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Game boy Game Shark codes

Game boy Game Shark codes

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Published by Jesse Parker
Game boy Game Shark codes
Game boy Game Shark codes

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Published by: Jesse Parker on Jan 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CASTLEVANIA LEGENDS:010F13C5 Infinite Health010254C7 Infinite LivesFINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE:0199C1D7 + 0199C2D7 + 0199C3D7 + 0199C4D7 + 0199B6D7 All bad things disappearand Strength, Wisdom, Power, Will, are high.FINAL FANTASY LEGENDS:01C700CB Infinite GPGet any item or weapon put in a code get in a battle then on the third slotyou will have that weapon item or ability.1??10D0 1st person 3rd position1??30D0 2nd person 3rd position1??50D0 3rd person 3rd position1??70D0 4th person 3rd positionReplace ?? with one of the numbers beside a item below.OC StrongOD Agility10 HP 60037 XcalbrFINAL FANTASY LEGENDS 3:010900C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Top Item Slot Only010902C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Second Slot Only010904C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Third Slot Only010906C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Fourth Slot Only010908C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Fifth Slot Only01090AC7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Sixth Slot Only01FF14C5 Hero in Main Menu Has Infinite Magic Power01FF74C5 Mutant 1 Has Infinite Magic Power in Main Menu01FFD4C5 Mutant 2 Has Infinite Magic Power in Main Menu01FFC4C6 Heroine Has Infinite Magic Power in Main Menu01C700CB 01BDE1C6 Infinite GP01DE10C5017770C5 All Characters Have Infinite HP in Overworld Only0162D0C5012830C601D890C601??01C7 Turn Slot 2 in Item List Modifier01FF06C5 Quick Level Gain (1st Character)01FF66C5 Quick Level Gain (2nd Character)01FFC6C5 Quick Level Gain (3rd Character)01FF25C6 Quick Level Gain (4th Character)010FE2C6 Infinite Gold [Note 1]0142E1C6013FE0C6Buy Item In Stores Modifier Codes01??2BCE 1st Position01??2CCE 2nd Position01??2DCE 3rd Position01??2ECE 4th PositionQuantity Digits to Accompany Slot 2 Modifier Codes00 Cure101 Shell02 Aero
03 Spark04 Cure205 Conf06 Quake07 Stone08 Cure309 Fast0A Weak0B Heal0C Life0D Wall0E Magma0F White10 Ice111 Sleep12 Fire113 Venom14 Lit115 Para16 Ice217 Mute18 Fire219 Erase1A Lit21B Exit1C Virus1D Drain1E Nuke1F Fatal20 Dive21 Float22 Pure23 CureA24 Flood25 Morph26 CureB27 Wind28 FireX29 Cycle2A Shake2B LifeA2C Exit22D LitX2E LifeB2F FlareSwords30 Long31 Battle32 Silver33 Gold34 Laser35 Psi36 Defense37 Drain38 Emperor39 Excalibur3A Durend3B Masamune3C Muramas3D X-plane
3E Dragon3F SunKnives40 Adamant41 PsiNunchakus42 Iron43 GoldAxes44 Rune45 Tomhawk46 Battle47 ParaClaws48 Catclaw49 PoisonHammers4A Petrify4B BattleLances4C Gungnir4D WhiteStaffs4E Thunder4F X-plane50 Gold51 Bronze52 Fire53 Fast54 X-fire55 WallWhips56 Razor57 B-jack58 Blitz59 SawBoomerangs5A Boomrng5B NinjaGuns5C Poison5D Magnum5E SMG5F Laser60 PsiFlame Items61 Fire6E Tear Gas6F StarMartial Arts62 Punch63 Kick64 Headbut65 X-kick66 Smother67 Kneebat68 Jyudo69 KarateBows6A Long

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