ATA is that they give us all the
opportunity to do something about tinnitus; they make it pos-sible for anyone to contribute and support research that ismoving us toward a cure.I believe we can achieve this goal! I encourage you to join mein making a generous donation to the American TinnitusAssociation. Its dedicated staff and volunteers are here for ustoday, helping us live with our tinnitus and supporting innovative research. Eventually, they will bring the good newsof silence back into our lives.We must band together on this journey to help fund ourcritically-needed association so that one day, not one singleperson will ever have to bear the agony and distress of 
tinnitus. From the bottom of my heart … thank you for yourhelp.”
ATA Social Network: Get Connected Today
ATA has a strong and highly active presence on Facebook, with nearly 8,000 friends thatparticipate on a daily basis, sharing their personal stories and connecting with others struggling with tinnitus. ATA posts breaking research news and developments, support group meeting 
announcements and quickly answers the communities’ questions about the condition.
ATA’s YouTube channel is filled with helpful videos created by the association,
professionals in the field, veterans, musicians, ATA members and celebritysupporters like William Shatner and tennis star Jennifer Capriati.

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