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Published by Jesse Parker
CIFF Review for the Titled Envelope
CIFF Review for the Titled Envelope

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Jesse Parker on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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N-?-2011 Title: JankedScore: AComments: This film is definitely for the younger crowd. Ithas a lot of ‘borrowing’ from Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch”, which isactually pretty old by now. The style is double speed film,sound effects, short quick chops of back story frames, andcurrent music. The characters are well developed with theexception of The Man with the Plan; he seems a little lesssure of who he is. The format introduces all of thecharacters, after a prologue of a killing. The film is a bit tooshort in this regard because the actual stories for thecharacters are not even half baked they are barely warm.Most of the characters are eliminated by death. And in theend one is a vampire who ends up with the main character The Bag. Although it is not going to win an Oscar it is a finerevival of the Ritchie style. Title: This Side of ResurrectionScore: CComments: The actors were attractive and performing well. The cinematography was well thought out with scenes underwater and above. The film was just too long and had longstretches of someone walking, someone riding a scooteralong a road with no scenery, monks praying and peoplelooking at the ocean. There were maybe twenty lines in thefirst hour and the action did not definitively support thestory. The script didn’t support the story. There wasn’t anymusic to speak of it was not part of the film. If by artdirection it is meant to show water a hundred and fifty waysthey have that figured out. Costumes are contemporary butagain well done, the pink robe against the yellow-green tree. The surfer is constantly wearing black in full sunlight. Theclothes do support the story. There aren’t any special effectsor even a gimmick of some kind to redeem the film inanyway. I would walk out on this film the way it is, it couldbe much shorter because where it takes you is notinteresting.
 Title: Itch of the Golden NitScore: BComments: I think this could be educational it was animatedand voice-overed by kids the orchestra was kids and thescript seems like it was done by kids. This was probably aschool project financed by a grant. With-out the charm of being done by children it is a cartoon movie that is crude,flawed and uninteresting. The characters have noexpressions or gestures they were produced with crayons.It’s all very flat and lacks depth. Of course the maincharacter is a louse or a louse egg that has the power to turnthe sun back on. An evil sorceress wants to control the sunand everything else so she must have the Golden Nit. Title: Gotthard SchuhScore: BComments: This film is a memoir of Gotthard Schuh aphotographer who seems to have been exiled from Germanyduring WWII. There is an element of retracing his travelsthrough Indo-China, which is dubious. In the first place it ismodern cities and county side, in the second place there isthe boring footage of looking straight down a road. Thecinematographer doesn’t look to the side to farmland orvalleys; the focus is straight ahead until it is almost aclaustrophobic tunnel. I expected to see a collection of hiswork but saw candid photos of him and his friends. Thecurrent footage is not helpful in building an image of what itmight have been like at the time. The narration seems to beinteresting but as it is sub-titled there may be quite a bitmissing. I have seen many thing done with stills on film, yethere there are no attempts to manipulate the photos at all.

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