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Published by Jesse Parker
CIFF Review for the Titled Envelope
CIFF Review for the Titled Envelope

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jesse Parker on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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D65-2011 Title: In Organic We TrustScore: CComments: I’m reluctant to give a score because this film isobviously not finished. A portion of this piece was spent onhealthy school lunches which had nothing to do with organicagriculture. Some common senselessness was usingnewspaper headlines as we know they could say anything ornot even be real, and listing diseases that have no definitivecause as being linked to inorganic food consumption. Therewere man on the street interviews one being a nakedcowboy, that have no value and are therefore a waste of time. The Farmers’ Markets are included at the same time asit is being stated that the Farmers’ Markets are not organicfood they are straight commercial and vastly unregulated. The cinematography is boring pictures of fields beingsprayed by backpack, truck, helicopter, planes, tractor, andtruck. More shots of brown fields with seedling plants thanany one film can accommodate. The film maker is in front of the camera quite often without purpose, just eatingsomething or putting his hand in dirt. This makes the film toolong for the information and the persuasive effect. Title: Jobriath A.D.Score: CComments: In the beginning of the film no one starts asentence without saying the name Jobriath. Towards the endthe real name and history comes out but it is out of order. Iwould have liked to have seen one good performanceinstead of Jobriath this and Jobriath that. This documentaryexposes a hype monster ruining the man’s career but thefilm is hype and no substance as well. What was shown fromthe Midnight Special was corny and pretentious. Somemontages were repeated and some music was repeated. Inthe beginning there was some question of his sanity but thatwas never brought up again. An aging person who survivesby prostitution might not be thinking right. Some of theinterviews were from unpaid musicians who seem to be
convincing themselves that they were a part of a famous actand not wasting their lives. They weren’t even a one-hit-wonder. There are cable stations that show biographies of people but I can’t see this as something they could use. Thestatements made are “The next Bowie” they might as wellsay unoriginal and inauthentic. There is footage of what hismanager said at the time but almost nothing from him, thisfeels incomplete. It’s too bad that all this research andchildhood photos went into a huge pile up. Maybe this shouldhave been compartmentalized into some organization. Itwouldn’t seem repetitive with the interviews answering thesame general questions. Title: Save Our SoulsScore: CComments: Here’s an opportunity to show off New Orleansthat was missed. People who moved there from other placesact as spokespersons for the city and describe why it needsburlesque shows. The one native speaks about her ownexperiences not the city. On to the burlesque none of itseems very entertaining. A few back-stories turn intoeveryone discussing the death of their parents. In the endmany talk about leaving and being not too happythemselves. It doesn’t appear that the stage design is verycreative or the lighting. So the camera works a little addedmagic that doesn’t help to give the stark reality of thisdump, but does help to make a better film about it. Thestrippers are congenial and attractive off stage, on stagethey lean toward the ghastly. Blood and voodoo are the mainstories of their skits. I don’t think people want to see that inthe face of many films to choose from. Title: Who Bombed Judi BariScore: BComments: This is a film that should be able to stand onfacts but it wastes too much time on reacting to lies. Theviewpoint is too personal the perspective is over ten yearsold. It could be clearer more impactful and direct. Thedeposition is a repeat of what has been shown in actual

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