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Schools of the Crab Clan
Hida Avenger [Advanced School]
Hida Berserker School (Bushi)
Damned Berserkers (Bushi)
Dead-Eyes Berserker [New Path]
Hida Bushi School
Hida Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Ancestral Hiruma School (Bushi)
Hiruma Scout School (Bushi)
Hiruma Stalkers
Kaiu Engineering School
Kuni Shugenja School
Kuni Witch Hunters (Bushi)
Yasuki Taskmaster School (Bushi)
Schools of the Crane Clan
Asahina Archer (Bushi) [New Path]
Asahina Shugenja School
Asahina Sohei (Shugenja) [New Path]
Daidoji Harrier School
Daidoji Heavy Regular (Bushi) [New Path]
Daidoji Iron Warriors
Daidoji Trading Council [New Path]
Daidoji Yojimbo School
Doji Courtier School
Doji Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Doji Magistrate School
Empress’ Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Hoturi’s Blade [New Path]
Kakita Artisan School (Artisan)
Kakita Bushi School
The Kenshinzen
Tsume Pikemen (Bushi) [New Path]
Schools of the Dragon Clan
Dragon’s Flame Archers (Bushi) [New Path]
Ise Zumi (Hitomi, Hoshi, or Togashi)
Jotomon’s Shinrai (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Kitsuki Investigator School (Bushi)
Kitsuki Courtier School
Mirumoto Bushi School
Mirumoto Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Mirumoto Swordmaster School
Nemuranai Seekers (Bushi) [New Path]
Spirit Binder (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Tamori Shugenja School
Tamori Yamabushi School
Schools of the Lion Clan
Akodo Bushi
Akodo War College
Akodo Scout [New Path]
Ikoma Heralds [New Path]
Ikoma Omoidasu
Ikoma Spymaster
Ikoma Tactician
Kitsu Shugenja
Kitsu Sodan-Senzo
Lion’s Pride [Advanced School]
Lion Wardens
Matsu Beastmaster [Advanced School]
Matsu Bushi
Matsu Elite Guard [New Path]
Schools of the Mantis Clan
Moshi Shugenja
Storm Riders (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter
Tsuruchi Legion (Bushi) [New Path]
Tsuruchi Swordsman
Yoritomo Bushi
Yoritomo Courtier
Yoritomo Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Yoritomo Shugenja
Agasha Alchemist (Shugenja) [New Path]
Agasha Shugenja (Shugenja)
Asako Courtier
Asako Henshin
Asako Inquisitor [New Path]
Defenders of Uikku [New Path]
Elemental Guard (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Isawa Ishiken
Isawa Shugenja
Isawa Tensai
Order of Chikai [New Path]
Shiba Artisans [New Path]
Shiba Bushi
Shiba Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Shiba Illusionist (Shugenja)
Shiba Yojimbo
Schools of the Scorpion Clan
Bayushi Courtier
Bayushi Bushi
Bayushi Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Bayushi Saboteur (Ninja)
Bitter Lies Swordsman [New Path]
The Folding Leg [New Path]
Ichiba’s Consortium [New Path]
The Kuroiban (Shugenja) [New Path]
Scorpion Instigator (Courtier) [Advanced School]
Shadow Hunters [Advanced School]
Shosuro Actor (Ninja)
Shosuro Deceivers (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Shosuro Shinobi
Soshi Shugenja
Yogo Shugenja
Yogo Ward Master (Shugenja) [New Path]
Schools of the Unicorn Clan
Baraunghar Shugenja (Shugenja) [New path]
Horiuchi Shugenja (Shugenja)
Ide Emissary
Iuchi Shugenja
Junghar Defender (Bushi) [New Path]
Khol Raider (Bushi) [New Path]
Magistrate (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Master Horse Archer (Bushi) [New Path]
Moto Bushi
Moto Bushi School
Ki-Rin Moto Nomad (Bushi)
Moto Shugenja
Shinjo Bushi
Shinjo Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Shinjo Magistrate (Bushi)
Shinjo Scout
Utaku Battle Maiden
Utaku Infantry (Bushi)
Vigilant (Bushi) [New Path]
Imperial Schools
Emerald Magistrate (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Jade Magistrate (Shugenja) [New Path]
Miya Herald
Otomo Courtier
Otomo Infiltrators (Courtier) [New Path]
Satoshi’s Legacy (Bushi) [New Path]
Seppun Guardsman
Seppun Magistrate [New Path]
Seppun Shugenja
Schools of the Minor Clans
Ichiro Bushi (Badger Clan)
Heichi Bushi (Boar Clan)
Hotaru Bushi (Firefly Clan) [Bushi]
Tonbo Shugenja (Dragonfly Clan)
Kitsune Shugenja (Fox Clan)
Ujina Skirmishers (Hare Clan) (Bushi) [New Path]
Usagi Bushi School (Hare Clan)
Toku Bushi (Monkey Clan)
Morito Bushi (Ox Clan)
Suzume Bushi (Sparrow Clan)
Kasuga Bushi (Tortoise Clan)
Ronin Schools
The Broken Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Canopy of Knives (Ninja) [New Path]
Clouded Mind
Cutting the Weave (Ninja) [New Path]
The Eyes of Nanashi (Bushi) [New Path]
Flight of Innocence (Bushi) [New Path]
The Forest Killers (Bushi) [New Path]
The Forgotten Sons (Shugenja) [New Path]
The Fortune’s Grace (New Path) [Shugenja]
The Gaze of Sun Tao (Bushi) [New Path]
The Hidden Weapon [New Path]
Law of the Heavens (Bushi) [New Path]
The Machi-Kanshisha (Bushi) [Advanced School]
The Order of Isashi (Shugenja) [New Path]
The Poisoned Frog (Bushi) [New Path]
The Red Dawn (Bushi) [New Path]
The Scales of the Carp (Courtier) [New Path]
Serpents of Sanada (Bushi) [New Path]
The Silent Current (Courtier) [New Path]
Suitengu’s Children (Bushi) [New Path]
The Sword of Yotsu (Bushi) [New Path]
The Tessen
The Unbroken (Bushi) [New Path]
The Weavers (Ninja) [New Path]
Schools of the Shadowlands
The Beauty of Death
Black Guard
Chuda Shugenja (Shugenja)
The Cult of the Blood Red Moon
Daigotsu’s Elite Guard [New path]
Daigotsu’s Legion
Demon’s Breath Acolytes
Goju Ninja School
Gongsun’s Cloak
Ninube Shugenja School
Ogre Bushi [Advanced School]
“Shadowlands School”
Temple of Onnotangu
Temple of Venom
Tsuno Bushi
Tsuno Soultwisters
The Workers of Flesh
Monk Schools
Brotherhood Wayfinder (Monk) [New Path]
Brothers of Rebirth (Monk)
The Four Temples
Order of Hoshi
Shinden Tengen (Monk)
The Shrine of the Seven Thunders
The Temple of Kaimetsu-o
The Temple of Osano-Wo
The Temple of the Seven Fortunes
Thunder Sohei (Monk) [New Path]
Miscellaneous Schools
Regarding the Social Position Advantage
Black Lotus Smuggler [New Path]
The Blessed Guard [Advanced School]
Breath of Ekaido (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Gentrified Samurai [New Path]
Governor [Advanced School]
Gunso [Bushi] (New Path)
Hatamoto [New Path]
Legion of Two Thousand (Bushi) [New Path]
Master General (Bushi) [Advan�ced School]
Master Keeper (Monk) [New Path]
Master Sensei [New Path]
Nameless Ones (Shugenja) [New Path]
“The Shapeshifter School”
Steal the Light (Ninja) [New Path]
Thunder Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Tiger’s Claw (Ninja) [New Path]
Example Ancestors
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3e School Update L5R

3e School Update L5R

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Published by yukiyuriki
3e School Update L5R
3e School Update L5R

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Published by: yukiyuriki on Jan 09, 2013
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