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Quiz 07

Quiz 07

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Published by sullivan583

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Published by: sullivan583 on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ECDL Module 1
Quiz 071.1.1
Which one of the following terms describes the physical components of a computer system?a. Hardware.b. Freeware.c. Software.d. Courseware.
Which one of the following is a portable digital device?a. Photocopier.b. Desktop computer.c. Personal digital assistant.d. Computer screen.
Which one of the following can slow down the computers performance?a. Running several software applications at the same time.b. Using a small computer monitor.c. Increasing the amount of RAM available in the computer.d. Printing documents at a low resolution.
Which one of the following is most likely to be used to input a photograph into a computer?a. Stylus.b. Microphone.c. Plotter.d. Scanner.
Which one of the following statements about RAM is true?a. RAM retains data when the computer shuts down.b. RAM is read and write memory.c. RAM is write-only memory.d. RAM cannot be increased in any computer.
Which one of the following properties of a central processing unit (CPU) is measured ingigahertz (GHz)?
a. Cost.b. Volume.c. Speed.d. Temperature.
Which one of the following statements is true?a. A gigabyte is less than a megabyte.b. A kilobyte is greater than a megabyte.c. A byte is less than a bit.d. A terabyte is greater than a gigabyte.
Which one of the following is used as a computer input device?a. Plotter.b. Monitor.c. Printer.d. Scanner.
Which one of the following can output the results of work done on a computer?a. Scanner.b. Touchpad.c. Joystick.d. Printer.
Which one of the following describes operating system software?a. Software to control the allocation and usage of hardware resources.b. Software to carry out spreadsheet calculations.c. Software to operate virus-scanning procedures.d. Software to manipulate databases.
Which one of the following devices typically has the largest storage capacity?a. USB flash drive.b. Internal hard disk.c. DVD.d. CD-ROM.
Which one of the following tasks is best suited to a spreadsheet?a. Composing a standard letter for a mail shot.b. Reserving an airline ticket.c. Presenting sales data to a large audience.d. Calculating a budget and cash flow for a new project.

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