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Table Of Contents

Schools of the Crab Clan
Hida Avenger [Advanced School]
Hida Berserker School (Bushi)
Damned Berserkers (Bushi)
Dead-Eyes Berserker [New Path]
Hida Bushi School
Hida Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Ancestral Hiruma School (Bushi)
Hiruma Scout School (Bushi)
Hiruma Stalkers
Kaiu Engineering School
Kuni Shugenja School
Kuni Witch Hunters (Bushi)
Tokaji’s Might [New Path]
Tokaji’s Power [New Path]
Toritaka Bushi School
Yasuki Courtier School
Yasuki Taskmaster School (Bushi)
Schools of the Crane Clan
Asahina Archer (Bushi) [New Path]
Asahina Shugenja School
Asahina Sohei (Shugenja) [New Path]
Daidoji Harrier School
Daidoji Heavy Regular (Bushi) [New Path]
Daidoji Iron Warriors
Daidoji Trading Council [New Path]
Daidoji Yojimbo School
Doji Courtier School
Doji Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Doji Magistrate School
Empress’ Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Hoturi’s Blade [New Path]
Kakita Artisan School (Artisan)
Kakita Bushi School
The Kenshinzen
Tsume Pikemen (Bushi) [New Path]
Schools of the Dragon Clan
Dragon’s Flame Archers (Bushi) [New Path]
Ise Zumi (Hitomi, Hoshi, or Togashi)
Jotomon’s Shinrai (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Kitsuki Investigator School (Bushi)
Kitsuki Courtier School
Mirumoto Bushi School
Mirumoto Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Mirumoto Swordmaster School
Nemuranai Seekers (Bushi) [New Path]
Spirit Binder (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Tamori Shugenja School
Tamori Yamabushi School
Schools of the Lion Clan
Akodo Bushi
Akodo War College
Akodo Scout [New Path]
Ikoma Heralds [New Path]
Ikoma Omoidasu
Ikoma Spymaster
Ikoma Tactician
Kitsu Shugenja
Kitsu Sodan-Senzo
Lion’s Pride [Advanced School]
Lion Wardens
Matsu Beastmaster [Advanced School]
Matsu Bushi
Matsu Elite Guard [New Path]
Schools of the Mantis Clan
Moshi Shugenja
Storm Riders (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter
Tsuruchi Legion (Bushi) [New Path]
Tsuruchi Swordsman
Yoritomo Bushi
Yoritomo Courtier
Yoritomo Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Yoritomo Shugenja
Agasha Alchemist (Shugenja) [New Path]
Agasha Shugenja (Shugenja)
Asako Courtier
Asako Henshin
Asako Inquisitor [New Path]
Defenders of Uikku [New Path]
Elemental Guard (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Isawa Ishiken
Isawa Shugenja
Isawa Tensai
Order of Chikai [New Path]
Shiba Artisans [New Path]
Shiba Bushi
Shiba Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Shiba Illusionist (Shugenja)
Shiba Yojimbo
Schools of the Scorpion Clan
Bayushi Courtier
Bayushi Bushi
Bayushi Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Bayushi Saboteur (Ninja)
Bitter Lies Swordsman [New Path]
The Folding Leg [New Path]
Ichiba’s Consortium [New Path]
The Kuroiban (Shugenja) [New Path]
Scorpion Instigator (Courtier) [Advanced School]
Shadow Hunters [Advanced School]
Shosuro Actor (Ninja)
Shosuro Deceivers (Shugenja) [Advanced School]
Shosuro Shinobi
Soshi Shugenja
Yogo Shugenja
Yogo Ward Master (Shugenja) [New Path]
Schools of the Unicorn Clan
Baraunghar Shugenja (Shugenja) [New path]
Horiuchi Shugenja (Shugenja)
Ide Emissary
Iuchi Shugenja
Junghar Defender (Bushi) [New Path]
Khol Raider (Bushi) [New Path]
Magistrate (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Master Horse Archer (Bushi) [New Path]
Moto Bushi
Moto Bushi School
Ki-Rin Moto Nomad (Bushi)
Moto Shugenja
Shinjo Bushi
Shinjo Elite Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Shinjo Magistrate (Bushi)
Shinjo Scout
Utaku Battle Maiden
Utaku Infantry (Bushi)
Vigilant (Bushi) [New Path]
Imperial Schools
Emerald Magistrate (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Jade Magistrate (Shugenja) [New Path]
Miya Herald
Otomo Courtier
Otomo Infiltrators (Courtier) [New Path]
Satoshi’s Legacy (Bushi) [New Path]
Seppun Guardsman
Seppun Magistrate [New Path]
Seppun Shugenja
Schools of the Minor Clans
Ichiro Bushi (Badger Clan)
Heichi Bushi (Boar Clan)
Hotaru Bushi (Firefly Clan) [Bushi]
Tonbo Shugenja (Dragonfly Clan)
Kitsune Shugenja (Fox Clan)
Ujina Skirmishers (Hare Clan) (Bushi) [New Path]
Usagi Bushi School (Hare Clan)
Toku Bushi (Monkey Clan)
Morito Bushi (Ox Clan)
Suzume Bushi (Sparrow Clan)
Kasuga Bushi (Tortoise Clan)
Ronin Schools
The Broken Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Canopy of Knives (Ninja) [New Path]
Clouded Mind
Cutting the Weave (Ninja) [New Path]
The Eyes of Nanashi (Bushi) [New Path]
Flight of Innocence (Bushi) [New Path]
The Forest Killers (Bushi) [New Path]
The Forgotten Sons (Shugenja) [New Path]
The Fortune’s Grace (New Path) [Shugenja]
The Gaze of Sun Tao (Bushi) [New Path]
The Hidden Weapon [New Path]
Law of the Heavens (Bushi) [New Path]
The Machi-Kanshisha (Bushi) [Advanced School]
The Order of Isashi (Shugenja) [New Path]
The Poisoned Frog (Bushi) [New Path]
The Red Dawn (Bushi) [New Path]
The Scales of the Carp (Courtier) [New Path]
Serpents of Sanada (Bushi) [New Path]
The Silent Current (Courtier) [New Path]
Suitengu’s Children (Bushi) [New Path]
The Sword of Yotsu (Bushi) [New Path]
The Tessen
The Unbroken (Bushi) [New Path]
The Weavers (Ninja) [New Path]
Schools of the Shadowlands
The Beauty of Death
Black Guard
Chuda Shugenja (Shugenja)
The Cult of the Blood Red Moon
Daigotsu’s Elite Guard [New path]
Daigotsu’s Legion
Demon’s Breath Acolytes
Goju Ninja School
Gongsun’s Cloak
Ninube Shugenja School
Ogre Bushi [Advanced School]
“Shadowlands School”
Temple of Onnotangu
Temple of Venom
Tsuno Bushi
Tsuno Soultwisters
The Workers of Flesh
Monk Schools
Brotherhood Wayfinder (Monk) [New Path]
Brothers of Rebirth (Monk)
The Four Temples
Order of Hoshi
Shinden Tengen (Monk)
The Shrine of the Seven Thunders
The Temple of Kaimetsu-o
The Temple of Osano-Wo
The Temple of the Seven Fortunes
Thunder Sohei (Monk) [New Path]
Miscellaneous Schools
Regarding the Social Position Advantage
Black Lotus Smuggler [New Path]
The Blessed Guard [Advanced School]
Breath of Ekaido (Bushi) [Advanced School]
Gentrified Samurai [New Path]
Governor [Advanced School]
Gunso [Bushi] (New Path)
Hatamoto [New Path]
Legion of Two Thousand (Bushi) [New Path]
Master General (Bushi) [Advan�ced School]
Master Keeper (Monk) [New Path]
Master Sensei [New Path]
Nameless Ones (Shugenja) [New Path]
“The Shapeshifter School”
Steal the Light (Ninja) [New Path]
Thunder Guard (Bushi) [New Path]
Tiger’s Claw (Ninja) [New Path]
Example Ancestors
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3e School Update L5R

3e School Update L5R

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3e School Update L5R
3e School Update L5R

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Published by: yukiyuriki on Jan 09, 2013
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