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Published by Jesse Parker
CIFF Review for the Titled Envelope
CIFF Review for the Titled Envelope

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jesse Parker on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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D-44-2011 Title: Beagle Boogie BabeScore: “C”Comments: I found this to be a boring obituary documentary. There were plenty of not so attractive revelations about thesubject. The person described was almost regarded as asuicide rather than an accident and the quest for answerswere futile. I would hate to have my own life reconstructedby memories of others who were not very intimate or wereonly close for a time. I have been to memorial serviceswhere people tried to glorify the dead only to find they nevereven knew the best parts about them. The film maker wasn’teven informed of the passing until later. So this ends upbeing a film-maker’s opinion of other people’s opinions.Many of the friends talked about themselves more than thesubject which was kind. In truth this is an aging barmaid,who lived in a mobile home parked in a friend’s yard. We willnot be naming any libraries after her. It is a film that shouldbe shared with family, not shown publically. Title: The GroveScore: “A”Comments: I love the subject because I too did not know itexisted or if I had heard about it, I forgot. I am of the mindthat with so many of my friends having HIV that it is not a‘life threatening disease’ anymore. Of course this is in mylittle world, and it is not that way for everyone. I forgot howmany people died. I have heard of the AIDS quilt and the factthat it travelled gave it more publicity, so it over shadowedthe National Memorial. I was not so happy about the lessthan dignified arguments through-out the film. It is as if tosay “One side thinks controversy sells, but our side doesn’t,so we are filming the controversy to make a more interestingfilm”. The pot calls the kettle black. They resign theirpositions on the board that makes the decisions, to protesttheir decisions. I was blind-sided by the attack on the artistswho won the competition. They were badgered into
defending their project almost being asked to change it. Theartists didn’t vote on their own work to be selected. Thecommittee saw what they wanted and made that decision. The artists were subjected to crying fits about how horribletheir work would look and how painful it would be to look at.Ultimately the decisions were made by people withoutpersonal connection to the memorial or adequate intelligibleunderstanding of its mission statement. All these statementsare veiled in innocence. The right questions are answeredbut insidiously. The uneasy feeling that something isn’t rightdoesn’t go away. This is a great way to move an audienceand make sure the film is not forgotten as well. Title: To Make a FarmScore: “C”Comments: Endless scenes of muddy fields and people inmuck boots trying to make a living. There are failures andsuccesses, a pretty good mix. There is also plenty of naivetywhich is most of the struggle in the film. Literally you reapwhat you sow. “If you don’t know what you are doing andyou don’t think other farms tanked for a reason; go aheadand loose your money”. But I do get the distinct impressionthat the film-maker has a construction or painting “Day job”because he is only filming in the rain. This is a sign that thefilm is not “Ready” yet. The people who are portrayed are awork in progress what was shown is too little to keep myinterest. The camera did not capture the discovery of thefirst lamb or the look on their faces when the vet said it hasa disease. The film is like a reflective diary or bimonthly journal not an ‘of the moment’ film. Title: Wolves UnleashedScore: “C”Comments: This is another film about making a film. Thename is not mentioned and I have not heard of anything thatsounds like it and it might be Russian. I do know that thesefilms are on cable TV everyday but they are big name, bigbudget films that people are familiar with and their special

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