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Eroticm and Romantic Love

Eroticm and Romantic Love

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Published by Anabella Pena
thinking it out
thinking it out

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Published by: Anabella Pena on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anabella Pena Monzon Wilson 1
Women Studies 110Essay 2Professor EsweeringAnabella Monzon WilsonPeggy Phelan says: "the fantasy of erotic desire which frames love", how many womenmake the wrong choice in picking a partner confusing erotic fantasy with real love and respect?,Is it because we see in the media that love is promiscuous sex interaction and then comes passionate infatuation?, but is it love?, She also says: "distortions of forgetting witch infectsmemory", did men forget who gave birth to them?, a woman?, can they see women as mothersrather than seductresses?.Broken Symmetries reads:"as a representation of the real, an image is always, partially phantasmal" this means even though we communicate through images and connotations, we cannever really understand the subjective meaning given to the message if we are incapable of experiencing our own view as subjectivity because we have been subordinated to onlyunderstand semiotic meanings of domination that subordinates us to objectivation by others..How can I be empowered to be a Feminist that is liberated? by keeping the lenses of myCamera Oscura well opened and step aside so I can see my true identity and discover the onlyfreedom I need is the one to have a choice to become what I am able; and guided to become bymy own awakening and not by letting others chose for me what I should do, to whom, when,how, how long, to be objectified as a tool to be used by the very ones that are suppose to help megain a sense of identity. In other words do not follow my parents, my husband, or my culture.Break away and separate myself from what I have learned so I can be unbiased to seeing in newways the relationships between myths and the meanings of ideologies, To be able to recognize

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