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Chat Room Log TCI Radio Show 01-08-13 (US) | 01-09-13 (AU)

Chat Room Log TCI Radio Show 01-08-13 (US) | 01-09-13 (AU)

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Published by Coincidence Cafe

Unabridged log of chat room text from The Collective Imagination's radio show broadcast on 01-08-13 (US) | 01-09-13 (AU).

Listen to the 2 hour replay here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thecollectiveimagination/2013/01/09/the-collective-imagination

Visit TCI on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheCollectiveImagination

Unabridged log of chat room text from The Collective Imagination's radio show broadcast on 01-08-13 (US) | 01-09-13 (AU).

Listen to the 2 hour replay here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thecollectiveimagination/2013/01/09/the-collective-imagination

Visit TCI on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheCollectiveImagination

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Coincidence Cafe on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Show Date: 1/8/13 (US) | 1/9/13 (AU)
Listen to radio show replay:
Visit TCI on Facebook:
*** (19:46:48):Welcome to the 5D Media Network Chat Room.5D Media Network says (19:47:29):Welcome all! So excited to be back!!BarbaraNY says to (19:54:59):Hi allAvatar66 says to (20:02:27):G'day everyone :)JeanaWood says to (20:04:45):crazy weirdJeanaWood says to (20:05:18):mmmmFred57 says to (20:06:04):that's not a good diet Bob!BarbaraNY says to (20:07:02):Bob's on his way to certification as a breatharian. (borrowed the line from Chris Hales. lol)Avatar66 says to (20:07:30):I look forward to my green drink everyday and if I miss it, I experience a noticable loss of energyFred57 says to (20:08:05):That's probably healthier than 1 pancake and 1 cupcake!:DJeanaWood says to (20:08:32)::)JeanaWood says to (20:09:28):so coolAvatar66 says to (20:13:18):Yep I definitely feel lighter too...like I am merging with my environmentJeanaWood says to (20:16:13):awesomeDianeArmitage says to (20:18:52):(L)(Tp)(})hi everyone!5D Media Network (Cohost) says to (20:19:17):Hello 3%ersDianeArmitage says to (20:19:54):yes YES - for over a month I have been hearing in my head - BE IN THE WORLD AND NOT OF IT - wow and thenBarbara mentioned it here - I am very aware of this line and have been more than usual peaceful.BarbaraNY says to (20:20:04):Hi Diane. Bob just mentioned a few mins ago that he's been having "group" syncs on a massive scale since 12/21. Ilaughed since we just talked about Group Syncs in your FB postDianeArmitage says to (20:20:29):aboSOULootely! Barbara!!BarbaraNY says to (20:20:53):He called part of it Synchronized Typing.GrantHorsfall says to (20:21:11):Back in again. My system locked up at 9 minutes in.DianeArmitage says to (20:21:12):I used to obcess about Chemtrails; no more...in the world and not of it...my focus is not taking in by negative stuffBarbaraNY says to (20:21:19):I think our conversation last night started something.DianeArmitage says to (20:21:37):
lol Sync Typing...yes!DianeArmitage says to (20:21:48):is what I meant about being wovenDianeArmitage says to (20:22:19):have had that happen here re; chemtrails here and GONE IN 60 SECONDSJeanaWood says to (20:22:27):ahhh coolDianeArmitage says to (20:23:02):ooo my crown chakra is humming :)DianeArmitage says to (20:23:34):dimensional bleed thru - cooolDianeArmitage says to (20:23:50):YES!Lovesilly says to (20:24:01):we are!!DianeArmitage says to (20:24:24):Definitely seeing moreBobWright says to (20:25:36):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsMmef04qGsLovesilly says to (20:25:38):mergingDianeArmitage says to (20:25:40):we are def shifting - woe is the 'person' not seeing feeling or knowingDianeArmitage says to (20:25:49):thank Bob!DianeArmitage says to (20:26:16):me! too. seeing many images in the rooms with me...often full figured shapesDianeArmitage says to (20:26:35):(L)this!JeanaWood says to (20:26:35):me toooJeanaWood says to (20:27:00):or smell themDianeArmitage says to (20:27:05):if you feel him - he IS thereFred57 says to (20:27:44):I've felt people behind me manytimes - without anyone being there - but definately a presence!DianeArmitage says to (20:27:45):I speak to the images becuz I feel it will strengthen the process - or speeds the process.Lovesilly says to (20:27:46):I am so glad this is being discussed... it's been going on with my grandson and daughter for three days.. wow.Intensly too.DianeArmitage says to (20:28:32):and fragrances - floral....out of the blue with no sourceJeanaWood says to (20:29:33):yeah diane - i love the smell presenceBobWright says to (20:30:15):yes I get the floral thing too5D Media Network (Cohost) says to (20:30:25):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsMmef04qGsDianeArmitage says to (20:31:00):my dad when he was still here chewed chewing tobacco - Ihave smelled this lately twice! and I feel him really closelately too....I have come to terms with him crossing, so I know it's not in my head.DianeArmitage says to (20:31:41):I can almost envision what Tony is saying HD vibratingArthurPreston says to (20:32:36):HAHA that is on the app now! I gave a CD of tones of the fibonacci that I made to the tech guy at a CSETI confrence Iwent to. Looks like he developed the idea :)ArthurPreston says to (20:33:23):I had a ET craft buzz me on the 21st
5D Media Network (Cohost) says to (20:33:54):http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2008161/Ghostly-mirage-appears-river-Huanshan-City-China.htmlDianeArmitage says to (20:34:02):I have been feeling that chemtrail are a fairytale or sorts - more of a mindgameDianeArmitage says to (20:34:33):Arthur - how did he buzz you? and wow.ArthurPreston says to (20:34:48):I also was using the magnometer on my I phone at that confrence. Dr greer thought it was very cool. I wonder If I hada hand in seeding the idea for that app...ArthurPreston says to (20:35:25):I had a craft fly right over me, and power up as I went out to have a smoke.DianeArmitage says to (20:37:28)::)BarbaraNY says to (20:37:50):Here's the link to my log of that sync: https://www.facebook.com/CoolCoincidence/posts/399500193467422DianeArmitage says to (20:37:50):we are creating our unity ONe consciounessDianeArmitage says to (20:38:08):thanks Barbara :)DianeArmitage says to (20:38:23):I think much will become easier nowDianeArmitage says to (20:39:01):thanks TonyDianeArmitage says to (20:39:33):what about when we don't seem to be dreaming - dry spellLovesilly says to (20:39:43):dreaming awake..DianeArmitage says to (20:41:15):OH I FLYDianeArmitage says to (20:41:20):landing is roughDianeArmitage says to (20:41:53):bounce a foot off the bed lolAmbiflex says to (20:41:55):Just got home, so missed the beginning. Hope to get up to speed regarding the discussion.DianeArmitage says to (20:42:13):talking about lucid dream and sync AmbiflesDianeArmitage says to (20:42:16):flexLovesilly says to (20:42:18):I agree TonyFred57 says to (20:42:21):wonder if that is like visiting past lives and sorting out baggage carried forward to this life?ArthurPreston says to (20:42:26):HAHA I soo have PTSD from high schoo. And my experience was not even that bad.Ambiflex says to (20:42:27):thanks, DianeDianeArmitage says to (20:42:30):yes dryspell :(Ambiflex says to (20:42:56):who is Lisa talking to?5D Media Network (Cohost) says to (20:43:05):Tony, callerArthurPreston says to (20:43:08):lucid dreaming is the cutting edge...DianeArmitage says to (20:43:14):Tony....?Lovesilly says to (20:43:16):i wake up like that too Lisa.. I know I've been busy, but doing what? I am not yet sureDianeArmitage says to (20:43:58):

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Peter Stoll added this note
I like it .... especially good to go back and grab some info that someone has posted and I was too slow to grab on the day .... or if I've missed the show or part of it for some reason.

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