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Essay on Symbolism for Lord of the Flies

Essay on Symbolism for Lord of the Flies

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Published by Muho3

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Published by: Muho3 on Jan 09, 2013
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Essay on, Lord of theFlies (1954) byWilliam Golding
Forest Heights CollegiateInstitute1/8/2013
Muhamed Rizvancevic
Essay on Symbolism for Lord of the Flies
Symbolism is a very important aspect in many books because it allows a deeperunderstanding of the actions, characters and meanings within a book 
In his novel,
 Lord of theFlies,
William Golding
symbolic pieces to break down the order and meaning behind hisnovel and points the reader in the right direction of the hidden symbols such as civilization,technology and state. At first, the symbolism within reveals itself slowly to the reader, but as thestory proceeds and builds so do the symbols
As time on the island develops the charactersbecome increasing violent and their actions symbolically illustrate the evil human nature that allhumans truly possess.
The c
onch, Piggy’s glasses, and even the characters
themselves are allsymbolic of important themes within this novel.Golding introduces the reader to the conch shell that was found by Ralph and Piggy as asymbol of civilization and order in the novel. It was used to summon the boys together after thecrash separates them,
as Piggy states, “We can use this to call the others. They’ll come whenthey hear us” (Golding, Pg.12). The shell effectively governs the boys’ meetings, for the boy
who holds the shell has the right to speak, (Golding, Pg.31). In this regard, the shell is more thana symbol; it is an actual vessel of political legitimacy and democratic power. As the islandcivilization erodes and the boys descend into savagery, the conch shell loses its power andinfluence among them. At the end, the boulder that Roger rolls onto Piggy also crushes theconch shell, signifying the demise of all that the conch stood for, order and civilization.
Piggy’s glasses
symbolize the power of science and technology from the beginning. Theboys think of using the glasses to make fire
, “His specs – 
use them as
 burning glasses,”
and they
know that there comes great power with this technology (Golding, Pg. 40). Golding shows us just how powerful and influential these glasses are with the savage raid that Jack sets upon Ralphwhilst stealing the glasses, edging at how humanity has always and still does fight savagely forthe power that technology and science bestows
for the upper hand.
Leaving Ralph’s group
helpless, the stealing of the
dangled broken glasses
symbolizes the theft of unity, brotherhood,and order within the boys (Golding, Pg. 186). The glasses are an excellent example of power,science and technology that Golding symbolizes throughout this novel.Golding uses the characters themselves to represent all aspects of a state. First, we haveRalph representing order, leadership, and civilization. Then, we have Piggy representing thescientific and intellectual aspects of civilization
, “Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up” (Golding, Pg. 200)
. After that, we have Simon representing natural humangoodness. Next, we have Jack representing unbridled s
avagery and the desire for power, “Thereisn’t a tribe for you anymore! I’m Chief 
” (Golding, Pg.
201). Last, we have Roger representingbrutality and bloodlust to the most extreme
, “Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment,leaning all his weight on the lever,” killing Piggy almost instantly with “the
great rock”
(Golding, Pg. 200). We have characters symbolizing all aspects of a civilization so much so thateven
the boys’ society resembles a political state with the older children as the ruling classes and
political leaders and the younger children as the common people.Symbolism makes up a key aspect of many successful and well-written novels, just as itdoes in
 Lord of the Flies
. From
the conch and Piggy’s glasses,
to even the characters themselvesand more, there is an abundant amount of symbolism that William Golding effectively displaysthroughout this novel.
Through Golding’s unique use of symbolism show
n through the actionsof supposedly innocent children he expresses and reminds the readers that corruption may occur

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