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Fire Lord Experimental Rules

Fire Lord Experimental Rules

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Published by LordKrungharr
Experimental datasheet for the Firelord of Tzeentch
Experimental datasheet for the Firelord of Tzeentch

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Published by: LordKrungharr on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I looked at the Thunderhawk gunship and that costs 900 points. So in honor of Tzeentch, that seems like anappropriate points cost. Then I will say it should have the same 3 structure points, and Armor 12/12/10,BS4, also just like the Thunderhawk. Then here's what I came up with to be a Tzeentchy Daemon Engine.Access Points: noneFire Points: 1 on the bottom center between the wingsTransport: The Firelord can begin the game with up to 10 non-Daemon models with the Mark of Tzeentchembarked inside of it.Weapons and Equipment:-(1) Nose-mounted Cannon of Change-(2) Turret-mounted twin-linked Bolts of Tzeentch, (1) beneath each wing-(9) BombsWeapons: Range Str AP SpecialCannon of Change* (Flamer of Change) Hellstorm X X Heavy 1, Primary Weapon(Beam of Power) 48" D 2 Heavy 1, Primary WeaponBolt of Tzeentch 36" 8 1 Heavy 1, twin-linked, Interceptor** Bombs Bomb 6 4 Apocalyptic Barrage D3+1***Inferno Bombs Bomb 5 3 Inferno!, one-shot*To fire the Flamer of Change place the Hellstorm template so that the narrow end is within 12" of theCannon of Change's muzzle and so the wider end is no closer than the narrow end. Otherwise it is treatedis any template attack.**Once a Bomb is dropped it is gone, although the Firelord may drop as many Bombs as it wishes duringany single Bomb Run.***Only one Inferno Bomb may be dropped per Bombing Run.Transport: Models disembarking from the Firelord may do so in the Movement phase before moving theFirelord. They will teleport down to the battefield via Deepstrike and will not scatter. Then they mayshoot, counting as having moved, or Run, but not assault that turn.Icon: Daemons of Tzeentch and Terminators with the Mark of Tzeentch may use the Firelord as an Iconfor entering the battlefield. They will not scatter. Then they may shoot, counting as having moved, orRun, but not assault that turn.Flyer: At the beginning of its Shooting Phase, the Firelord may choose to fire its ranged weapons using theSkyfire rule if it chooses. If it does so it may only fire them at Flyers, Skimmers, or Flying MonstrousCreatures. It may still, however, target different units with each of its guns if it wishes to do so.Stable Platform: A model firing from the Fire Point always counts as stationary for the purposes of Shooting.Coruscating Warp Fire: Bound by mystical arcane wards and roiling in magical flames, the Firelord has a4+ cover save against all ranged attacks. The Firelord also inflicts D6 Str6/AP4 hits on any unit whichVector Strikes it.

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